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Curated list of 2b2t media from across the web

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Updated 4 July 2016
💀 I collect 2b2t resources. I am not responsible for the content/language of external links.
2b2t Websites
2b2t Related Sites and Dumps
IMGUR Albums
YouTube Channels
FacePunch Threads - Most 2b2t members banned and most threads removed on 7 June 2015.
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xyzvp commented Mar 19, 2018

This is missing the 2b2t discord archive.

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Fixer-007 commented May 7, 2019 web archive mirror:

2b2t wiki:

2b2t map art:

2b2t bases coords:

2b2t museum server (1.12, over 400 warps):

Unverified List of coords from web archive:

Proper working Facepunch links
Note: Facepunch is officially dead since mid Jun 2019, archivist's capture for webarchive, source


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Rip 8chan

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lets have a moment of silence for mrx's imgur albums.

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jbrack14 commented Nov 3, 2020

2b2t Atlas:

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pwn3r1 commented Jul 16, 2021

anyone got a download for the 2b2t website?

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The zane

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cc better 🥱

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