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Created Mar 29, 2018

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<description>Petrolicious is a leading automotive lifestyle brand providing world class short films and tasteful editorial around the world&#x2019;s finest classic vehicles.</description>
<copyright>&#xA9; Petrolicious / May Moon Media 2018. All Rights reserved.</copyright>
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<pubDate>Thu, 29 Mar 2018 18:40:50 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Here Are Seven Of The Prettiest Cars To Ever Claim The Land Speed Record</title>
<description>Bauhaus designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld famously said &#x201C;To be useful is to be beautiful.&#x201D; Often when an object is designed with a singular purpose in mind, its beauty is a byproduct, not a goal. Consider a fighter jet: they inspire so much in the world of design and in the imaginations of mechanically-inclined kids, and yet aesthetics were never a consideration in their design. There is nothing superfluous on the fuselage of a jet, not one crease or curve is without purpose, they are simply &#x201C;cool by consequence.&#x201D;
Not long after the birth of the motor car, the gauntlet of the land speed record was laid down. From the early steam age of the industrial revolution to the jet age, pioneers of banked corners and desert plains and salt flats have chased the elusive title of becoming the fastest object to travel across the earth&#x2019;s crust. Land speed record cars are constructed with that singular goal in mind, with such purity of purpose comes unusual and innovative design solutions, and from time to time, incredible beauty.
So rather than obsessing over top speed alone, lets take a look at some of the prettiest record-breaking machines...
Stanley Steamer &amp; Rocket</description>
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<pubDate>Thu, 29 Mar 2018 17:32:38 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Let Automobilist Hang A Porsche 906 Or A Lancia Stratos In Your Living Room</title>
<description>Find these posters and more work from Automobilist in the Petrolicious Shop
We've written our praises for the team of artists behind Unique &amp; Limited quite often here at Petrolicious, and today we're happy to be adding four new posters to our shop from their Automobilist brand: two of the legendary Alitalia Lancia Stratos, and two featuring the 1967 Japanese GP-winning Porsche 906 Carrera 6.</description>
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<pubDate>Thu, 29 Mar 2018 13:00:05 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Why The Fiat 2300S Abarth Is Much More Than A Poor Man's Ferrari 2+2</title>
<description>Mixing Fiat with Abarth was a formula that most of the time gave birth to small and lightweight rockets based on the 500, the 600, and sometimes the larger 850 chassis, though less often. However great those cars were and still are though, Abarth did so much more than just soup up a few city cars.</description>
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<pubDate>Wed, 28 Mar 2018 18:13:05 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Meet A Steam-Powered Suzuki Built To Chase Land Speed Records</title>
<description>A biting wind cuts across the open expanse of grass and concrete, boring through the core of me as yet another rain squall hurries across this former RAF airfield. A small group of dedicated, two-wheeled speed freaks are exposed in the middle of this space, and in amongst the vans and trailers is a small red tarpaulin. There&#x2019;s nothing especially remarkable about that, it&#x2019;s the type many a racer has used as a makeshift pit garage over the years. What makes this one special is the unique beast underneath. It&#x2019;s not the fastest machine here today, it won&#x2019;t perform turbocharged wheelies at 180mph like some of the bikes tearing down the runway, and in fact there&#x2019;s no guarantee that it&#x2019;s even going to &#x201C;do the ton.&#x201D; But whether it reaches triple digits or otherwise, it&#x2019;s certainly the most unique bike on this two miles of runway, and it&#x2019;s the only contraption our here being developed towards a genuine land speed record attempt in the near future.</description>
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<pubDate>Wed, 28 Mar 2018 16:41:52 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Reviving A 112-Year-Old Rally Through Italy: The Coppa Milano-Sanremo</title>
<description>If you like the idea of driving old red cars through towns and cities whose street signs invariably end in vowels, the Coppa Milano-Sanremo delivers the experience in full. We&#x2019;ve reached that time of the year when historic road rallies and regularity races start to spoil us for choice each weekend, and while there&#x2019;s a good deal of homogeny to be found in comparing them a few still stand above.</description>
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<pubDate>Wed, 28 Mar 2018 13:00:31 +0000</pubDate>
<title>A Painstaking Restoration Saved This Gorgeous 1960 Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato</title>
<description>I've always been interested in cars, especially those with history. In fact, I think of the past often; of what I experienced, of what I missed, of what things used to be like. When the efforts of modernization leave out considerations of beauty and instead focus only on comfort and ease, something important is lost, and rarely do I see examples of modernity and beauty in harmony.
It seems our canonical definition of aesthetic achievement has changed. Perhaps its simply because the ideals of classic beauty are impossible to reach while maintaining the comforts we&#x2019;ve gotten so used to. I&#x2019;m relating this to automobiles, but it is a broader pattern.
