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Created December 14, 2018 16:50
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All the filetypes in the universe
package File::Extension;
use strict;
use Carp ();
use Data::Dumper;
package Data::Dumper;
no strict 'vars';
$Terse = $Indent = $Useqq = $Deparse = $Sortkeys = 1;
$Quotekeys = 0;
# populated in BEGIN block
my %ext;
sub explain {
my $extension = uc(shift);
return $ext{$extension};
#< begin
use Exporter;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
$VERSION = '0.002';
@EXPORT_OK = qw(explain);
%EXPORT_TAGS = [ qw() ];
%ext = (
'7Z' => "7-Zip Compressed File",
'3GP' => "3GPP Multimedia File",
'3DS' => "3D Studio Scene",
'3G2' => "3GPP2 Multimedia File",
'3DM' => "Rhino 3D Model",
'001' => "Split Archive File",
'3DR' => "3DMark Results File",
'!BT' => "BitTorrent Incomplete Download File",
'3DC' => "iGO 3D Building File",
'3MF' => "3D Manufacturing File",
'123' => "Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet",
'8SVX' => "Amiga 8-Bit Sound File",
'3DF' => "3D Format",
'8BA' => "Photoshop Plug-in",
'8BI' => "Photoshop Plug-in",
'8BS' => "Photoshop 5.0 Selection Plug-in",
'8BX' => "PhotoDeluxe Plug-in",
'3GPP' => "3GPP Media File",
'3GP2' => "3GPP Multimedia File",
'3DT' => "3D Topicscape File",
'$ER' => "GroupWise Database",
'4MP' => "4-MP3 Database File",
'3DA' => "3D Assembly File",
'3DX' => "Rhino 3D Model File",
'8BF' => "Filter Factory Image Filter",
'8XP' => "TI-83 Plus Calculator File",
'83P' => "TI-83 Calculator File",
'8LI' => "Photoshop Scripting Plug-in",
'3DL' => "LightConverse 3D Model File",
'000' => "Windows CE Installation Data File",
'001' => "Norton Ghost Disk Backup",
'!UT' => "uTorrent Incomplete Download",
'2BP' => "Pocket PC Bitmap Image File",
'0' => "Hacha Split Archive File",
'0' => "M3 DS Real Save File",
'4DB' => "4th Dimension Database Structure File",
'4DD' => "4th Dimension Database Data File",
'4DV' => "4D View Ultrasound File",
'123' => "PCB123 Circuit Board Design",
'0XE' => "F-Secure Renamed Virus File",
'001' => "Snes9x Slot 2 Saved State",
'3DXML' => "Dassault Systemes 3D XML File",
'3P2' => "3GPP Multimedia File",
'1' => "Unix Section 1 Man Page",
'3DD' => "ArcGlobe Document",
'__B' => "File Splitter & Joiner Encrypted Archive File",
'4UI' => "ForeUI Plot File",
'360' => "360desktop Panorama File",
'3DR' => "3D Rad Project File",
'3DC' => "RacerMate 3D Course File",
'3DL' => "iGO Landmark File",
'002' => "Split Archive Part 2 File",
'_EML' => "Windows Live Mail Email File",
'3FR' => "Hasselblad 3F RAW Image",
'123D' => "Autodesk 123D Drawing",
'7Z.001' => "7-Zip Split Archive Part 1 File",
'7Z.002' => "7-Zip Split Archive Part 2 File",
'73K' => "TI-73 Application",
'89K' => "TI-89 Application",
'3DMK' => "123D Make Project File",
'3DP' => "123D Catch Photo Scene Data File",
'2FS' => "Puppy Linux Save State File",
'3GA' => "3GPP Audio File",
'890' => "Cavena Subtitles File",
'3DW' => "3D World Studio File",
'123DX' => "123D Design Model File",
'3DS' => "Nintendo 3DS ROM",
'4FS' => "Puppy Linux Save State File",
'4TH' => "Forth Language File",
'_SYS.LFO' => "Adware File",
'5XS' => "Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Setlist File",
'5XB' => "Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Bundle",
'5XE' => "Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Preset File",
'003' => "Split Archive Part 3 File",
'68K' => "SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics ROM File",
'3DSX' => "Homebrew Launcher File",
'3W' => "XYZprinting Sliced Model File",
'3DL' => "3D Lookup Table File",
'3DMF' => "QuickDraw 3D Metafile",
'2D' => "VersaCAD 2D Drawing File",
'3MM' => "3D Movie Maker Movie Project",
'$DB' => "dBASE Temporary File",
'1ST' => "Readme File",
'8BF' => "Photoshop Filter Plug-in",
'8BI8' => "Photoshop Plug-in",
'8BL' => "Photoshop Plug-in",
'8BY' => "PhotoDeluxe Plug-in",
'669' => "UNIS Composer 669 Module",
'60D' => "CCTV Video Clip",
'000' => "Virtual CD Disc Image File",
'3D4' => "Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File",
'^^^' => "Pervasive.SQL Database File",
'3DV' => "3D VRML World",
'~HM' => "HostMonitor TestList Backup File",
'4DL' => "4th Dimension Database Log File",
'001' => "Multimedia Fusion Backup File",
'8XU' => "TI-83 and TI-84 Plus Operating System File",
'8XK' => "TI-83 Plus Application Upgrade File",
'3ME' => "TurboTax Form File",
'3PE' => "TurboTax 2008 Form File",
'8XI' => "TI-83/84 Plus Picture File",
'8XG' => "TI-83/84 Plus Group File",
'8XV' => "TI-83/84 Plus Variable File",
'3GPP2' => "3GPP2 Multimedia File",
'__A' => "File Splitter & Joiner Encrypted File",
'0' => "Shared Library Link File",
'264' => "Ripped Video Data File",
'3DC' => "RoboCell Cell Setup File",
'3DC' => "3DCT 3D Image",
