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Tipperary Artefacts Project
** GOAL: Clever Workflow through Collaboration **
> In cooperative learning, you have a purposeful, meaningful, and authentic context.
Primary and and third level students can sharpen their communicative skills.
[Lilian Katz] (
** Project Partners **
-- Clonmel Borough, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland.
-- Sixth Class students in Presentation Primary School, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland.
-- Sixth Class students in St Mary's Primary School, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland.
-- Creative Media students on the Clonmel Digital Campus of the Limerick School of Art & Design.
-- Tipperary Museum
-- South Tipperary Arts Centre
-- Tipperary Live
** This project enhances digital literacies. **
** Common Identifier is Collecting Artefacts **
- Items should be uploaded with Creative Commons Licenses.
- Shared spaces should be ready for really simple syndication (RSS).
- Superuser [@topgold] ( has passwords.
- Superuser [@topgold] ( is funding the commercial services that support this project.
- Superuser [Jayne Sutcliffe] ( curates the exhibition display.
- Superuser [Eimear King] ( is host of the South Tipperary Arts Centre Podcast.
- Superuser [Mairead Conway] (
- Superuser [@JohnTierney_] ( provides professional assistance leveraged from past community projects.
** Helpful Apps and Services **
> All of these apps are free to download.
- [Trello] ( participants need to set up Trello accounts and then use the tick-off lists inside the project.
- [e-mail] ( participants will share the account.
- [Flickr] ( Use the Flickr app to upload high res images and short HD video.
- [Spreaker Studio] ( for excellent control of mobile audio recording.
** Short Description of Apps and Services **
> Each of these apps have been extended by paid superuser access.
- Trello: used for tick-off lists and project tracking.
- Flickr: used to upload high res images and short HD video.
- Substack: email client used to share tips that improve story development.
- Spreaker Studio: when recording in-hand.
- Magisto: uses AI to create clips found on handset and uploaded to cloud.
- if recording with a remote audience.
- Zapier: performs specialised services in the background.
- OneDrive: where curated images, video, and audio will be stored using with @topgold and Sharepoint services with Tipperary Museum.
- Medium: fortnightly public blog to feed local news channels.
- Mention: discovery tool used by web analysts on Clonmel Digital Campus.
** Shared Spaces **
> These shared spaces should be accessible while inside of campus and office buildings.
[Public Trello Account] (
[Shared Flickr Account collectingartefacts] (
[Shared Spreaker Account collectingartefacts] (
[Instagram] (
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