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(defun org-random-entry (&optional arg) “Select and goto a random todo item from the global agenda” (interactive “P”) (if org-agenda-overriding-arguments (setq arg org-agenda-overriding-arguments)) (if (and (stringp arg) (not (string-match “\S-” arg))) (setq arg nil)) (let* ((today (org-today)) (date (calendar-gregorian-from-absolute today)) (kwds org-todo-keywords-for-agenda) (lucky-entry nil) (completion-ignore-case t) (org-agenda-buffer (when (buffer-live-p org-agenda-buffer) org-agenda-buffer)) (org-select-this-todo-keyword (if (stringp arg) arg (and arg (integerp arg) (> arg 0) (nth (1- arg) kwds)))) rtn rtnall files file pos marker buffer) (when (equal arg ‘(4)) (setq org-select-this-todo-keyword (org-icompleting-read “Keyword (or KWD1|K2D2|…): ” (mapcar ‘list kwds) nil nil))) (and (equal 0 arg) (setq org-select-this-todo-keyword nil)) (catch ‘exit (org-compile-prefix-format ‘todo) (org-set-sorting-strategy ‘todo) (setq files (org-agenda-files nil ‘ifmode) rtnall nil) (while (setq file (pop files)) (catch ‘nextfile (org-check-agenda-file file) (setq rtn (org-agenda-get-day-entries file date :todo)) (setq rtnall (append rtnall rtn))))

(when rtnall (setq lucky-entry (nth (random (safe-length (setq entries rtnall))) entries))

(setq marker (or (get-text-property 0 ‘org-marker lucky-entry) (org-agenda-error))) (setq buffer (marker-buffer marker)) (setq pos (marker-position marker)) (org-pop-to-buffer-same-window buffer) (widen) (goto-char pos) (when (derived-mode-p ‘org-mode) (org-show-context ‘agenda) (save-excursion (and (outline-next-heading) (org-flag-heading nil))) ; show the next heading (when (outline-invisible-p) (show-entry)) ; display invisible text (run-hooks ‘org-agenda-after-show-hook))))))

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