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Last active May 8, 2023 14:34
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Python script for taking mysqldump
Will backup all the databases listed, will put files in same DIR as script'
To run: $ python OR python3
import configparser
import os
import time
import getpass
# if using one database... ('database1',)
def get_dump(database):
filestamp = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%I')
# D:/xampp/mysql/bin/mysqldump for xamp windows
os.popen("mysqldump -h %s -P %s -u %s -p%s %s > %s.sql" % (HOST,PORT,DB_USER,DB_PASS,database,database+"_"+filestamp))
print("\n|| Database dumped to "+database+"_"+filestamp+".sql || ")
if __name__=="__main__":
for database in databases:
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Will need more information to figure out the issue, what OS are you on, what settings?

Man got it running all good. Thanks for the fast reply tho my g.

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retiels commented Apr 9, 2022

Cuando ejecuto el script, no reconoce la base de datos porque lee cada letra por sí sola. Por ejemplo :

Base de datos: Prueba

Lee: T,e,s,t = 4 bases de datos.

if you database_name is "Test", try to:

databases = ('Test',)

because it´s a tuple!

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qq516249940 commented Apr 20, 2022

os.popen is not close connect,you can use with like with os.popen(command, "r") as p:
r =

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@trafficinc The code works fine and the .sql files are getting generated. But the generated dump file is empty, 0 KB
Can you help me out in this.
I am using this on Windows 10 Pro and Current Version:- 3.9.7
Error Msg I am getting is:
'mysqldump' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
'mysqldump' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

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Add mysql path into your Environment variables

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I'm having an empty file of 0kb when I run on the Windows task scheduler, but when run on cmd it backups the database with content in file

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