'_NWS' => "Windows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy File",
'3D' => "Survex 3D Cavern File",
'123C' => "Autodesk 123C Drawing",
'3DC' => "3DCrafter Scene File",
'73B' => "TI-73 Backup File",
'73I' => "TI-73 Screenshot File",
'73U' => "TI-73 Explorer Operating System File",
'32X' => "Sega 32X ROM",
'~CW' => "Circuit Wizard Backup File",
'3DP' => "3DMark2011 SE Project File",
'9.PNG' => "NinePatchDrawable Image",
'3FS' => "Puppy Linux Save State File",
'3DMDEF' => "3DMark Definition File",
'!SYNC' => "BitTorrent Partially Synced File",
'8CA' => "TI-84 Plus C Image Var Format",
'8CI' => "TI-84 Plus C Pic Vars Format",
'8CU' => "TI-84 Plus C Operating System File",
'8CK' => "TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Application File",
'208' => "ASUS Notebook BIOS 208 Update File",
'3GPA' => "3GPP Multimedia File",
'0CC' => "0CC-FamiTracker Module",
'3DZ' => "Easy 3D Creator Project",
'3DZ' => "Nintendo 3DS ROM",
'5VW' => "5View Packet Capture File",
'3DW' => "Studio Store Visualizer 3D Environment File",
'12M' => "Lotus 1-2-3 SmartMaster File",
'_DOCX' => "Renamed Microsoft Word Open XML Document",
'_DOC' => "Renamed Microsoft Word Document",
'_XLS' => "Renamed Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet",
'_XLSX' => "Renamed Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet",
'602' => "Text602 Document",
'17T' => "2017 StudioTax Return File",
'_PLAYMUSICID' => "Google Play Music ID File",
'$$$' => "Temporary File",
'$01' => "DOS Pipe File",
'000' => "DoubleSpace Compressed File",
'001' => "Fax File",
'6CM' => "Six Channel Module",
'8CM' => "Eight Channel Module",
'1PE' => "TurboTax Form File",
'1PH' => "TurboTax File",
'113' => "Iomega Backup File",
'8BC' => "Photoshop 5.0 Plug-in",
'8BE' => "PhotoDeluxe Plug-in",
'8MED' => "Amiga OctaMed Music File",
'3D' => "Stereo CAD-3D Image File",
'3D2' => "Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File",
'8PBS' => "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh File",
'386' => "Windows Virtual Device Driver",
'2MG' => "Apple IIGS Disk Image",
'8ST' => "8start Launcher File",
'{PB' => "Corel WordPerfect Document Index File",
'411' => "Mavica Thumbnail Image",
'256' => "Descent 2 Color Palette File",
'8XS' => "TI-83/84 Plus String File",
'555' => "Black & White Weather Settings File",
'787' => "AVTECH CCTV Video File",
'3DON' => "Scrutinize 3D Mesh File",
'000' => "Indexing Service Data File",
'477' => "MNS Shape Definition Companion File",
'3DL' => "Sierra LandDesigner 3D File",
'!QB' => "qBittorrent Partial Download File",
'73C' => "TI-73 Constant File",
'73L' => "TI-73 Data List File",
'8LD' => "Overlord 2 Language File",
'2SF' => "Nintendo DS Sound File",
'2SFLIB' => "Nintendo DS Audio Library File",
'323' => "H.323 Internet Telephony File",
'00' => "The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 File",
'AI' => "Adobe Illustrator File",
'AIF' => "Audio Interchange File Format",
'ASF' => "Advanced Systems Format File",
'ASP' => "Active Server Page",
'ASPX' => "Active Server Page Extended File",
'AVI' => "Audio Video Interleave File",
'APP' => "Mac OS X Application",
'APK' => "Android Package File",
'AZW' => "Amazon Kindle eBook File",
'ACCDB' => "Access 2007 Database File",
'ASMX' => "ASP.NET Web Service File",
'ADP' => "Access Project",
'ANI' => "Windows Animated Cursor",
'AVS' => "AviSynth Script File",
'AMR' => "Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File",
'APE' => "Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File",
'ATOM' => "Atom Syndication Format",
'AA' => "Audible Audio Book File",
'ACD' => "ACID Project File",
'ALZ' => "ALZip Archive",
'AS' => "ActionScript File",
'ABW' => "AbiWord Document",
'AA3' => "ATRAC Audio File",
'ABM' => "Photo Album",
'ADT' => "ACT! Document Template",
'AHK' => "AutoHotkey Script",
'ALX' => "ActiveX Layout Control File",
'ASD' => "Word AutoSave File",
'AMZ' => "Amazon MP3 Downloader File",
'AFX' => "Auto FX PhotoGraphic Edges Image",
'ACROBATSECUR' => "T'YSETTINGS Adobe Acrobat Security Settings File",
'APPLICATION' => "ClickOnce Deployment Manifest File",
'APPREF-MS' => "Microsoft Application Reference File",
'ARW' => "Sony Digital Camera Image",
'AW' => "Answer Wizard File",
'AXD' => "ASP.NET Web Handler File",
'ACSM' => "Adobe Content Server Message File",
'ACM' => "Interplay Audio File",
'ATT' => "Web Form Post Data File",
'AVX' => "ArcView Extension File",
'AFC' => "Mass Effect 2 Audio File",
'ASC' => "ActionScript Communication File",
'AT3' => "ATRAC3 Audio File",
'AVASTLIC' => "Avast! License File",
'ASAX' => "ASP.NET Server Application File",
'ASC' => "PGP ASCII Armored File",
'ARX' => "AutoCAD Runtime Extension File",
'ASE' => "Adobe Swatch Exchange File",
'ACROPLUGIN' => "Adobe Acrobat Plug-in",
'ACD-ZIP' => "Sony ACID Project With Embedded Media File",
