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Created June 29, 2015 17:39
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Git notes cheat sheet

#Git notes

Warning : Support for isplay of git notes has been dropped by github :

Resource :


git notes add
git notes add -m "my note"


Default namespace is commits

Use git notes --ref COMMAND


git notes --ref jenkins add "build pass"
git notes --ref jenkins show HEAD
git log --show-notes=jenkins
git log --show-notes="*"

--show-notes="*" : Quotes are necessary so that * will be passed to git, not evalueted by the command line


Like tags, notes aren't pushed by default.

git push origin refs/notes/commits
git push origin "refs/notes/*"


Notes aren't fetched by default.

git fetch origin refs/notes/commits:refs/notes/commits
git fetch origin "refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*"

To fetch notes by default : vi .git/config

#edit this part

[remote "origin"]
  fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

#to become

[remote "origin"]
  fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
  fetch = +refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*
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dten commented May 29, 2019

git notes add is missing -m

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mkhoudi commented Jul 27, 2021

Can we push notes by default?

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Can we push notes by default?

@mkhoudi You want to add the following to your ~/.gitconfig or .git/config

[remote "origin"]
  push = +refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*

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