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Patch to make tyrannical match cilents to tags on clients moving to another screen
diff --git a/init.lua b/init.lua
index 4e2791a..0e94bdb 100755
--- a/init.lua
+++ b/init.lua
@@ -184,12 +184,14 @@ end
--Match client
local function match_client(c, forced_tags, hints)
-- Don't prevent tags from being drag and dropped between screens
+ --[[
if hints and hints.reason == "screen" then
c:tags {c.screen.selected_tag}
return true
+ --]]
- if (not c) or #c:tags() > 0 then return end
+ --if (not c) or #c:tags() > 0 then return end
local props = c.startup_id and sn_callback[tostring(c.startup_id)] or {}
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