'AEPX' => "After Effects XML Project",
'ARC' => "Symbian OS Backup File",
'AUX' => "LaTeX Auxiliary File",
'AZW1' => "Amazon Topaz eBook",
'ASY' => "Asymptote Module",
'AS3PROJ' => "FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File",
'ALE' => "Avid Log Exchange File",
'AVP' => "Avid Project File",
'A5W' => "Alpha Five Webpage File",
'ALS' => "Ableton Live Set File",
'AMXD' => "Ableton Max Patch File",
'A2C' => "Alice Object File",
'ADCP' => "Adobe Device Central Project File",
'AZW3' => "Amazon KF8 eBook File",
'AZW4' => "Amazon Print Replica eBook",
'A2L' => "ASAP2 ECU Description File",
'AQM' => "AlpineQuest Map File",
'ADF' => "ESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid Format",
'AAXPLUGIN' => "Avid Audio eXtension Plugin File",
'AO' => "ActionOutline Outline File",
'AMF' => "Additive Manufacturing File",
'AAC' => "Advanced Audio Coding File",
'ARC' => "Compressed File Archive",
'AIFF' => "Audio Interchange File Format",
'ACE' => "WinAce Compressed File",
'ANS' => "ANSI Text File",
'ART' => "AOL Compressed Image File",
'AU' => "Audio File",
'AIFC' => "Compressed Audio Interchange File",
'ADE' => "Access Project Extension",
'ASC' => "ASCII Text File",
'ASM' => "Assembly Language Source Code File",
'ADF' => "Amiga Disk File",
'ASX' => "Microsoft ASF Redirector File",
'ADR' => "Opera Bookmarks File",
'ABK' => "Automatic Backup File",
'AXX' => "AxCrypt Encrypted File",
'AIP' => "Illustrator Plug-in",
'A2W' => "Alice World",
'ATN' => "Photoshop Actions File",
'ASL' => "Photoshop Style",
'AWK' => "AWK Script",
'ASK' => "askSam Database",
'A' => "Static Library",
'AFT' => " Family Tree Database",
'AX' => "DirectShow Filter",
'AWD' => "Microsoft Fax Document",
'ABC' => "ABC Music Notation",
'AJP' => "CCTV Video File",
'APP' => "FoxPro Generated Application",
'ASM' => "Solid Edge Assembly File",
'ACT' => "ADPCM Compressed Audio File",
'AUD' => "Video Game Compressed Audio File",
'ADX' => "Approach Index File",
'ADM' => "Administrative Template File",
'ABBU' => "Address Book Backup",
'APP' => "Symbian OS Application",
'ASCX' => "ASP.NET User Control File",
'AKP' => "Akai Sampler File",
'AMS' => "Adobe Monitor Setup File",
'AMS' => "Extreme Tracker Module",
'AMS' => "Velvet Studio Module",
'A6P' => "Authorware 6 Program",
'AB3' => "PhotoImpact 3 Album File",
'AR' => "Unix Static Library",
'AGE3SAV' => "Age of Empires 3 Save File",
'ASA' => "ASP Configuration File",
'ACFM' => "Adobe Composite Font Metrics File",
'AMFM' => "Adobe Multiple Font Metrics File",
'AHL' => "eMule Metadata File",
'AU3' => "AutoIt v3 Script",
'AFP' => "FileProtector Encrypted File",
'AC' => "Autoconf Script",
'AVB' => "Avid Bin File",
'AEP' => "After Effects Project",
'ACL' => "AutoCorrect List File",
'AMV' => "Anime Music Video File",
'AWG' => "Activeworlds Object Group File",
'AB1' => "DNA Electropherogram File",
'ABI' => "DNA Chromatogram File",
'ACR' => "ACRobot Script",
'AGI' => "Asterisk Gateway Interface File",
'AGP' => "ArtGem Project File",
'APPLESCRIPT' => "AppleScript File",
'ANM' => "3D Animation File",
'AFP' => "Advanced Function Presentation File",
'ACD' => "RSLogix 5000 Program",
'ASE' => "Autodesk ASCII Scene Export File",
'ABCD' => "AudioVisual Book Data File",
'AHS' => "Adobe Halftone Screen File",
'ADS' => "Ada Specification File",
'AP' => "Active Page",
'ARCH00' => "F.E.A.R. Game Archive",
'AUP' => "Audacity Project File",
'ADZ' => "Compressed Amiga Disk File",
'AST' => "Adobe Color Separations Table",
'ARO' => "SteelArrow Web Application File",
'A2M' => "Adlib Tracker II File",
'A2M' => "TS-AudioToMIDI Settings File",
'AIM' => "AIMMS ASCII Model File",
'ARD' => "ArtiosCAD Workspace File",
'APA' => "RSView Development Project Archive",
'ACC' => "Graphics Accounts Data File",
'APNG' => "Animated Portable Network Graphic",
'AIR' => "Adobe AIR Installation Package",
'ACTION' => "Automator Action",
'ADG' => "Ableton Device Group",
'AFPLOC' => "Apple Filing Protocol Location",
'ABP' => "AVS Barcode Profile",
'AIF' => "Symbian Application Information File",
'AIFB' => "AIF Builder Project File",
'AM6' => "AutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project",
'AM7' => "AutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project",
'AC$' => "AutoCAD Temporary File",
'AM4' => "AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File",
'AM5' => "AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File",
'ALD' => "Dynamics AX Application Label Data File",
'ALI' => "Dynamics AX Label Index File",
'ADD' => "Dynamics AX Developer Documentation File",
'AHD' => "Dynamics AX Online Help Data File",
'AHI' => "Dynamics AX Online Help Index File",
'ALT' => "Dynamics AX Temporary File",
'AOD' => "Dynamics AX Object Data File",
'APZ' => "Autoplay Media Studio Exported Project",
'AMX' => "Adobe Motion Exchange File",
