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Created Aug 30, 2019
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The Lua Script to Reserve a Job
local queue = ARGV[1]
-- randomly select a tenant
local runnable_tenants = queue .. '_runnable_tenants'
local tenant_id ='SRANDMEMBER', runnable_tenants)
-- get their next pending job
local pending_jobs = queue .. '_pending_jobs:' .. tenant_id
local job_id ='RPOP', pending_jobs)
-- update all other structures to be in the running state
local running_jobs = queue .. '_running_jobs:' .. tenant_id'SADD', running_jobs, job_id)
-- If reserving this job brings a tenant above the limit, they become un-runnable
local runing_jobs_count ='SCARD', running_jobs)
local limit = tonumber('HGET', 'tenant_limits', queue))
if (runing_jobs_count >= limit) then
local runnable_tenants = queue .. '_runnable_tenants''SREM', runnable_tenants, tenant_id)
return {job_id, tenant_id}
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