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<html lang="en">
<!-- instead of the lang attribute on html, you may also use... -->
<meta name="DC.language" content="en">
<div class="hentry">
<h2 class="entry-title">Example Title</h2>
Published on <time pubDate="2014-01-01T00:00:00+00:00">1st January 2014</time>
<span class="vcard author">
<span class="fn">Example Author</span>
<!-- or you may also use... -->
<span rel="author">Example Author</span>
<div class="entry-summary">Summary of the article...</div>
<div class="entry-content">
<p>Here's where the body goes...</p>
<!-- body continues -->
<blockquote class="entry-unrelated">
This element will be stripped from the body.
<img src="/image.jpg" alt="Nice picture">
A nice picture, by
<a href="">Photographer</a>
<!-- body continues -->
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