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I may be slow to respond.

Tony Narlock tony

I may be slow to respond.
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from typing import List, TypeVar
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.nodes import Element
from sphinx import addnodes
from sphinx.application import Sphinx
from sphinx.environment.adapters.toctree import TocTree
import sphinx.environment.collectors.toctree as toctree_collector
from sphinx.transforms import SphinxContentsFilter
from sphinx.transforms import SphinxTransform
import sphinx.environment.collectors.toctree as toctree_collector
from sphinx import addnodes
from docutils import nodes
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Set, Tuple, Type, TypeVar, cast
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.nodes import Element, Node
import dis
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import TypedDict
class MyDataclass:
field1: str
field2: int
class MyTypedDict:
mgaitan /
Last active January 19, 2023 18:20
Automatically define factory boy recipes for dataclasses by inspecting the type annotations
## See
import inspect
from typing import List, get_args, get_origin
import factory
import factory.fuzzy
from dataclasses import dataclass, Field, MISSING, is_dataclass
from enum import Enum
from datetime import date, datetime
from decimal import Decimal
sciyoshi / esbuild-relay.js
Created February 19, 2021 16:34
Esbuild plugin for compiling relay queries
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import { promises } from "fs";
import crypto from "crypto";
import path from "path";
import { print, parse } from "graphql";
const plugin = {
name: "relay",
setup: build => {
build.onLoad({ filter: /\.tsx$/, namespace: "" }, async args => {
let contents = await promises.readFile(args.path, "utf8");
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Electron is tricky to get set up on Windows Subsystem for Linux, but it can work!

Four things needed overall:

  1. you need WSL2, not WSL1
  2. you need node, of course, and that part isn't so bad
  3. you need to apt install several dependencies
  4. you need an X Server so it can display the electron GUI over in Windows-land

Setup instructions, in order:

olets /
Last active March 29, 2023 08:57
zsh plugin manager cross-reference

Instructions for installing zsh plugins, for a variety of plugin managers

  • antibody: Add <owner>/<repo> to your plugins file. If you use static loading update the sh.

  • Antigen: Add antigen bundle <owner>/<repo> to your .zshrc.

  • Oh-My-Zsh:

    • Clone to OMZ's plugins' directory:
difosfor / my-element.ts
Last active January 23, 2023 13:11
Typed LitElement events
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import { customElement, LitElement } from 'lit-element';
type UnpackCustomEvent<T> = T extends CustomEvent<infer U> ? U : never;
// Define custom event types and details here
interface CustomEventMap {
* Dispatched when an error occurs.
'my-error': CustomEvent<{ error: Error }>;