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Created Apr 1, 2011

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Calculates z-ordered values from x and y coordinates.
def z_order(x, y):
"""Creates a z-order value from the 15 least significant bits of
the `int`s `x` and `y`.
z = 0
for bit_pos in range(15):
z |= (x & (1 << bit_pos)) << bit_pos
z |= (y & (1 << bit_pos)) << (bit_pos + 1)
return z
if __name__ == '__main__':
def test(x, y, z):
assert z_order(x, y) == z, \
"Expected %s, got %s." % (bin(z), bin(z_order(x, y)))
test(0b0, 0b0, 0b0)
test(0b1, 0b1, 0b11)
test(0b0, 0b1, 0b10)
test(0b100, 0b001, 0b010010)
test(0b1111, 0b1111, 0b11111111)
test(0b1111, 0b0000, 0b01010101)
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