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(probably) Eating sandwich

Nikita Prokopov tonsky

(probably) Eating sandwich
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(ns datomicdemo.core
[clojure.string :as str]
[datomic.api :as d]))
(def url "datomic:free://localhost:4334/datomicdemo")
(d/create-database url)
tonsky / routing.clj
Created Jul 4, 2018
Trouble with bidi routing
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;; I have this
(def routes ["/" [["" :ui/index]
["api/query" :api/query]
["api/data-init" :api/data-init]]])
;; And I want to make api/data-init only accesible through POST
;; I tried
(def routes ["/" [["" :ui/index]
tonsky / clojure+nbsp.clj
Last active Jan 17, 2018
Clojure and nbsp
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(let [a 1, a  2,  a 3]
(and (= a 1) (=2) (=  a 3)))
tonsky / btset_bench.clj
Created Mar 16, 2017
Benchmarking DataScript’s btset against Clojure’s sorted-set/vector
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(defn bench-btset []
(doseq [distinct [:distinct :duplicates]
size [20000]
[tn target] [["sorted-set" (sorted-set)]
["btset" (btset/btset)]
["vector" []]]
:let [range (if (= :distinct distinct)
(shuffle (range size))
(repeatedly size #(rand-int size)))
shuffled-range (shuffle range)
View CIS194_card.clj
(defn digits [x]
(loop [r x, digits []]
(if (== 0 r)
(recur (quot r 10) (conj digits (rem r 10))))))
(defn double-odd-digits [digits]
(map-indexed (fn [i d] (if (odd? i) (* 2 d) d)) digits))
(defn valid? [x]
View distinct_bench.cljs
(defn quick-benchmark [fun]
(let [t0 (js/]
(loop []
(dotimes [_ 10] (fun))
(when (< (- (js/ t0) 1000) (recur)))
(let [t0 (js/
steps (loop [steps 0]
(dotimes [_ 10] (fun))
(if (< (- (js/ t0) 5000)
(recur (+ steps 10))
View transient_thread_test.clj
(defn race
"Runs two fns in tight loops in two parallel threads for 1 second"
[publish-fn check-fn]
(println "---")
(let [*run? (volatile! true)
*failures (volatile! 0)
thread! #(future
(loop [i 0]
(% i)
(if @*run? (recur (inc i)) i)))
View distinct_bench.clj
(require '[criterium.core :as c])
(defn format-time [estimate]
(let [mean (first estimate)
[factor unit] (c/scale-time mean)]
(c/format-value mean factor unit)))
(defmacro race [body1 body2]
`(let [_# (assert (= ~body1 ~body2))
tonsky / xmas.clj
Created Dec 19, 2016
Xmas decoration with AnyBar and Clojure
View xmas.clj
(import '[ InetAddress DatagramPacket DatagramSocket])
(defonce socket (DatagramSocket.))
(defn send-message [text port]
(let [host (InetAddress/getLocalHost)
packet (DatagramPacket. (.getBytes text) (.length text) host port)]
(.send socket packet)))
View comparisons_bench.clj
(require '[criterium.core :as c])
(defn new_=
"Equality. Returns true if x equals y, false if not. Same as
Java x.equals(y) except it also works for nil, and compares
numbers and collections in a type-independent manner. Clojure's immutable data
structures define equals() (and thus =) as a value, not an identity,
{:inline (fn [x y] `(. clojure.lang.Util equiv ~x ~y))
:inline-arities #{2}
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