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Codementor React Tutorial Series

Codementor React Tutorial Series -- From Dummy to Ninja

The React Quick Start Guide

In this sesction, you'll learn JSX, the concept of React components, and play around with React.

React Beginner Tutorial: Building a Board Game from Scratch

Practice what you learnt by building a board game. You will learn the conecpt of states, and how to compose components.

The Flux Quickstart Guide

Now you are familiar with React, you are ready to get started with Flux -- the client-side application architecture from Facebook.

React JS and a Browserify Workflow (Part 1)

Now you have played around with Flux, ti's time to learn how to deploy a Flux app. We will go with Browserify first in the next 2 articles. And then you will try Webpack.

React JS and a Browserify Workflow (Part 2)

React JS and Webpack

We don't have article for this. The article should make the user understand this app:

ES6 (optnioal topic)

More article related to React:
Handling States in Your ReactJS FLUX Application with Baobab
True Isomorphic Apps with React and Baobab

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