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trae410 / coordinate-hashes
Last active April 3, 2023 22:49
Location privacy by using the hash values of rounded lat, lng coordinates
// this is all front end
function getHash(string) {
function str2ab(str) {
var buf = new ArrayBuffer(str.length*2); // 2 bytes for each char
var bufView = new Uint16Array(buf);
for (var i=0, strLen=str.length; i < strLen; i++) {
bufView[i] = str.charCodeAt(i);
return buf;
trae410 / UsersDocs.js
Last active June 4, 2021 22:33
Async get and set data in UseEffect while preventing memory leaks and eslint warnings
import React, { useState, useEffect, useRef } from 'react'
// This component would be conditionally rendered inside a parent component so that we can test the memory leak
// eg: if condition === 'a' render UsersDocs else render SomeOtherPage
// I havent tested this code but the real scenario has multiple different types of usersDocs to get
// and multiple different isFetchingDocs states
// the goal is to fetch and set the data only once with no memory leak errors and no eslint exhaustive or missing deps warnings
const UsersDocs = () => {
trae410 / App.js
Last active June 4, 2021 22:29
React sucks?
import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react'
const App = () => {
const [docs, setDocs] = useState(null)
const [isFetchingDocs, setIsFetchingDocs] = useState(false)
const userId = "user123"
const getDocs = (userId) => {
// some async functoin
console.log("function getDocs ran")