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mt power drum kit 2 on linux (ubuntu)

mt power drum kit 2 linux

  • download
  • unzip the .deb to to find the
  • install linvst by double clicking the .deb file
  • run linvstconvert in the plugin folder
  • copy the resulting .so plugin file to ~/.vst
  • reaper should now find it

>Windows VSTs in LinVST: > > Download the LinVST version for your environment – either the embedded Window version or the standalone version, though the embedded version is likely the default choice for most users. > Copy all of the Lin-VST-server files from the version that was installed to your /usr/bin pathway. > Make a folder to place all of your Windows VSTs inside of. > In LinVST’s convert folder, start the linvstconvert, and then choose the from the version folder. > Point linvstconvert to the folder you created that contains all of your Windows VSTs, then hit the Start (Convert) button. > Start up REAPER DAW and add your Windows VSTs folder to the plug-ins folder in REAPER’s settings.

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