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Created January 14, 2022 02:35
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Solana 101: Check Deployed Solana Program from Client (From's Solana 101 Course)
import type {NextApiRequest, NextApiResponse} from 'next';
import {Connection, PublicKey} from '@solana/web3.js';
import {getNodeURL} from '@figment-solana/lib';
import path from 'path';
import fs from 'mz/fs';
const PROGRAM_PATH = path.resolve('dist/solana/program');
const PROGRAM_SO_PATH = path.join(PROGRAM_PATH, '');
export default async function deploy(
req: NextApiRequest,
res: NextApiResponse<string | boolean>,
) {
try {
const {network, programId} = req.body;
const url = getNodeURL(network);
const connection = new Connection(url, 'confirmed');
// Re-create publicKeys from params
const publicKey = new PublicKey(programId);
const programInfo = await connection.getAccountInfo(publicKey);
if (programInfo === null) {
if (fs.existsSync(PROGRAM_SO_PATH)) {
throw new Error(
'Program needs to be deployed with `solana program deploy`',
} else {
throw new Error('Program needs to be built and deployed');
} else if (!programInfo.executable) {
throw new Error(`Program is not executable`);
} catch (error) {
let errorMessage = error instanceof Error ? error.message : 'Unknown Error';
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