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View transducerfun.clj
(require '[clojure.core.async :as a])
(def xform (comp (map inc)
(filter even?)
(flatmap range)
(partition-all 3)
(partition-by #(< (apply + %) 7))
(flatmap flatten)
(random-sample 1.0)
ctford / lenses.clj
Created Jul 12, 2014
A Clojure lens implementation based on focus and fmap.
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(ns shades.lenses)
; We only need three fns that know the structure of a lens.
(defn lens [focus fmap] {:focus focus :fmap fmap})
(defn view [x {:keys [focus]}] (focus x))
(defn update [x {:keys [fmap]} f] (fmap f x))
; The identity lens.
(defn fapply [f x] (f x))
(def id (lens identity fapply))
View q.clj
;;rules examples
[[(findname ?person ?search) [(fulltext $ :person/firstname ?search) [[?person ?name]]]]
[(findname ?person ?search) [(fulltext $ :person/lastname ?search) [[?person ?name]]]]]
;;attempt at making some rule for searching for geohashs...
[[(findgeohash ?place ?search)
[(fulltext $ :coordinate/gehoash ?search)
[[?place ?name]]]]]
(defn pythagorean [a b c] (= (+ (* a a) (* b b)) (* c c)))
maraujop /
Created Feb 15, 2012
django-crispy-forms bootstrap form example
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django import forms
from crispy_forms.helper import FormHelper
from crispy_forms.layout import Layout, Div, Submit, HTML, Button, Row, Field
from crispy_forms.bootstrap import AppendedText, PrependedText, FormActions
class MessageForm(forms.Form):
text_input = forms.CharField()
fdmanana / gist:832610
Created Feb 17, 2011
The CouchDB replicator database
View gist:832610

1. Introduction to the replicator database

A database where you PUT/POST documents to trigger replications and you DELETE to cancel ongoing replications. These documents have exactly the same content as the JSON objects we used to POST to /_replicate/ (fields "source", "target", "create_target", "continuous", "doc_ids", "filter", "query_params".

Replication documents can have a user defined "_id". Design documents (and _local documents) added to the replicator database are ignored.

The default name of this database is _replicator. The name can be changed in the .ini configuration, section [replicator], parameter db.

2. Basics

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