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(quasar) nebula towerofnix

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let order;
let memory;
let value;
let counter;
function reset() {
order = [];
memory = [];
value = [];

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am towerofnix on github.
  • I am florrie ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is E6D8 4BD4 1A08 8616 79B2 A3C9 D8C6 9A1F D1A3 9356

To claim this, I am signing this object:

towerofnix /
Created Aug 17, 2018
How scratch-* issues work

Btw, the basic rundown of scratch-* issues - typically they are each in one of these states:

  1. Has the "needs-triage" label, meaning it is to be updated within the near future. You should probably not work on these since you don't know what'll happen with them. Needs-triage issues are usually turned into one of the other options below.
  2. Is assigned to a particular Scratch Team member within a particular milestone. Don't ever work on these since they are assigned to a particular ST member (although you can still leave comments on the issue/ST-made PR).
  3. Has the "help-wanted" label, meaning that the issue is open to virtually anybody in the world who wants to make a PR for it. You can work on this if you want. If it's a recent issue and you're fairly confident in your ability to make a PR quickly, you might want to comment "I'll work on this" to deter other people from immediately working on it (so that there's not multiple PRs, which is probably a pain to handle but doesn't happen very often). If the issu
towerofnix /
Last active Aug 24, 2018
Posts in the Scratch 3.0 Beta forums that were made by the Scratch Team

ST posts in Scratch 3.0 Beta forums

I'm trying to keep this list to mostly relatively significant ones - something like "what browser are you using?" or "thanks for your ideas" won't go here.

View damage-formulas.txt
I've been poking around with Grandia III's debug mode a bit, looking for damage formulas. (Formulae?) So far I've only focused on spells, and through testing, I've found this to be the general magic formula (tested on Burn!, Crackle, and Hellburner):
'''Damage = (Spell-specific base quantity) + 4.5 * (Caster's MAG) - 3.0 * (Target's RES)'''
You also have to apply the damage ratio multiplier and the general randomness modifier. The damage ratio is that "X%" you see beside the orb. It's significant in spells like Crackle and Galactic Bang, where damage is dealt to the target multiple times, increasing their chain multiplier each time. The game also has some RNG; I'm not totally sure what the rules are on this (probably something like +/- 5%), but it's worth noting, because it means the formula won't yield the exact amount of damage dealt.
The spell-specific base quantity is a value unique to each spell. Generally, if the spell's description says it has a higher power (more stars), you can expect the base qua
View scratch-comment-redactor.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name Scratch Comment Redactor
// @namespace
// @match *://*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
const usersSymbol = Symbol()
const replaceText = function(el, newText) {
towerofnix /
Last active Jul 9, 2021
Downloads a default Minecraft resource pack (1.12 april fools by default)

Minecraft Asset Downloader

Download Minecraft assets and store them as a resource pack for personal usage.

Are you a regular somewhat techno clever citizen of the internet?

After the code below (which you definitely don't need to read yourself), I've written a guide on how to use this, plus some troubleshooting tips!

Are you a smarty pants?

towerofnix / guide.txt
Created Mar 26, 2018
Dragon Quest IX vocation trait guide
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- Vocation Trait Guide -
(Pro-tip: try :set cursorline in Vim!)
Vocation | +STR & +AGI & +RES & +DFT & +CHR & +MND & +MGT & +MHP & +MMP | LAKM
Warrior | +40 . . +60 . . . . . +60 . | ****
Priest | . . . . . +180 . . . +30 | ****
Mage | . . . . . . +180 . . +30 | ****
Martial Artist | +10 . +100 . . . . . . +30 . | ****
Thief | . +60 . . +60 . . . . +20 . | ****

Everything just.. works, in Horizon. This entire list will probably be rather opinionated, and, as background, I've played very few games, so I probably won't have particularly good opinions either. But here they are:

  • The camera. It's so fluid! - At this point, the cameras in other games frustrate me, so maybe what I've found wrong with other games is more helpful. In other games, the camera is glued to the player. If your player moves left a foot, so does the camera, at the very same speed. Those games always keep the character in the absolute center of the screen. Worse, they often force the camera to sort of chase the player, making the camera always rotate towards the direction your character is facing. This is really, really disorienting - I'd expect it in a car racing game, but in one where I'm just trying to look around, maybe towards an enemy to my side or maybe to appreciate the scenery, automatically rotating the camera this way is a huge frustration. Sort of dizzying, especially on a b
towerofnix / gogs-dark.css
Last active Oct 20, 2017
A simple and probably incomplete dark theme stylesheet for sites
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:root {
--fg-color: #EEE;
--bold-color: #FFF;
--attached-border-color: #2A2A2A;
--focus-color: #778;
body {
background-color: #222 !important;
color: var(--fg-color) !important;