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"created_at": 1632927978821,
"data": {
"_id": "61547f5e16bbc1ecc42e2bf6",
"order": 0,
"slug": "new-blog-post",
"title": "New Blog Post UPDATE",
"content": "<p>This is my blog post content...</p>",
"metafields": [
"children": null,
"type": "text",
"title": "Headline",
"key": "headline",
"id": "Hh8ejQAadw",
"value": "Amazing Beach!"
"children": null,
"type": "file",
"title": "Image",
"key": "image",
"id": "co2qxqVdAD",
"value": "cc633600-2135-11ec-81a5-2b4858c629b3-quino-al-mBQIfKlvowM-unsplash.jpg",
"url": "",
"imgix_url": ""
"bucket": "61547f1016bbc1ecc42e2bf4",
"type_slug": "posts",
"created_at": "2021-09-29T14:59:42.332Z",
"created_by": "604fd5fbda2dd70d208eb6b9",
"modified_at": "2021-09-29T15:06:18.816Z",
"created": "2021-09-29T14:59:42.332Z",
"user_id": "604fd5fbda2dd70d208eb6b9",
"options": {
"content_editor": 1,
"slug_field": 1
"status": "published",
"thumbnail": "",
"published_at": "2021-09-29T15:06:18.816Z",
"modified_by": "604fd5fbda2dd70d208eb6b9",
"publish_at": null,
"unpublish_at": null,
"metadata": {
"headline": "Amazing Beach!",
"image": {
"url": "",
"imgix_url": ""
"type": "object.edited.published"
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