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Last active Apr 20, 2021
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To get info about any function
Red []
context [
get-function: function [path] [
if path? path [
path: copy path
while [
not any [
tail? path
any-function? attempt [get/any either last? path [path/1] [path]]
] [
clear back tail path
return either empty? path [none] [path]
] none
set 'info func ['fn /local intr ars refs locs ret arg ref typ irefs rargs rf fnc] [
intr: copy "" ars: make block! 10 refs: make block! 20 locs: copy [] ret: copy [] irefs: copy [] typ: ref-arg: ref-arg-type: none
if path? fn [
either fnc: get-function fn [
irefs: copy skip fn: to-block fn length? fnc
either 1 = length? fnc [fn: fn/1] [fn: fnc]
] [return none]
if lit-word? fn [fn: to-word fn]
unless all [value? fn any [word? fn path? fn] any-function? get fn] [
return none
out: make map! copy []
specs: spec-of get fn
parse specs [
opt [set intr string!]
any [set arg [word! | lit-word! | get-word!]
opt [set typ block!]
opt string!
(put ars arg either typ [typ] [[any-type!]])
any [set ref refinement! [
if (not find [/local /extern] ref) (put refs r: to-word ref make block! 10)
opt string!
any [set ref-arg [word! | lit-word! | get-word!] opt [set ref-arg-type block!]
(put refs/:r ref-arg either ref-arg-type [ref-arg-type] [[any-type!]])
opt string!
| any [set loc word! (append locs loc) opt string!]
opt [set-word! set ret block!]
rargs: extract ars 2
foreach rf irefs [append rargs extract refs/:rf 2]
make object! [
name: either path? fn [last fn] [to-word fn]
intro: intr
args: ars
refinements: refs
runtime-refs: irefs
locals: locs
return: ret
spec: specs
type: type? get fn
arg-num: (length? args) / 2
arg-names: extract args 2
arg-types: extract next args 2
ref-names: extract refinements 2
ref-types: extract next refinements 2
ref-num: (length? refinements) / 2
runtime-args: rargs
arity: length? runtime-args ;/ 2
set 'arity-of func ['fn /local inf][
if inf: info :fn [inf/arity]
set 'args-of func ['fn /local inf][
if inf: info :fn [inf/runtime-args]

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@toomasv toomasv commented Sep 1, 2017


probe info split

info '+ 

select info reverse 'refinements

fn: info reduce

arity-of find/skip  ;3
args-of find/skip  ;[series value size]

w: words-of system/words
forall w [if all [value? i: first w i: info :i][print rejoin [i/name ": " i/arity]]]
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