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Cover letter

Hello, my name is Antonija 👋

I am a front end developer from Zagreb, Croatia. I have been working in the industry for the past 8 years. I am looking for a remote full-time position as a React developer.

My skills

Skill Years of experience
CSS 10
Javascript 8
Typescript 3
React 4
Angular 1
React Native 1

What else do I bring to the table?

  • Styled components
  • Typescript
  • TDD with Jest && React testing library
  • Tailwind
  • Redux
  • RxJs
  • Vite
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Redux toolkit query

Where is my personal website?

It is

Where is my github account?

Here it is.

Where is my linkedin account?

Here it is.

What was my last job like?

My last job was with Trustworthy, a small US-based company that develops system for family documentation. I really liked working with them, but I only worked for three months. After they decided to down size the company, several of us was let go.

What was some technologies I used in the last job?

Mostly React technologies with Typescript, but I was introduced to redux toolkit query which I started to admire.

How many hours am I able to work?

I am able to work up to 8 hours per day, 5 days in a week, 40 hours a week.

Do I speak English fluently?

Obviously, yes!

Where am I located?

Zagreb, Croatia.

Am I willing to relocate?


Am I willing to visit?

Yes, absolutely! I can come to your office for onboarding and meetings two or three times a year.

Where do I want to work from?

I want to work from Croatia, but occasionally also from Belgium.

How do I want to work?

I want to work as a remote freelancer/contractor through my company, so it means B2B. I pay my own taxes and benefits.

What kind of job am I looking for?

The job I am looking for right now is a place where I can learn a lot. I am eager to learn and hungry for new technologies. The new job needs to:

  • long term stable client, I plan to work with my next client for at least next 5 years
  • be up to date with the latest React eco system
  • have a great environment for sharing knowledge
  • members of the team should teach each other with great joy
  • care about code quality
  • have a good testing practice
  • care about their employees and their improvement
  • have flexible hours
  • have a great documentation
  • have a well described tasks
  • practices scrum methodology
  • care about their users
  • have a great UI experience

What are some other technologies that I am comfortable working with?

  • Next.js
    • My portfolio website is coded using Next.js and Tailwind
  • Ruby on Rails
    • I have a huge crush on RoR. I have built a learning management system. It is an app that has small lessons in several web technologies. You can see it here

Where can you see my code?

  • Javascript TODO list here
  • React with TS here
  • React quiz app here
  • React CRUD app here
  • Scss and CSS here

Why did I choose React as my main technology?

I chose React because it is light-weight, it is only a library, it gives me freedom to build my own eco system and it has great community.

What is my strength?

I am persistent and consistent. I will not give up until I find a solution. I am a fighter!

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

In five years I would love to become a Lead developer, but not just because it sounds cool. I would also love to be so good in coding that I could lead a team! Hopefully in 5 years I am going to work for the same company as I am looking to be hired for today.

Where can you find more about me?

Everything is on my website.

What is the project I am the most proud of?

I am proud of the payment gateway that I built with Angular for Formunauts. I had to connect mPOS device to the Angular application. I built the whole payment system from scratch. It was my first time that I worked with hardware. THe UI could be improved in a visual sense. I am proud of it because I quickly learned Angular and RxJS without having any prior knowledge about Typescript and Angular.

I am also super proud of my Ruby on Rails application, the LMS system I built from scratch.

I have a high turnover rate. Why's that?

Well, I always worked as a freelancer so I was hired per project. I was never employed. When project finished, I would look for another gig. The company I worked the longest with is the Code_Institute for whom I worked 5 year as a mentor and a developer.

When can I start working?

I can start working in a two weeks or so

Do I like working alone?

No, I do not want to work alone, I feel lonely and I think I can learn more and code better if I work with more people.

Am I familiar with agile?

Yes, I have been working in agile environment during my whole career. I know all about scrum, daily standups, retrospectives, scrum boards and other.

Have I done any testing before?

Yes, I wrote unit tests for Angular (Formunauts) app with Jest. I also wrote tests with React testing library.

Am I willing to take a technical test?

Yes, absolutely!

How do I stay up to date with the latest technologies?

I have a best friend who is mentoring me occasionally. We always talk about coding. I follow some blogs like overreacted or bitsofcode. I have another mentor from Ireland, he helps me with React code. I also attend meetups on topics that I am interested in.

You see I have masters degree in languages and literature. How come I am a developer?

I always looked up to my brother. He has been coding his whole life. I saw him really enjoying his career and life so I thought to myself if he can do it, then anyone can do it 😂 I was in a stressful environment that I wanted to leave behind. I did not have any doors open, but coding opened all the doors for me. So yes, I completed my studies, got master degree. Even in college I was simultaneously learning to code.

Would I like to take a phone call?

Please do not call me. I am an introvert terrified of phone calls, especially from unknown numbers.

How can you reach me?

You can contact me via email

What is the compensation I am looking for?

I think it depends on the job, but I believe we can agree on something reasonable.

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