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arcanist cheatsheet
  • create tasks T{NNNN} asign them
  • create a branch with name like "T{NNNN}-boo-hoo"
  • git checkout -b T1234-boo-foo
  • commit changes on that branch until it gets ready to be reviewed
  • git commit -am 'first'
  • git commit -am 'now it works'
  • check if it's lint free (NOTE: it runs lint against only modified files)
  • arc lint
  • push a review request to the server. This will create a diff with id D{NNNN}
  • arc diff
  • As a reviewer, you can apply the changeset on your local by using arc patch D{NNNN}
  • arc patch D5678
  • if reviewers post a comment and you need to update the changeset, commit more changes on that branch
  • and push updated changeset to the server
  • arc diff --update 1234
  • To check status of review requests which you have posted, run arc list which will give you a list of Status, Diff ID and title
  • arc list
  • Once review request got accepted, merge changes to master. "arc land" command will take care of merging/rebasing branch and deleting your working branch... And pushing changes to origin/master.
  • arc land
  • viola!
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