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Hey look, a resume.

Tony Schneider

I'm a passionate software developer interested in delivering high value domain driven solutions.

Over the years I've gained experience as a technical lead working in various stages of the product lifecycle. I've successfully delivered projects ranging from initial proof of concept to scaling and expanding mature, high impact systems.

I value collaborating with creative, driven people along with contributing back to the community through knowledge sharing and mentorship.


Root Insurance - Software Engineering Lead, May 2018-Current

Root is a data-driven insurance carrier focused on financially incentivizing safe driving through telematics.

  • Successfully led and grew a team that re-envisioned Root's Data Warehouse by working across departments to architect a dimensional data model used to calculate and reproduce measures to inform and predict business performance.
  • Built an ETL framework and data pipeline that schedules the transformation and delivery of data consumed by every aspect of the business.
  • Played crucial role porting our native mobile experience to a rich web client enabling access to largest US markets using React.js
  • Implemented the ability to schedule the disabling of core product functionality at a regional granularity in the event of a catastrophe to reduce exposure to fraud.
  • Took part in key hiring decisions, mentorship, and on-boarding.

LendingHome - Senior Software Engineer, 2015-April 2018

LendingHome is an online mortgage origination platform focused on automating the process of underwriting.

  • Implemented, designed and maintained a highly configurable Product, Pricing & Eligibility Engine that plays a crucial role in the platform's ability to enforce eligibility, assess risk, and report policy messaging across all product offerings.
  • Developed an internal framework that models the mortgage origination domain, focusing on structured data, audit-ability, and exposing the genealogy of business calculations.
  • Played a large role in the implementation and migration to a configurable business process workflow system.
  • Upgraded platform from rails 3.2 to 4.2 with minimal downtime.

codehaus - Partner, 2016-Current

codehaus is a two person, part-time consulting duo. Starting as an excuse for two friends to hack together remotely, it quickly became an affirmation that quality software and product consulting could be provided to small businesses in a low-overhead, affordable manner.

  • Replaced a legacy personality assessment application used by a team of psychologists with a configurable web based application, reducing manual workloads from weeks to hours.

Neo Innovation - Senior Developer, 2012-2015

Neo Innovation Columbus was an agile software & UX consultancy with deep roots in the Ruby community.

  • Developed an email-based courting workflow for vetting volunteer compatibility with non-profit organizations.
  • Enhanced an internal project allocation tool to surface scheduling conflicts enabling more predictable employee utilization using Ember.js and Ruby.
  • Scaled an offline sales data synchronization API for an iPad based fashion industry startup using Rails, Postgresql, and Mongodb.
  • Implemented an RFC compliant OAuth 2.0 authentication server for the developer platform of a major telecom.

EdgeCase (acquired by Digital Garage) - Software Engineer, 2010-2012

EdgeCase was a small boutique web and mobile consulting company in Columbus, OH. At EdgeCase, I had the unique opportunity to work and learn alongside some of the Ruby community's most influential leaders. Some things I'm most proud of accomplishing included:

  • Building a collaborative songwriting application using Rails for a local non-profit used by middle school students and professional musicians.
  • Built an interactive mobile web application using Sinatra and Mongodb that generated personalized videos using social data. Users interacted with the application at AMC movie theaters across the US.
  • Refactored an existing legacy authentication solution for a major caregiving application into an OAuth 1.0 authentication server using Rails and Postgres.

Open Source / Speaking / Writing

You can find the occassional weblog at

Education / Involvement

The Ohio State University, 2011

B.S in Computer Science & Engineering (Studio Art minor)
Founder of osurb, the Ohio State Ruby User Group
Radio DJ, OHIO.FM student radio

The Dick & Jane Project, 2013-2017

Board Member

The Dick & Jane Project is a Columbus-based non-profit organization that focuses on pairing up middle school kids with professional musicians to collaborate on writing radio ready pop songs. After volunteering to work on their song-writing application, I was honored to accept a board member position, focusing on technical advising and classroom programming.

UK cell: +44 7367 208909
US cell: +1 (330) 206-6008

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