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Last active August 29, 2015 14:17
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#define IN_WORLDPOS(i) i.posWorld
#define IN_WORLDPOS(i) half3(0,0,0)
#define IN_LIGHTDIR_FWDADD(i) half3(i.tangentToWorldAndLightDir[0].w, i.tangentToWorldAndLightDir[1].w, i.tangentToWorldAndLightDir[2].w)
#define FRAGMENT_SETUP(x) FragmentCommonData x = \
FragmentSetup(i.tex, i.eyeVec, WorldNormal(i.tangentToWorldAndParallax), IN_VIEWDIR4PARALLAX(i), ExtractTangentToWorldPerPixel(i.tangentToWorldAndParallax), IN_WORLDPOS(i));
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