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$exportFunctions = (Get-ChildItem -Path .\Functions -Filter "*.ps1").BaseName
$manifestPath = Join-Path -Path .\ -ChildPath FilesAPI.psd1
$newManifest = @{
Path = $manifestPath
Guid = ([guid]::NewGuid())
Author = "SomeDude"
CompanyName = "Contoso"
RootModule = "FilesAPI.psm1"
Description = "Awsome files module"
PowerShellVersion = [version]""
ModuleVersion = [version]""
FunctionsToExport = $exportFunctions
New-ModuleManifest @newManifest
# Convert manifest to UTF8
$manifest = Get-Content -Path $manifestPath
Set-Content -Path $manifestPath -Value $manifest -Encoding UTF8
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