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Created January 19, 2016 02:35
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import Foundation
import Alamofire
public class ServiceManager {
class var sharedInstance: ServiceManager {
struct Static {
static var onceToken: dispatch_once_t = 0
static var instance: ServiceManager? = nil
dispatch_once(&Static.onceToken) {
Static.instance = ServiceManager()
return Static.instance!
public func getInformationOfItemVia(barCodeString: String, completion: ((list : NSDictionary!) -> Void)?) {
//--- block code.
let manager = Alamofire.Manager.sharedInstance
let headers = ["Accept": "application/json","X-Mashape-Key": "tKxQHTDGAbmsh3dKmcUkZOz0utf1p1ZyJ4OjsnDxjp0ybJQGxP"]
let params = ["latitude" : 21.027764,"longitude":105.834160] as Dictionary<String, AnyObject>
manager.request(.GET, "",parameters: params, headers: headers).responseJSON { response in
let json = JSON(data:!);
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