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Created July 13, 2023 23:53
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ST7735S display test - CircuitPython (Pico W) - NOT WORKING
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2021 ladyada for Adafruit Industries
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
This test will initialize the display using displayio and draw a solid green
background, a smaller purple rectangle, and some yellow text.
import board
import terminalio
import displayio
import busio
from adafruit_display_text import label
from adafruit_st7735r import ST7735R
# Release any resources currently in use for the displays
#spi = board.SPI()
spi = busio.SPI(board.D18, MOSI=board.D19)
tft_cs = board.D21
tft_dc = board.D22
display_bus = displayio.FourWire(
spi, command=tft_dc, chip_select=tft_cs, reset=board.D16
display = ST7735R(display_bus, width=160, height=128, rotation=90, bgr=True)
# Make the display context
splash = displayio.Group()
color_bitmap = displayio.Bitmap(160, 128, 1)
color_palette = displayio.Palette(1)
color_palette[0] = 0x00FF00 # Bright Green
bg_sprite = displayio.TileGrid(color_bitmap, pixel_shader=color_palette, x=0, y=0)
# Draw a smaller inner rectangle
inner_bitmap = displayio.Bitmap(150, 118, 1)
inner_palette = displayio.Palette(1)
inner_palette[0] = 0xAA0088 # Purple
inner_sprite = displayio.TileGrid(inner_bitmap, pixel_shader=inner_palette, x=5, y=5)
# Draw a label
text_group = displayio.Group(scale=2, x=11, y=64)
text = "Hello World!"
text_area = label.Label(terminalio.FONT, text=text, color=0xFFFF00)
text_group.append(text_area) # Subgroup for text scaling
while True:
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