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Get SVN diff and summarise added/removed/changed function definitions
#!/bin/env python
"""get svn diff and compare added functions to removed functions,
command line args passed through to svn diff, e.g. use -r nnn:nnn to filter a specific revision."""
import sys, subprocess, re
from collections import defaultdict
svn_diff = subprocess.Popen(['svn', 'diff'] + sys.argv[1:], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0]
defn1 = "\W((?:def|class)\s+\w+)[:\(]" # python def and class
defn2 = "\W(function(?:\s+\w+)?)\(" # javascript function
is_defn = re.compile('(?:%s)|(?:%s)' % (defn1, defn2))
new, old = defaultdict(list), defaultdict(list)
for line in svn_diff.split("\n"):
if line[:3] in ('---', '+++'):
for defn in is_defn.findall(line):
defn = defn[0] or defn[1] # two groupings in the pattern, pick whichever one matched
if line[0] == '-':
if line[0] == '+':
added, removed, changed = [], [], []
for defn in new.keys():
if defn in old:
# convert to a single string so they stay together when sorted
changes = "".join(["\t%s\n"%line for line in old[defn]]
+ ["\t %s\n"%(line.replace(defn, '-'*(len(defn)-3)+'> ')) for line in new[defn]])
changed.append(changes[1:-1]) # strip off initial tab & trailing new line
for defn in old.keys():
if not defn in new:
for title, lines in (("Added:", added), ("Changed:", changed), ("Removed:", removed)):
if lines:
print title
print "".join('\t%s\n'%line for line in sorted(lines))
print title, 'none.'

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@faxiubite faxiubite commented Feb 7, 2014

Could you please add some pictures, so we can get the code clearly and easily,
I want get the function like "beyond compare", when I input the two path, I can get the diff code like beyond compare,
Could you please give me some suggestion?
thank you,

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