'AMX' => "AMX Mod Plugin File",
'AMXX' => "AMX Mod X Plugin File",
'AOB' => "DVD-Audio Audio Object File",
'AXM' => "AXMEDIS Object",
'ARR' => "Advanced RAR Password Recovery Project",
'ACS' => "Agent Character File",
'AVL' => "ArcView Legend File",
'APR' => "ArcView Project File",
'AGIF' => "Active GIF Creator Project",
'AAWDEF' => "Ad-Aware Definitions File",
'ATZ' => "Aston Compiled Theme",
'AN8' => "Anim8or File",
'ARF' => "WebEx Advanced Recording File",
'APE' => "AVS Plugin Effects File",
'AVS' => "AVS Preset File",
'AAX' => "Audible Enhanced Audiobook File",
'ASR' => "ActionScript Remote Document",
'ASHX' => "ASP.NET Web Handler File",
'ABR' => "Adobe Photoshop Brushes File",
'ABM' => "Music Album",
'AMF' => "Advanced Module File",
'ANME' => "Anime Studio Document",
'ARTPROJ' => "Artifacts Project",
'AMSORM' => "OnLine Ringman Auction Client File",
'ALB' => "Alpha Five Library",
'ADB' => "Alpha Five Database File",
'ASI' => "Alpha Five Variable File",
'ALX' => "BlackBerry Application Loader XML File",
'ABA' => "Palm Address Book Archive",
'ABY' => "AOL Address Book File",
'AGM' => "DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File",
'AM1' => "Adventure Maker",
'AT5' => "Lowrance Map File",
'APF' => "Adobe Profile File",
'AAM' => "Authorware Map File",
'AEX' => "Alpha Five Compiled Global Functions File",
'AAO' => "America's Army Map File",
'AIT' => "Adobe Illustrator Template",
'ASND' => "Adobe Sound Document",
'AZZ' => "AZZ Cardfile Database File",
'AXE' => "AutoRoute Map File",
'APL' => "Monkey's Audio Track Information File",
'ACV' => "Photoshop Curves File",
'ADI' => "Active@ Disk Image Backup File",
'ASM' => "Visual Studio Assembler Source Code File",
'ADDIN' => "Visual Studio Add-in Definition File",
'AVATAR' => "Google Talk Avatar File",
'ACB' => "Adobe Photoshop Color Book File",
'ABC' => "ActionScript Byte Code File",
'ARC' => "Norton Backup Archive",
'ACCDT' => "Microsoft Access Database Template",
'ATC' => "AutoCAD Tool Catalog File",
'AVC' => "Kaspersky Virus Database",
'ACO' => "Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File",
'ACT' => "Adobe Color Table File",
'AHU' => "Adobe Photoshop HSL File",
'ALV' => "Adobe Photoshop Levels File",
'AXT' => "Adobe Photoshop Extract File",
'AWDB' => "Access Walker Database File",
'AEA' => "AdWords Editor Archive",
'AGE3SCN' => "Age of Empires 3 Scenario File",
'AIA' => "Adobe Illustrator Action File",
'AWM' => "AllWebMenus Project File",
'ACD-BAK' => "MAGIX ACID Project Backup File",
'ATM' => "Vue Atmospheres File",
'ASS' => "Aegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File",
'ASW' => "ACDSee Slideshow Wizard File",
'APD' => "ACDSee Photo Document",
'AFD' => "Alphacam Flame Drawing",
'ASHDISC' => "Ashampoo Burning Studio Image",
'ASHPRJ' => "Ashampoo Burning Studio Project",
'ASHBAK' => "Ashampoo Backup Archive",
'ABKPRJ' => "Ashampoo Backup Project",
'ADF' => "ACT! Data File",
'ALF' => "ACT! Lookup File",
'ADT' => "World of Warcraft Map File",
'ANY' => "AnyRail Layout Plan",
'ARG' => "AutoCAD Profile",
'AETX' => "After Effects XML Project Template",
'AGGR' => "Adobe Captivate Aggregate File",
'ADMX' => "Group Policy Administrative Template File",
'AAF' => "Advanced Authoring Format File",
'AUX' => "Auxiliary File",
'APS' => "Visual C++ Resource File",
'ASY' => "LTspice Symbol File",
'ASC' => "LTspice Circuit Schematic File",
'AS2PROJ' => "FlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File",
'AIN' => "Source Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File",
'ABF' => "Analysis Services Backup File",
'ACP' => "Alfresco Content Package",
'AC3' => "Audio Codec 3 File",
'ADTS' => "Audio Data Transport Stream File",
'ADT' => "ADTS Audio File",
'ARSC' => "Android Package Resource File",
'ACCDE' => "Access Execute Only Database",
'ACCDR' => "Access Runtime Application",
'ACCDA' => "Access Add-in File",
'ACCDC' => "Microsoft Access Signed Package",
'A2THEME' => "Aston 2 Theme File",
'AVS' => "Avid Project Preferences File",
'AVX' => "Avid Plugin File",
'ASEC' => "Android Secure Application File",
'APNX' => "Amazon Page Number Index File",
'AUTOPLAY' => "AutoPlay Media Studio Project File",
'ANIM' => "Maya Animation File",
'ANIM' => "Unity Animation File",
'AVGDX' => "AVG Diagnostics File",
'ANX' => "HotDocs Answer File",
'AFF' => "AFF Disk Image",
'ALP' => "Ableton Live Pack File",
'ASD' => "Ableton Live Sample Analysis File",
'ALC' => "Ableton Live Clip File",
'AUZ' => "Ableton Authorization File",
'AVP' => "AntiVir Profile",
'ATS' => "Advanced ETL Transformation Script",
'ACF' => "Steam Application Cache File",
'AWW' => "Ability Write Document",
'AWS' => "Ability Spreadsheet File",
'APX' => "Ability Photopaint Studio Image",
'ANIMSET' => "FaceFX Animation Set File",
'ATF' => "Axon Text File",
'ATH' => "Alienware AlienFX Theme File",