Automated factories are intriguing in their own right, but I have always been struck by the charms of something that was built with human hands. This act of direct creation is the only gesture, in my opinion, that brings us closer to the concept of infinite beauty; if you can create something worthy enough, it will remain and have a sense of permanence.</description>
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<pubDate>Tue, 27 Mar 2018 17:00:10 +0000</pubDate>
<title>La Carretera Brings The Spirit Of Vintage Road Racing To Downtown Los Angeles</title>
<description>Car shows happen every week around the world and seemingly every day in Los Angeles, so how do you make an event that involves a parking lot full of cars interesting rather than repetitive? Selecting a theme both for the cars on display and the attire is a great starting point it seems; successful shows like the Goodwood Revival and on a smaller scale, Radwood, have mastered that game. But what if you want to start something new? Finding a theme that fits Southern California and offers variety while still being cool is a serious challenge. Enter the La Carretera Show.</description>
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<pubDate>Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:25:54 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Museo Fratelli Cozzi Is An Alfa Romeo Anthropologist's Dream Realized</title>
<description>It&#x2019;s no deep secret that I&#x2019;m fond of Alfa Romeos, and I doubt I&#x2019;ll ever become jaded to the point that an invitation to see a another collection of them falls on deaf ears. I&#x2019;m always intrigued by the prospect of more of what I love, so when a friend told me about a special place located on the outskirts of Milan wherein a single family has curated a unique museum underneath a modern car dealership, I wasn&#x2019;t about to visit "next time.&#x201D;</description>
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<pubDate>Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:00:24 +0000</pubDate>
<title>GALLERY: Go Behind The Scenes On Our Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Film Shoot</title>
<description>Gather up a handful of some choice racing cars along with a trio of top drivers who brought them to the podiums in the period and you&#x2019;re bound to have a good day at the track. If those cars happen to be a trio of Alfa Romeo Tipo 33s, the drivers have the last names of Bell, Merzario, and Galli, and it&#x2019;s all going down at speed on the same track these cars were developed on decades ago? There&#x2019;s really no room for improvement if you&#x2019;re a cross and serpent devotee.
We&#x2019;ve covered the progression of Alfa Romeo&#x2019;s Tipo 33 line of racing cars before, accompanied by a look at the avant garde concept cars that were spawned from the Stradale chassis, but this day was as about the drivers as their machines. To hear them talking about the cars and the corners with the kind of zeal and joy that belong to great drivers with nothing left to prove is a refreshing change of pace to having a collector parrot the history that they weren&#x2019;t ever really a part of. Not that there's anything wrong with that, to be sure.</description>
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<pubDate>Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:00:10 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Alfa Romeo Tipo 33: The Racers&#x2019; Reunion</title>
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<pubDate>Mon, 26 Mar 2018 18:46:07 +0000</pubDate>
<title>From Patina To Pearlescent Pinstripes, VolksWorld Had Every Flavor Of Vintage VW</title>
<description>Sandown Park, just south of London, is no stranger to horse power. Home of the Jockey Club, the purpose-built facility has been hosting horse racing since 1875. A diarist of the time once described it as being &#x201C;A place where a man could take his ladies without any fear of their hearing coarse language or witnessing uncouth behavior.&#x201D; A lot changes as the centuries march on though, and I wonder what the man who wrote those words might think about Sandown&#x2019;s annual invasion of vehicles wearing the sun-bleached patina of a life in the desert, or flouting dress codes with almost obnoxiously bright custom paint jobs, all whilst spreading the odor of rich-running four-cylinder air-cooled boxer engines into the air. You can keep your Red Rum and Seabiscuit: this is VolksWorld.</description>
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<pubDate>Mon, 26 Mar 2018 17:44:27 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Nearly Everyone Has A Volvo 240 Story: What&#x2019;s Yours?</title>
<description>I drove a 1991 240 wagon in college and for some time afterwards. It had a five speed, four working doors if you included the hatch, an uncountable amount of dents, no hubcaps, unknown mileage on its broken odometer, two snow tires for winters in New England, and enough scratches to look like it was not only street-parked in Brooklyn for its life since new&#x2014;which was the case&#x2014;but mated on by every clawed animal in heat in the borough. To most people it was the quintessential piece of shit car. Or at least the guy or gal in my parking garage with a McLaren MP4-12C that I slotted it in next to whenever possible probably thought so.</description>
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<pubDate>Mon, 26 Mar 2018 13:00:30 +0000</pubDate>
<title>A Lost Boss 302 Mustang Is Reborn To Race In England After A 48-Year Break</title>
<description>With its loping V8, aggressive stance, and eye-catching livery hinting at its American heritage, spectators at the recent 76th Goodwood Members&#x2019; Meeting were treated to a memorable new addition to the historic touring car grid. 48 years after the original car was dropped in a transport accident whilst being unloaded at a port in Australia, the spirit of the Boss 302 Mustang that once competed in Trans Am and the British Saloon Car Championship has been passionately recreated at the hands of Alan Mann Racing. Still preparing cars to this day in the same workspace at Fairoaks Aerodrome that the original car once called home in 1970, the new Boss hit the circuit for the first time at Goodwood.</description>
