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Tore Darell toretore

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View location.elm
module Location
type Location
= None
| SelectCountry (List Country)
| CountrySelected Country
| SelectRegion Country (List Region)
| RegionSelected Country Region
| SelectCity Country Region (List City)
| Complete Country Region City
View elm-tips.elm
-- The `msg` in `Html msg` and `Cmd msg` can be anything
-- Most Elm apps will have a `Msg` type at the top lever describing the messages
-- that can be processed by `update`:
type Msg
= UserLoaded (Maybe User)
| UserSelected User
View Customers.elm
module Customers exposing (Error, Customers, init, toLoading, toFailure, toSuccess)
type alias Error = String
type Customers
= NotAsked
| Loading (Maybe Error) (Maybe (List Customer))
| Failure Error (Maybe (List Customer))
| Success (List Customer)
View logging.rb
require 'logger'
require 'fileutils'
require 'time'
require 'fiber'
module Logging
class Logger
View lb.rb
require 'thread'
state = {time:, status: "Flux Capacitor running"}
messages =
class TimeChange
attr_reader :time
def initialize(t)
@time = t
View chrome_sockets_link.rb
View chrome_sockets.rb
require 'socket'
def log(s)
puts "#{'%H:%M:%S')}: #{s}"
server ='', 1337)
loop do
socket = server.accept
View t.rb
require 'thread'
class WorkerPool
def initialize
@num = 10
@jobs =
@results =
@stopped = false
View now.rb
PIPELINE = %w[booked collected ironed delivered]
def state
def advance
@pipeline_position += 1
View sockets.rb
require 'socket'
server1 ='', 1337)
server2 ='', 1338)
servers = [server1, server2]
clients = []
loop do
readables, * =