'A3D' => "Alternativa Player 3D Export File",
'AVERY' => "Avery Design & Print Label File",
'AB' => "Android ADB Backup File",
'ARP' => "Audition Replay File",
'AMC' => "AMC Video File",
'ADPP' => "Adobe Device Profile Package",
'ADVS' => "Adobe Device Central Device Set",
'APPUP' => "Erlang Application Upgrade File",
'AML' => "ACPI Machine Language File",
'AOI' => "Art of Illusion 3D Scene",
'ART' => "ArtCAM Model",
'ARI' => "ARRIRAW Image",
'ARCUT' => "Prelude Rough Cut File",
'ARS' => "After Effects Render Settings File",
'AOM' => "After Effects Output Module",
'A4P' => "A4Desk Pro Project File",
'APLG' => "Audials Plug-in",
'APLP' => "Audials Plug-in Package",
'AP_' => "ADT Android Developer Package",
'ADV' => "Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter File",
'ACCFT' => "Microsoft Access Data Type Template",
'AEC' => "Cinema 4D After Effects Composition",
'AGR' => "Ableton Groove File",
'AOF' => "Artlantis Object File",
'ATL' => "Artlantis 3D Scene File",
'ACORN' => "Acorn Image",
'ARFF' => "Attribute-Relation File Format",
'ATX' => "ArcGIS Attribute Index File",
'AVHD' => "Hyper-V SnapShot File",
'AVV' => "Avid Volume Bin File",
'ANE' => "Adobe AIR Native Extension",
'APPDOWNLOAD' => "Mac App Store Partially Downloaded App",
'ACT' => "Alma CAD/CAM Document",
'AN' => "Adobe Edge Animate Project File",
'AZW2' => "Kindle Active Content App File",
'AES' => "AES Crypt Encrypted File",
'APPX' => "Windows 8 App Package",
'APPXUPLOAD' => "Windows 8 App Upload Package",
'ACCOUNTPICTU' => "E'-MS Windows 8 Account Picture File",
'ARTB' => "Artboard Document",
'AAUI' => "Acrobat User Interface File",
'AEPKEY' => "Advanced Encryption Package Key File",
'AEP' => "Advanced Encryption Package Encrypted File",
'AMM' => "All My Movies Database File",
'AMB' => "All My Books Database File",
'ACG' => "Audio Comparer Group File",
'ACR' => "Audio Comparer Results File",
'AVCHD' => "High Definition Video File",
'ASVF' => "Asphyre Sphinx Archive File",
'APLIBRARY' => "Aperture Library",
'ASI' => "Grand Theft Auto Mod Library",
'A2I' => "Adlib Tracker II Instrument File",
'A2B' => "Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank",
'ATF' => "Alternativa Texture File",
'ASV' => "Finale Auto-save File",
'ASVX' => "Finale Auto-save File",
'ASEF' => "Adobe Swatch Exchange File",
'ASP' => "Adobe Color Separation Setup File",
'ANH' => "Project ROME File",
'AVB' => "Microsoft Comic Chat Character",
'ARCHIVER' => "Archiver Compressed File Archive",
'AGE3XSAV' => "Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Save File",
'AGE3YSAV' => "Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Save",
'AGE3REC' => "Age of Empires 3 Recording",
'AGE3XREC' => "Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Recording",
'AGE3YREC' => "Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties",
'ASR' => "Audio Streaming Resource Archive",
'APPCACHE' => "HTML5 Cache Manifest File",
'ACZ' => "AppCraft Project",
'A7P' => "Authorware 7 Project",
'A7R' => "Authorware 7 Runtime File",
'ANG' => "Anghami Audio File",
'AP' => "ArtPro File",
'AFDESIGN' => "Affinity Design Document",
'ACWW' => "Animal Crossing Wild World Pattern File",
'AIA' => "MIT App Inventor Source Code File",
'ACF' => "X-Plane Aircraft File",
'AIDL' => "Android Interface Definition Language File",
'AN8' => "Vector NTI DNA File",
'ARIA2' => "aria2 Control File",
'AFI' => "AOMEI Backupper File Backup File",
'ARTICLE' => "Twixl Publisher Article",
'ADOC' => "AsciiDoc File",
'AIP' => "Advanced Installer Project",
'AC' => "AC3D 3D File",
'ALBUM' => "GLC_Player Album File",
'ARN' => "Autoruns Data File",
'AWBR' => "WriteOnline WordBar File",
'ADDISM' => "Addism Data File",
'ALDF' => "Aldfaer Genealogy File",
'AVHDX' => "Automatic Virtual Hard Drive File",
'ARDUBOY' => "Arduboy Game Package",
'ACQ' => "AcqKnowledge Data Graph File",
'AEX' => "After Effects Plug-in",
'ACTC' => "Action(s) Collection File",
'ANIME' => "Anime Studio Document",
'ADF' => "ARIS Express Document",
'ASEPRITE' => "Aseprite Sprite File",
'ATOMSVC' => "Atom Service Document",
'AURORA' => "Aurora Ransomware Encrypted File",
'AFPHOTO' => "Affinity Photo Document",
'AAR' => "Android Archive",
'ACB' => "AOL Cab Launcher",
'ARJ' => "ARJ Compressed File Archive",
'AD' => "After Dark Screensaver",
'ART' => "Art Document",
'AFM' => "Adobe Font Metrics File",
'ABF' => "Adobe Binary Screen Font File",
'ANN' => "Help Annotations",
'ALAW' => "A-Law Compressed Sound Format",
'API' => "Acrobat Plug-in",
'AXT' => "Microsoft AutoRoute Template",
'AHX' => "WinAHX Tracker Module",
'ABC' => "ABC Source File",
'ACT' => "FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram",
'ADA' => "Ada Source Code",
'ATY' => "Association Type Placeholder",
'ABK' => "Need for Speed Underground Audio File",
'AC5' => "ArtCut 5 Document",
