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Created May 1, 2018
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filter stream接続時にstreaming API用のパーサを利用してなかった
diff --git a/core/plugin/streaming/filter.rb b/core/plugin/streaming/filter.rb
index 811d0181..7c28f773 100644
--- a/core/plugin/streaming/filter.rb
+++ b/core/plugin/streaming/filter.rb
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Plugin.create :streaming do
@success_flag = true end
parsed = JSON.parse(json).symbolize
if not parsed[:retweeted_status]
- MikuTwitter::ApiCallSupport::Request::Parser.message(parsed) rescue nil end
+ MikuTwitter::ApiCallSupport::Request::Parser.streaming_message(parsed) rescue nil end
end }
raise r if r.is_a? Exception
notice "filter stream: disconnected #{r}"
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