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Last active Feb 10, 2016

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This script runs with Eclipse EASE Jython engine. It adds an Eclipse Task Marker for all printStackTrace lines it detects in java files in the workspace.
from org.eclipse.core.resources import IMarker
for ifile in findFiles("*.java"):
file_name = str(ifile.getLocation())
print "Processing " + file_name
with open(file_name) as f:
for line_no, line in enumerate(f, start=1):
if "printStackTrace" in line:
marker = ifile.createMarker(IMarker.TASK)
marker.setAttribute(IMarker.TRANSIENT, True)
marker.setAttribute(IMarker.LINE_NUMBER, line_no)
marker.setAttribute(IMarker.MESSAGE, "Fix in Sprint 2: " + line.strip())
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