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import scala.concurrent._
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import org.bitcoins.core._
import number._
import config._
import currency._
import crypto._
import script.crypto._
import protocol.transaction._
import protocol.script._
import wallet.builder._
import wallet.fee._
import wallet.utxo._
implicit val ec: ExecutionContext =
// generate a fresh private key that we are going to use in the scriptpubkey
val privKey = ECPrivateKey.freshPrivateKey
val pubKey = privKey.publicKey
// this is the script that the TxBuilder is going to create a
// script signature that validly spends this scriptPubKey
val creditingSpk = P2PKHScriptPubKey(pubKey = privKey.publicKey)
val amount = 10000.satoshis
// this is the UTXO we are going to be spending
val utxo =
TransactionOutput(currencyUnit = amount, scriptPubKey = creditingSpk)
// the private key that locks the funds for the script we are spending too
val destinationPrivKey = ECPrivateKey.freshPrivateKey
// the amount we are sending -- 5000 satoshis -- to the destinationSPK
val destinationAmount = 5000.satoshis
// the script that corresponds to destination private key, this is what is protecting the money
val destinationSPK =
P2PKHScriptPubKey(pubKey = destinationPrivKey.publicKey)
// this is where we are sending money too
// we could add more destinations here if we
// wanted to batch transactions
val destinations = {
val destination1 = TransactionOutput(currencyUnit = destinationAmount,
scriptPubKey = destinationSPK)
// we have to fabricate a transaction that contains the
// UTXO we are trying to spend. If this were a real blockchain
// we would need to reference the UTXO set
val creditingTx = BaseTransaction(version =,
inputs = List.empty,
outputs = List(utxo),
lockTime =
// this is the information we need from the crediting TX
// to properly "link" it in the transaction we are creating
val outPoint = TransactionOutPoint(creditingTx.txId,
// this contains all the information we need to
// validly sign the UTXO above
val utxoSpendingInfo = BitcoinUTXOSpendingInfo(outPoint = outPoint,
output = utxo,
signers = List(privKey),
redeemScriptOpt = None,
scriptWitnessOpt = None,
hashType =
// all of the UTXO spending information, since we are only
//spending one UTXO, this is just one element
val utxos: List[BitcoinUTXOSpendingInfo] = List(utxoSpendingInfo)
// this is how much we are going to pay as a fee to the network
// for this example, we are going to pay 1 satoshi per byte
val feeRate = SatoshisPerByte(1.satoshi)
val changePrivKey = ECPrivateKey.freshPrivateKey
val changeSPK = P2PKHScriptPubKey(pubKey = changePrivKey.publicKey)
// the network we are on, for this example we are using
// the regression test network. This is a network you control
// on your own machine
val networkParams = RegTest
// Yay! Now we have a TxBuilder object that we can use
// to sign the TX.
val txBuilder: BitcoinTxBuilder = {
val builderF = BitcoinTxBuilder(
destinations = destinations,
utxos = utxos,
feeRate = feeRate,
changeSPK = changeSPK,
network = networkParams)
Await.result(builderF, 30.seconds)
// Let's finally produce a validly signed tx!
// The 'sign' method is going produce a validly signed transaction
// This is going to iterate through each of the UTXOs and use
// the corresponding UTXOSpendingInfo to produce a validly
// signed input. This UTXO has:
// 1: one input
// 2: outputs (destination and change outputs)
// 3: a fee rate of 1 satoshi/byte
val signedTx: Transaction = {
val signF = txBuilder.sign
Await.result(signF, 30.seconds)
// res0: Int = 1
// res1: Int = 2
//remember, you can call .hex on any bitcoin-s data structure to get the hex representation!
// res2: String = "02000000018c7dda60c7059d75642cd7671e6378028de68f2bab02ddcbd8d81d9ee9ce09f5000000006a4730440220296d1dcb039e4e6e96d69fad7029ca22f845448cdc318f32df74354d6b3542c402202bc83e00515a294239dc446406dd36775bcabd665880e9977d4396b6eca3be41012103a6ad54a24b60364535204bf50fab18817ea18f770819633e75d7317c21afccda000000000288130000000000001976a914b1df7d9411da9d117765bfe15225353883df575788aca6120000000000001976a91499d08572c6915d64d7bcf1753dd9eeb517fade7a88ac00000000"
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