set -e
if [ -d doc -a \( -d autoload -o -d ftdetect -o -d plugin \) ]; then
nohup vim -u NONE -c 'helptags doc' -cq >/dev/null 2>&1 </dev/null &
optfiles=`git ls-files -oc --directory -- .ctags '*/.ctags'`

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am tpope on github.
  • I am tpope ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 8818 04A5 DA54 1152 FA12 C105 E09E 474A 404A 3A45

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View find_first_or_nil.rb
grading_period = do |course|
GradingPeriod.context_find(course, params[:grading_period_id])
View find_first_or_nil.rb
grading_period = do |course|
gp = GradingPeriod.context_find(course, params[:grading_period_id]) and break gp
View git-ssh
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# SSH to the user and host given by a Git remote and chdir to the repo path.
# The first argument is the remote name. All other arguments are passed to
# SSH, with some fudging to run a login shell if no command is given.
# Use git ssh -d to see the exact SSH command.
# Copyright (c) Tim Pope. Distributed under the MIT License.
View dispatch-mappings.vim
nmap <script> <SID>: :<C-R>=getcmdline() =~ ',' ? "\0250" : ""<CR>
nmap <script> d<CR> <SID>:Dispatch<CR>
nmap <script> d<Space> <SID>:Dispatch<Space>
nmap <script> d! <SID>:Dispatch!
nmap <script> <SID>make <SID>:<C-R>=exists(':Make') > 1 ? 'Make' : 'make'<CR>
nmap <script> m<CR> <SID>make<CR>
nmap <script> m<Space> <SID>make<Space>
nmap <script> m! <SID>make!
" Is there a better mnemonic than =?
View cloud2butt.vim
function! s:butt() abort
syn match cloud2butt "\<th\%(e cloud\>\)\@=" conceal cchar=m
syn match cloud2butt "\%(\<th\)\@<=e\%( cloud\>\)\@=" conceal cchar=y
syn match cloud2butt "\%(\<the \)\@<=c\%(loud\>\)\@=" conceal cchar=b
syn match cloud2butt "\%(\<the c\)\@<=l\%(oud\>\)\@=" conceal cchar=u
syn match cloud2butt "\%(\<the cl\)\@<=o\%(ud\>\)\@=" conceal cchar=t
syn match cloud2butt "\%(\<the clo\)\@<=ud\>" conceal cchar=t
View autocmd.tim
(def ^:private autocmds (dict))
(defmacro augroup [name & body]
(execute "augroup" ~(str name))
(execute "autocmd!")
(finally (execute "augroup END"))))
(defmacro autocmd [type pattern & body]
(let [sym (gensym "autocmd")]
View githubmail.rb
require 'gmail'
require 'github_api'
require 'netrc'
require 'pry'
netrc =
github = netrc[''].join(':'))*netrc['']) do |gmail|
gmail.inbox.emails(from: '').each do |message|
View .hgrc
color =