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<pubDate>Fri, 23 Mar 2018 19:03:54 +0000</pubDate>
<title>5 Instagrammers Worth Following: March 23rd Edition</title>
<description>We're all aware the weekend's on its way, and if you aren't in the process of being buried by the weather that means another opportunity to indulge in our automotive hobbies. Whether you're planning to get up early for a Cars &amp; Coffee (sore wound, as our favorite in Malibu was shut down after last month's show), tracing a route through the backroads with a few friends, or just catching up on online content from the comfort of sleeping in, I hope the accounts below make your weekend that much better.</description>
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<pubDate>Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:40:13 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Bugatti Barn Finds And Art Deco Daydreams Are Just Another Day In This Man's LEGO Land</title>
<description>Perhaps you&#x2019;re at the age when the LEGOs in your life belong to your children, your only interaction with the little plastic pieces now is to step on their sharp edges as they hide in the carpet&#x2019;s piling. Painful for the parents as it may be to plant a bare foot on them, it&#x2019;s hard to imagine a kid growing up without at least one set of bricks&#x2014;no amount of Little Einstein iPad apps can foster creativity like a box of bricks waiting to turn into space ships&#x2014;and then on top of the accessibility and possibilities presented to the younger generation, we also get kits like the incredibly thorough and complex GT3 RS, which we&#x2019;ve featured on this site in the past. It&#x2019;s great that the company&#x2019;s products have such a wide demographic scope, but to me the point of LEGOs was never about the instructions.
Andrea Lattanzio agrees with the open-ended approach to building, and you may recognize some of his work we&#x2019;ve shared in the past, like the modernist Esso station, the MOONEYES speed shop, and his Volkswagen service center. He&#x2019;s not one to step back and look at his finished products for too long, and his output is pretty staggering for the work of an individual building these kits up from scratch. We&#x2019;d like to share two of his more recent automotive pieces today, the pair illustrating two very different scenes.</description>
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<pubDate>Fri, 23 Mar 2018 13:00:47 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Take A Tour Through The Ultimate Automotive Candy Store At Techno-Classica</title>
<description>Total sensory overload. That's how I'd describe Techno-Classica's 120,000 square meters of floor space spread out over 21 halls. With 1,200 exhibitors and 2,700 cars for sale, it&#x2019;s a massive extravaganza of all things old and shiny, to put it lightly. From the Lancia S4 Stradale by the door to the Bentley prototype and Isderas in the back rooms, to the modified Porsche creations from the likes of DP Motorsport, to the distinctive papaya orange glow of a Can-Am McLaren, there was a little bit of everything at this year's event in Essen, Germany. So, I put on my hiking boots on and spent a few days seeking out the show's highlights, with a special focus on the competition cars. Let's dig in.</description>
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<pubDate>Thu, 22 Mar 2018 19:16:20 +0000</pubDate>
<title>What Is Your Favorite Non-Factory Racing Team From The History Of Motorsport?</title>
<description>Whenever there&#x2019;s a major vintage automobile auction these days, the words &#x201C;ex-works race car&#x201D; are sure to make an appearance in the highlighted lots. In much the same way genuine parts retail for multiples of what a third-party might charge you, any piece of motorsport history with direct ties to the manufacturer is going to command a premium over some shed-built special. That&#x2019;s obviously a gross underestimation of the rest of the grid&#x2014;though it&#x2019;s certainly applicable to even some of the brand names&#x2014;and small teams and privateers have surely embarrassed the big-budget boys from time to time, but it seems there&#x2019;s always a bit more reverence in reserve for the official factory efforts. The lines often blur though; sometimes private teams will receive support from above to help the marque win a championship in addition to just the driver, and often they will overlap entirely, with teams being absorbed or else rebranded quite frequently. Some even ventured out into the world of production cars.</description>
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<pubDate>Thu, 22 Mar 2018 17:30:02 +0000</pubDate>
<title>Celebrate The Porsche 964 With Carbone's Colorful New Series Of Artwork</title>
<description>Find each of the 964 prints available for purchase here in the Petrolicious Shop, along with work from other artists we carry
Automotive anniversaries can be a bit more open to interpretation than the dates of birthdays or weddings. For instance, when is a car born? Is it the first sketch whose features made it to the production version? Is it the date the concept was unveiled on the motor show stand? The first one to roll off the assembly line? Before we start getting too far into Planned Parenthood-territory with this metaphor though, let's talk about the 964 for a moment. It was heralded as a sort of "new Porsche that looked like the old Porsche" when it was released to the public as a 1989 model-year machine, and it brought a number of technological innovations to the platform in the form of all-wheel drive, adaptive aerodynamics, power steering, ABS, and like or not, Tiptronic transmissions among other things. Three decades after they started building them for the road in 1988, it's safe to say it's become a beloved entry in the rear-engined Porsche lineage. It's funny, what was once called plastic and coddling is now oft-described as "raw" by those that grew up around the same time.</description>
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