'AC6' => "ArtCut 6 Document",
'ALL' => "Cubasis Project File",
'AIS' => "ACDSee Image Sequence File",
'AIS' => "Velvet Studio Instrument",
'ASE' => "Velvet Studio Sample",
'ADM' => "Portfolio Admin-Level Access Flag",
'A5L' => "Authorware 5 Library",
'A5W' => "Authorware 5 Windows File",
'A65' => "Authorware 6.5 File",
'ARC' => "African Safari Data File",
'AEP' => "Activ E-Book Project",
'ATF' => "Photoshop Transfer Function File",
'ASC' => "Autodesk ASCII Export File",
'ADB' => "Ada Body File",
'ACT' => "Genesis3D Actor File",
'ATX' => "Animation Master Plugin File",
'AST' => "ClarisWorks Assistant File",
'AMB' => "AIMMS Model File",
'AVS' => "Application Visualization System File",
'ASAT' => "Assemble SAT 3D Model File",
'ALC' => "Dynamics AX Label Description File",
'ADI' => "Dynamics AX Developer Documentation Index",
'AOI' => "Dynamics AX Application Object Index File",
'ARP' => "Advanced RAR Password Recovery Setup",
'AV' => "Video Surveillance File",
'ACR' => "Acer eRecovery Management Backup File",
'ATR' => "Atari Disk Image",
'ADT' => "AutoCAD Audit Log",
'AIC' => "Advanced Image Coding File",
'AEA' => "Ae Timer Alarm Document",
'ACX' => "Atari ST Program",
'ACRODATA' => "Acrobat Data File",
'A00' => "ALZip Second Split Archive File",
'A01' => "ALZip Third Split Archive File",
'A02' => "ALZip Fourth Split Archive File",
'AWD' => "Artweaver Document",
'AN1' => "Street Atlas USA Draw File",
'AWB' => "AMR-WB Audio File",
'ACA' => "Agent Character Animation File",
'ACF' => "Agent Character Data File",
'ACG' => "Agent Preview File",
'AGD' => "AgileGraph Data File",
'ASWS' => "Avast! Skin File",
'ASWCS' => "Avast! Compressed Skin File",
'AOS' => "ARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File",
'ADIF' => "Amateur Data Interchange Format",
'APM' => "Aldus Placeable Metafile Image",
'ABA' => "Avant Browser Add-on File",
'AUT' => "AutoIt Script File",
'AB2' => "Print Shop Address Book File",
'APF' => "Sony Ericsson Firmware Acoustics File",
'AS4' => "askSam Backup File",
'ATT' => "Alphacam Lathe Tool File",
'AAO' => "Agenda At Once File",
'ARH' => "ProTool Compressed Project File",
'ABK' => "Arena Opening Book File",
'ASM' => "Pro/ENGINEER Assembly File",
'AXP' => "CDBurnerXP Audio Compilation File",
'AFS' => " Project File",
'APL' => "ArcPad Layer File",
'APL' => "ACDSee Plugin File",
'ATE' => "Office Accounting Compressed Backup File",
'ATI' => "Office Accounting Updated Company File",
'AVD' => "Movie Edit Pro Video Information File",
'ARENA' => "Quake 3 Engine Arena File",
'ACT' => "DS Game Maker Action File",
'ACTX' => "DS Game Maker Action Description File",
'AVENIRPROJ' => "StoryMill Project",
'ACCDW' => "Microsoft Access Database Link File",
'ACTM' => "AutoCAD Action Macro File",
'AWS' => "AutoCAD Work Space File",
'ACF' => "Adobe Photoshop Custom Filter File",
'ADO' => "Adobe Photoshop Duotone Options File",
'AMP' => "Adobe Photoshop Curves Map File",
'ASV' => "Adobe Photoshop Selective Color File",
'AVS' => "Adobe Photoshop Variations File",
'ACBL' => "Adobe Color Book Legacy File",
'ABDATA' => "Adobe Bridge Data File",
'AML' => "Microsoft Assistance Markup Language File",
'AWT' => "AbiWord Template",
'ABI' => "AbiWord Plug-in",
'APD' => "Eclipse Plugin Descriptor File",
'ASB' => "Alphacam Stone VB Macro File",
'AR' => "Midtown Madness Data File",
'APR' => "Apadana Project File",
'AY' => "AY Chiptune File",
'AET' => "After Effects Project Template",
'ADML' => "Group Policy Language-Specific",
'AXE' => "Annotated XML Example File",
'AM' => "Automake Makefile Template",
'ACP' => "EditPlus Auto-Completion File",
'ACW' => "Windows Accessibility Wizard File",
'A8S' => "Anim8or Script",
'ACB' => "AutoCAD Color Book File",
'ACP' => "aacPlus Audio File",
'APS' => "Greeting Card Studio Project File",
'ARIA' => "Chipsounds Sound File",
'ARIAX' => "Chipsounds XML Sound File",
'ALL' => "Java RMI Policy File",
'AVE' => "Avid User File",
'AFE' => "Avid File Exchange File",
'AWCAV' => "ActiveWorlds Custom Avatar File",
'A52' => "Atari 5200 ROM",
'ADU' => "Addict User Dictionary File",
'ASSET' => "Unity Asset File",
'ANS' => "HotDocs Binary Answer File",
'AFD' => "AFF Disk Image Part File",
'AFM' => "AFF Metadata File",
'ADV' => "Ableton Device Preset File",
'AVL' => "AntiVir Status Report File",
'AVJ' => "AntiVir Job File",
'ABC' => "Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 6 File",
'AF3' => "Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3/4 File",
'AB' => "Ambling BookPlayer MP3 File",
'A26' => "Atari 2600 ROM",
'AWP' => "Ability Write Template",
'ADB' => "Ability Database File",
'AWG' => "Ability Draw Document",
'APH' => "Ability Album File",
'AST' => "Ability Spreadsheet Template",
'ARSCRIPT' => "ArtRage Script",
'ANJUTA' => "Anjuta IDE Project File",
'AIR' => "M.U.G.E.N. Animation File",
