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Created May 15, 2018
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Deleting batches of records with SPARQL

I learned this when trying to clear our records in AWS Neptune. I was hitting the query timeout when trying to drop an entire graph. If you don't want to/can't raise the timeout, you can drop smaller parts of the graph in each transaction.

curl -sX POST http://<cluster-prefix> --data-urlencode 'update=
  GRAPH <> { ?s ?p ?o }
  GRAPH <> {
      SELECT ?s ?p ?o
      WHERE {
        ?s ?p ?o .
      LIMIT 10

This will delete 10 records, specifically the first 10 that are returned for a SELECT * WHERE { ?s ?p ?o } query. You can adjust the limit value to find a batch size that keeps you under the timeout.

Yeah, this is a dirty hack but there was a bit of pain to learn this so I want to store the knowledge.

Also, be sure to use --data-urlencode not --data-binary otherwise you might find the server ignores your input but doesn't give any indication of error.

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agcunha commented Oct 7, 2019

Thank you. You helped me a lot! My rdf dataset has 20000000 triples and adjusted the limit to 1000000

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GeniJaho commented Oct 17, 2020

Thanks man, made my day better.

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nzewail commented Jan 5, 2022

Super helpful!

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