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Session Proposal - ACCU 2018

Toni Suter (Presenter Bio)

Toni is a software engineer at the Institute for Software at FHO/HSR in Rapperswil, Switzerland. In the past few years he has worked on refactoring tools for the C++ IDE Cevelop and since the beginning of his master thesis, he has been working on a new Swift IDE called Tifig.

Mario Meili (Presenter Bio)

Mario is a software engineer at the Institute for Software at FHO/HSR in Rapperswil, Switzerland. For his master thesis, he has been implementing the necessary changes in Tifig to support the enhanced generics that were introduced with Swift 4.

Introduction to Swift

Session Type: 180min Workshop

Audience: All


In 2014 Apple introduced its new programming language Swift. The language represents a modern and safe alternative to Objective-C and seamlessly integrates with Apple's existing iOS and macOS frameworks. Since its introduction, Swift has been open-sourced on GitHub and ported to Linux. This made the language available for server-side development and there already exist several Swift web frameworks.

Swift aims to be friendly to beginners, but it also has powerful features which allow programmers to build large and complex systems without sacrificing maintainability or performance. In this workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Variables & Constants
  • Optionals
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Structs vs. Classes
  • Enums and Pattern Matching
  • Generics
  • Protocol-Oriented Programming
  • Working with the Swift Package Manager

During this workshop, the audience will learn a lot about the Swift programming language and its standard library. The workshop will also contain many exercises in which attending developers can get a better feel for the language by using it in practice.

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