'ANIMSET_INGA' => "E'FaceFX In-Game Animation Set File",
'AUTOMATICDES' => "I'NATIONS-MS Windows Jump List File",
'ASH' => "Audiosurf Audio Metadata File",
'AZ!' => "Vuze Partial Download File",
'AVASTSOUNDS' => "Avast! Soundpack File",
'AML' => "Arc Macro Language File",
'AMC' => "Ant Movie Catalog File",
'ACCDU' => "Access Add-in File",
'ASCS' => "ActionScript Communication Server File",
'ADN' => "Access Blank Project Template",
'AU' => "Audacity Audio File",
'ANTISPAM5' => "Personal AntiSpam Settings File",
'A1WISH' => "Audials Wishlist File",
'ARA' => "Archivaldo Resource Archive",
'ALI' => "RoboHelp Alias File",
'ASK' => "Ableton Live Skin File",
'AZZX' => "Uncompressed AZZ Cardfile Data File",
'AVC' => "Avid Media Composer Script",
'AIMPPL' => "AIMP Playlist File",
'APALBUM' => "Aperture Album File",
'AIU' => "Advanced Installer Updates Configuration",
'ANSYM' => "Adobe Edge Animate Library File",
'APPXSYM' => "Windows 8 App Package Symbols File",
'ADADOWNLOAD' => "Adobe Download Assistant Partial Download",
'APPLET' => "Eclipse Java Applet Policy File",
'ABS' => "Absolute Database File",
'ABS' => "TurboZIP Auto Compress Script",
'APXL' => "Keynote Presentation Data File",
'APT' => "Almost Plain Text File",
'ART' => "BERNINA Embroidery File",
'AWLIVE' => "Active Webcam Video File",
'ALP' => "AnyLogic Project File",
'ASDB' => "Asphyre Sphinx Archive File",
'ATTR' => "iPhoto Attributes File",
'AZS' => "AirZip FileSECURE File",
'AZF' => "AirZip FileSECURE File",
'A2P' => "Adlib Tracker II Pattern File",
'A2T' => "Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module File",
'A2W' => "Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank with",
'ANTMPL' => "Adobe Edge Animate Template File",
'ASS' => "Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File",
'ASSTRM' => "Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File",
'ABCDDB' => "Apple Address Book Contact List",
'ASX' => "Alpha Five Library Temporary Index File",
'ALX' => "Alpha Five Library Index File",
'ALM' => "Alpha Five Library",
'ADBLOCK' => "Alpha Five Library Temporary File",
'A5WCMP' => "Alpha Five Web Components File",
'ADB' => "Now Contact Address Book Template",
'AML' => "Abstract Markup Language",
'AGG' => "Bulk Data File",
'ABX' => "WordPerfect Address Book",
'AGX' => "AGT Game File",
'ABT' => "Annotated Braille Text File",
'AGLIB' => "Adobe Lightroom Library",
'AGMODULE' => "Adobe Lightroom Module",
'AGTEMPLATE' => "Adobe Lightroom Template",
'AGTOOLKIT' => "Adobe Lightroom Toolkit",
'ACS2' => "AIMP Skin File",
'ACS3' => "AIMP Skin File",
'AES' => "ooVoo Log File",
'ANN' => "Lingvo Dictionary Annotation File",
'A7L' => "Authorware 7 Library",
'A7D' => "Authorware 7 Model",
'APKG' => "Exported Anki Flashcard Deck",
'ANX' => "Annodex Exchange Format File",
'AXA' => "Annodex Audio File",
'AXV' => "Annodex Video File",
'A3X' => "Compiled AutoIt v3 Script",
'ADI' => "AOMEI Backupper Disk Backup File",
'ASSETPROJ' => "Camtasia Studio Asset Information File",
'AIP' => "Actual Installer Project",
'AFF' => "Spellcheck Dictionary Description File",
'ABCDP' => "Address Book CoreData Person File",
'AAN' => "Pro Tools Elastic Audio Analysis File",
'AUTOSAVE' => "Fusion Auto-save File",
'AAE' => "Sidecar Image Edit File",
'ABU' => "Asus App Backup File",
'AFZPLUG' => "AfterShot Pro Plugin Archive",
'AECACHE' => "After Effects Cache File",
'ACID' => "ACID Encrypted File",
'AS' => "AngelScript File",
'APPEX' => "OS X Application and System Extension File",
'ADX' => "ADX Audio File",
'ASSETS' => "Unity Asset File",
'AUDIONOTE' => "AudioNote File",
'ACB' => "ADX Audio Package File",
'ADIDAT' => "ADInstruments Simple Data File",
'ADICHT' => "LabChart Data File",
'AV' => "Final Draft AV Script",
'ADI' => "Amateur Data Interchange Format",
'AEGRAPHIC' => "Adobe After Effects Graphic",
'AECAP' => "After Effects Text Template",
'AUR' => "Aurora Timetable File",
'ACELIVE' => "Acelive Broadcast File",
'ALG' => "AlgoBox Algorithm File",
'ALF' => "Alf Interactive Test",
'ANIMEEXPORT' => "Anime Studio Export Profile Document",
'ASE' => "Aseprite Sprite File",
'AMGP' => "antimicro Profile File",
'A78' => "Atari 7800 ROM",
'AGG' => "AggFlow 6 Project",
'ABU1' => "ASUS Backup File",
'AIV' => "Stronghold Crusader AI Village File",
'AVE' => "Avigilon Native Video Export File",
'AWC' => "Audio Wave Container File",
'ASAR' => "Electron Archive",
'AV3' => "Arbitrator Video Surveillance File",
'AVR' => "EverFocus Recording File",
'AVRO' => "Avro Data File",
'AIML' => "Artificial Intelligence Markup Language",
'AWB' => "ADX Audio Package File2",
'ATSOFTS' => "LetEncrypt Encrypted File",
'ARI' => "ARI Compressed File Archive",
'AOL' => "America Online File",
'AIN' => "AIN Compressed File Archive",
'AIM' => "AOL Instant Messenger Launch File",
