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Source: jorgeancal

After installing StartUML successfully, modify LicenseManagerDomain.js as follow:

 * File name: LicenseManagerDomain.js
 * Mac OS: /Applications/
 * Linux: /opt/staruml/www/license/node/

(function () {
    "use strict";
    var NodeRSA = require('node-rsa');
    function validate(PK, name, product, licenseKey) {
           name: "sontd",
           product: "StarUML",
           licenseType: "vip",
           quantity: "unlimited",
           licenseKey: "no, thanks!"
    function init(domainManager) {
        if (!domainManager.hasDomain("LicenseManager")) {
            domainManager.registerDomain("LicenseManager", {major: 0, minor: 1});
            "LicenseManager", // domain name
            "validate",       // command name
            validate,         // command handler function
            false,            // this command is synchronous in Node ("false" means synchronous")
            "Validate License",
                    name: "PK",
                    type: "string",
                    description: "PK"
                    name: "name",
                    type: "string",
                    description: "name of license owner"
                    name: "product",
                    type: "string",
                    description: "product name"
                    name: "licenseKey",
                    type: "string",
                    description: "license key"
                    name: "result", // return values
                    type: "object",
                    description: "result"
    exports.init = init;

Now, open it and go to Help > Enter License and you have to write the name and the licence key which you have written on LicenseManagerDomain.js. In this example would be the next:

name: "sontd"
License Key: "no, thanks!"

Enjoy it!

cannot save it, show me access deny or something

Sylvaindce commented Nov 14, 2017

You don't have superuser rights @sahanpasindu, try with sudo.

BTW, thanks for the trick!


trandaison commented Nov 21, 2017

@sahanpasindu Did you try with sudo?

sudo vi /opt/staruml/www/license/node/LicenseManagerDomain.js

ocars commented Nov 25, 2017


for those how use windows we can't do sudo -i

any advice?

how to modify staruml .can u please explain full process.which tol to be used.

For windows users you should run your terminal as Administrator.

After downloading and adding StarUML to your Applications folder you can do the following:

  1. sudo cp /Applications/ LicenseManagerDomain.js.backup
  2. sudo vim /Applications/
  3. If prompted to enter password then enter password and then type dG to delete everything.
  4. Hit esc and then copy the whole function() above on this page and paste it by typing p in your terminal.
  5. Type i to amend changes in the terminal and change the name in the function() validate to match yours if you want.
  6. Type esc and then type wq and hit Enter.
  7. Open StarUML and go to Help > Enter License.
  8. Enter the name and the License Key in the LicenseManagerDomain.js.

That should be it 😏

For Windows user that cant directly save because "access denied", you can aslo try this:
1.Make new file on notepad,copy that source then save as LicenseManagerDomain.js in another location (ex desktop)
2.Then just copy LicenseManagerDomain.js in desktop and replace another one in app files
Sry for bad English

hello, how generate c++ code from class diagram?
thank you)

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