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Demo showcasing development and deployment of jekyll blog from Bash on Windows in VS Code with Deployment to Azure
Install Jekyll as per
Install the azure xplat-cli
enable DBUS in BoUoW : sudo sed -i 's$<listen>.*</listen>$<listen>tcp:host=localhost,port=0</listen>$' /etc/dbus-1/session.conf
<create github repo in firefox>
<open VS Code>
git clone
<Open folder in VS Code>
jekyll new .
<edit config.yml>
bundle exec jekyll build
bundle exec jekyll serve --force_polling
<test in local browser>
git add .
git commit -m "init"
git remote -v : Note origin to github
azure login
azure config mode asm
azure site create --location "Central US" --git jekdemo
git remote -v : Note new azure repo
git push azure master
<visit website> : Note that static files not sent
touch .deployment
<modify .deployment with below>
project = _site
<modify .gitignore>
remove "_site"
git add add _site/
git commit -m "setup kudu"
git push azure master again
curl, whois, dig +trace, nslookup
finishing touch, launch firefox & and test there
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