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Brewery Design Problem

  • The brewery application manages physical inventory, a library of beer recipes, and production of beer.
  • The production system supervises the creation, movement and bottling of beer.
  • Beer is made according to a recipe which specifies ingredients and amounts.
  • Ingredients are mixed in a mixing vat to create a batch of beer. After a batch is mixed, it is moved to a fermenting vat, where readings of its specific gravity will be taken daily.
  • While fermenting, beer temperature will be monitored and kept within a tolerance of the temperature as specified in a recipe.
  • After it has finished fermenting, beer is moved to another vat to settle, then moved again to a bottling vat where it is bottled on an external bottling line.
  • The brewery includes a network of interconnected pipes and vats, an inventory of ingredients, a collection of recipes, and batches of beer both in production and already bottled.
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require 'minitest/autorun'
class Foo
attr_accessor :a
def initialize
@a = :unchanged
# call 'a' with explicit 'self' as receiver
tooky / stack.rb
Created June 26, 2014 09:23
Challenge made by @coreyhaines on the podcast.
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class Stack
def empty?
def push(element)
@empty = false
def assert(expected, actual, msg="FAIL!")
View 99bottles.rb
class Bottles
def song
verses(99, 0)
def verses(upper_bound, lower_bound)
upper_bound.downto(lower_bound).map { |i| verse(i) }.join("\n")
View stack.rb
# Corey's challenge is to make the second test pass without ever making the first test fail.
# run ruby stack.rb to run the tests
# For more information see
class Stack
def empty?
def push(element)
@empty = false
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Scenario: Create an invoice
Given I am an authenticated user with an admin role
And a client "test client" exists with name: "test client", initials: "TTC"
And a project "test project" exists with name: "test project", client: client "test client"
And a ticket "test ticket" exists with project: project "test project", name: "test ticket"
And a work_unit "test work unit" exists with ticket: ticket "test ticket", scheduled_at: "2010-01-01", hours: "1"
And I am on the admin invoices page
Then I should see "test client"
And I follow "test client"
And I fill in "global_invoiced" with "123"
View example1.feature
Feature: Sign up
Scenario: New user redirected to their own page
Given I am not logged in
And I visit the homepage
And I follow "Sign up"
And I fill in "Username" with "Matt"
And I fill in "Password" with "password"
And I fill in "Confirm password" with "password"
When I press "Sign up"
Then I should be on my feeds page
require 'sinatra'
get '/foo.jpg' do
# foo.jpg in the app root directory
send_file 'foo.jpg', disposition: 'inline'
run Sinatra::Application

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On The Beach Academy, October 2014 – Homework

Week 1 - Homework

  • Complete the remaining exercises (note: you can run each file individually using rspec <filename>)
  • Work through them in the following order:
    • spec/iteration_spec.rb
    • spec/blocks_spec.rb
    • spec/sandwich_code_spec.rb
    • spec/scoring_project_spec.rb
    • spec/classes_spec.rb
  • spec/open_classes_spec.rb