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use std::fs::File;
use std::path::Path;
use std::error::Error;
use std::io::{BufRead, BufReader, stdin};
use std::collections::HashMap;
fn sort_str(s: &str) -> String {
let mut v: Vec<char> = s.chars().collect();
fn main() {
let path = Path::new("../word.lst");
let file = match File::open(&path) {
Err(why) => panic!("failed to open {}: {}", path.display(),
Ok(f) => f,
let mut dict: HashMap<String, Vec<String>> = HashMap::new();
for line in BufReader::new(file).lines() {
let s = line.unwrap();
let sin = stdin();
for line in sin.lock().lines() {
let s = line.unwrap();
if let Some(v) = dict.get(&sort_str(&s)) {
println!("anagrams for {}: {}", &s, &v.connect(" "));
} else {
println!("no dice");

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commented Sep 18, 2015

Rust compiler v 1.3.0 warns "use of deprecated" for ".connect" in line 31.
Seems renamed to ".join".

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