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Last active Dec 12, 2015
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LTSV parser/dumper of dart lang
class LTSV {
static Map parse(String str) {
var pairs = str.trim().split("\t");
var ret = {};
for (var pair in pairs) {
var chunks = pair.split(":");
var name = chunks.removeAt(0);
ret[name] = chunks.join(":");
return ret;
static String dump(Map map) {
var chunks =>"${k}:${map[k]}");
return "${chunks.join("\t")}\n";
main() {
var str = "a:1\tb:2\n";
var parsed = LTSV.parse(str);
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tomotaka commented Jul 30, 2014

I uploaded this as a pub package!
and created a repo for this:
maintenance of this code will be done on this new repository!
(I think my activities will not be so active about this repo, but any modifications are welcome.)

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