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ESP32: ULP LED Hart beat and read DHT22 sensor
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gdampf commented Mar 30, 2018

I'd like to know, if you ever found a workaround for the problem of this complex ULP-Programs, stop working after a while (
I found the same problem and it looks like, the wakeup mechanism is sometimes not working (like the timer is not starting at I_HALT()).
It's a pitty, but this way, the ULP is not reliable.


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mahesh2000 commented Feb 7, 2020

@gdampf, did you resolve the ulp reliability issue? thanks, m

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gdampf commented Feb 13, 2020

@mahesh2000, following the description in the link from my last post, I got it working without WiFi by disabling the I_END(), but this may not be satisfying in all cases. I decided, to do it without ULP, but deep sleep between the measures, so I managed to have my Sensor sending in 10 min. intervals powered by a small rechargeable battery for about 2 months, which is fine. But, of course, I get only 6 samples per hour this way. For temperature and humidity, this nevertheless is exact enough in most cases.

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mahesh2000 commented Feb 13, 2020

hi @gdampf, do you mean that you kept the ULP running in sleep/wake cycles forever without restarting it? that would work for me.

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