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--- !!yaml
- !!version "2.0"
- !!tags
"!!": ",2000:app/"
!!int 1 - 3 # Interval, not integer
--- !!version "2.0"
--- !!tags
"!!": ",2000:app/"
!!int 1 - 3 # Interval, not integer
--- !!directive
YAML: "2.0"
"!!": ",2000:app/"
!!int 1 - 3 # Interval, not integer

I like igny2.yaml (sic) the best but ingy1.yaml should be allowed as well, since the inline documents could just as easily be external docs called ingy1.version.yaml and ingy1.tags.yaml.

I think we can lose the term directive as that usually means a line in a file that affects parsing. I prefer the terms meta or yaml for this meaning.

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