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How to Strip Duplicate Items from a JavaScript Array
// Duplicates: Bob, Aaron, Frank
const arrayWithDuplicates = ["Aaron", "Bob", "Chris", "Dave", "Edward", "Bob", "Aaron", "Frank", "George", "Frank", "Henry", "Bob", "Bob", "Aaron", "Aaron", "Frank"];
function stripDuplicates(arrayWithDuplicates) {
let uniques = [];
arrayWithDuplicates.forEach( (value, index) => {
const indexWhereValueFirstAppears = arrayWithDuplicates.findIndex( (value_) => {
return value_ === value;
if (index === indexWhereValueFirstAppears) {
return uniques;
const arrayWithNoDuplicates = stripDuplicates(arrayWithDuplicates);
arrayWithNoDuplicates.forEach( (unique) => {
console.log("Unique: " + unique);
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