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foldRight' ::
(b -> z -> z)
-> (a -> b)
-> z
-> [a]
-> z
foldRight' _ _ z [] =
foldRight' k f z (x:xs) =
k (f x) (foldRight' k f z xs)

Eurofox 5530 runway changes

liveatc YBAF2-Nov-09-2019-0430Z

  • 12:07 join final 28L
  • 14:06 join upwind 28R
  • 18:15 join base 28R
  • 18:23 join base 22R
  • 19:28 make right turn to position for 04
  • 20:23 join base 04R

Regarding John De Goes

We are contacting you privately to give you advance notice of disciplinary action we will be taking against John De Goes tomorrow.

Effective tomorrow morning, John De Goes will be indefinitely barred from participating in Typelevel projects, with the most relevant impact being on Cats Effect. This writing is an attempt to lay out the facts of the situation, with as much historical context as is relevant, and with maximal openness and transparency. We also want to make it clear that we're here to answer whatever questions you may have, in whatever forum is relevant. We don't want there to be an confusion or uncertainty about what and why.

A Thousand Cuts

To be clear, this is not about Code of Conduct violation. This is a response to a long and unbroken pattern of behavior. This is an action of community moderation, taken after almost a year of discussion and review and internal consideration.

tonymorris /
Created Oct 31, 2019
Aviation Theory Centre, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Question 53

ATC Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

Question 53

We are given

Aircraft Value
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-- ew
(%~?) ::
(Cons b b a a, Alternative f, AsEmpty b) =>
ASetter s t (f b) (f b)
-> a
-> s
-> t
(%~?) k a =
k %~ \x -> fmap (cons a) (x <|> pure (_Empty # ()))
View blocks.hs
-- testBlocks == testBlocks2
testBlocks ::
Blocks String
testBlocks =
View ew.hs
data Blah f =
(Maybe (f String))
sblah :: Lens' (Blah f) (Maybe (f String))
sblah f (Blah n s) = fmap (\s' -> Blah n s') (f s)
-- |
λ> liftA2 (const id) (putStrLn "hi" >>= \_ -> readFile "/etc/passwd") (putStrLn "bye")
λ> id     (const id) (putStrLn "hi" >>= \_ -> readFile "/etc/passwd") (putStrLn "bye")
λ>        (const id) (putStrLn "hi" >>= \_ -> readFile "/etc/passwd") (putStrLn "bye")
λ> liftA2 (const id) [1,2,3] [4,5,6]
View is-foldl-useful-lc.hs
import Data.Foldable
data X' =
| B
| C
| Z
deriving (Eq, Show)
data X =
View blah.hs
nonEmptyIso ::
Iso [a] [b] (Maybe (NonEmpty a)) (Maybe (NonEmpty b))
nonEmptyIso =
[] ->
h:t ->
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