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Created April 16, 2020 09:02
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How to add watermarks with ImageMagick
$ magick --version
Version: ImageMagick 7.0.10-3 Q16 x86_64 2020-03-28
Copyright: © 1999-2020 ImageMagick Studio LLC
Features: Cipher DPC HDRI Modules OpenMP(4.5) 
Delegates (built-in): bzlib cairo fontconfig freetype heic jbig jng jp2 jpeg lcms lqr ltdl lzma openexr pangocairo png raqm raw rsvg tiff webp wmf x xml zlib

The command

convert $inputFile $logoFile -gravity southeast -geometry +100+100 -format jpg -composite $outputFile

This will overlay $logoFile on $inputFile as a watermark. Setting -gravity southeast means the reference point of both where to place to logo and the reference point of the logo are the bottom-right. Setting -geometry +100+100 move the bottom-right of the logo in 100px in x and y from the bottom-right of the main photo. We could also specify geometry like 300x300%+100+100 to blow the logo up to 300% of its size (not the parent image).

Thanks for the command:

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