'ACR' => "American College of Radiology File",
'ADI' => "AutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter",
'AVR' => "Audio Visual Research File",
'ATZ' => "Atomic Time Zone File",
'ADC' => "Scanstudio 16 Color Image",
'AL' => "A-Law Compressed Sound Format",
'ARR' => "Amber Graphic File",
'ASCII' => "ASCII Text File",
'AMU' => "PictureGear Studio Photo Album File",
'A3L' => "Authorware 3 Library",
'A4L' => "Authorware 4 Library",
'A3M' => "Authorware 3 Macintosh File",
'A3W' => "Authorware 3 Windows File",
'A4M' => "Authorware 4 Macintosh File",
'A4W' => "Authorware 4 Windows File",
'AB' => "Applix Builder File",
'AB' => "DNA Sequence File",
'AA' => "Generic CD Image",
'AWC' => "Emulex AWC Firmware Update File",
'AWD' => "Award BIOS Update File",
'ATRAC' => "Sony ATRAC Audio File",
'ARK' => "PowerDesk Pro Archive",
'ART' => "Artifacts Artifact File",
'AGD' => "Agile Advantage E-mail Attachment",
'ALBM' => "HP Photo Printing Software Album File",
'ARW' => "ArtStudio Image",
'ARTWORK' => "ArtStudio Image",
'ARC' => "Nintendo Archive File",
'ARL' => "AOL Organizer File",
'ARH' => "ArheoStratigraf Project File",
'AN2' => "Croc Legend of the Gobbos Animation File",
'ATM' => "PSP Game Audio File",
'ALR' => "ADRIFT Language Resource File",
'AWKW' => "Awkwords Word Generator File",
'API' => "Adobe Photoshop Inks File",
'ASR' => "Adobe Photoshop Scratch File",
'ANNOT' => "Adobe Digital Editions Annotations File",
'ADDON' => "CFS Console Add-on File",
'AOIS' => "CFS Console Add-on Installer Settings File",
'AIV' => "AIVault Data File",
'A52' => "Dolby Digital Audio File",
'ANIM' => "Amiga Animation File",
'ANIM' => "Antibody Animation File",
'ALAC' => "ALAC Encoded Audio File",
'AF2' => "Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 2 File",
'AS' => "AppleSingle File",
'ARPACK' => "ArtRage Package",
'AI' => "Battlefield 2 Artificial Intelligence File",
'ASH' => "KoLmafia ASH Script",
'ASH' => "Nintendo Wii System Menu File",
'ARS' => "Carmageddon Saved Game",
'AM' => "Anark Media File",
'ATAHD' => "ATA Hard Drive Flag File",
'ADOX' => "ActivDox Document",
'ARR' => "MultiMedia Fusion Array File",
'ADV' => "Audio Driver File",
'AQT' => "AQTitle Subtitles File",
'ACC' => "GEM Accessory File",
'ABS' => "Avant Browser Skin File",
'ABS' => "AB SuDoKu Saved Game",
'AGB' => "Game Boy Advance ROM",
'AVA' => "AvaaBook eBook",
'ADOBEBRIDGE' => "Adobe Bridge URL FIle",
'A5RPT' => "Alpha Five Project Report File",
'ARC.LH' => "Nintendo Archive File",
'AVM' => "Anime Music Video",
'AS2' => "ActivStudio Resource Pack",
'AZW3F' => "Amazon eBook Metadata File",
'ANIMEPROJ' => "Anime Studio Document Data File",
'ANIMESTYLE' => "Anime Studio Style Document",
'ANIMEACTION' => "Anime Studio Action Document",
'ANIMEBRUSH' => "Anime Studio Brush Document",
'AIX' => "AIX Audio File",
'AUTOSAVE.CDP' => "Sony CD Architect Project Autosave File",
'BAT' => "DOS Batch File",
'BMP' => "Bitmap Image File",
'BAK' => "Backup File",
'BIN' => "Binary Disc Image",
'B' => "Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File",
'BZ' => "Bzip Compressed File",
'BZ2' => "Bzip2 Compressed File",
'BIB' => "BibTeX Bibliography Database",
'BKP' => "Backup File",
'BUNDLE' => "Mac OS X Application Bundle",
'BLEND' => "Blender 3D Data File",
'BUP' => "DVD IFO Backup File",
'BIK' => "Bink Video File",
'BIN' => "Binary Video File",
'BR5' => "Bryce 5 Scene File",
'BSP' => "Quake Engine Game Map File",
'BMS' => "BeatMania Song File",
'BSF' => "Blu-ray AVC Video File",
'BLG' => "Windows Binary Performance Log File",
'BZW' => "BZFlag World File",
'BLD' => "Envisioneer Building Project File",
'BSB' => "BioShock Saved Game File",
'BDM' => "AVCHD Information File",
'BASH_HISTORY' => "Bash History File",
'BASHRC' => "Bash Non-Interactive Login Shell File",
'BASH_PROFILE' => "Bash Interactive Login Shell File",
'BVP' => "VodaHost BlueVoda Project File",
'BR6' => "Bryce 6 Scene File",
'BOOK' => "FrameMaker Book File",
'B3D' => "Blitz3D Entity Model File",
'BBPROJECTD' => "BBEdit Project Document",
'BIF' => "BioWare Infinity Engine File",
'BGL' => "Flight Simulator Scenery File",
'BCD' => "Windows Boot Configuration Data File",
'BO3' => "Minecraft BO3 Object File",
'BIN' => "Macbinary Encoded File",
'BAS' => "BASIC Source Code File",
'BCP' => "Borland C++ Makefile",
'BUP' => "Backup File",
'BDB' => "Microsoft Works Database Backup File",
'BDF' => "Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format",
'BCK' => "VMX Backup File",
'BOX' => "E-mail Mailbox",
'BHX' => "BinHex Encoded File",
'BPL' => "AutoCAD Batch Plot File",
'BP2' => "AutoCAD Batch Plot File",
'BP3' => "AutoCAD Batch Plot File",
'BOK' => "TestGen Testbank File",
'BAND' => "GarageBand Project File",
'BPG' => "Borland Project Group",
'BIK' => "Video Game Movie File",
'BPL' => "Borland Package Library",
'BWI' => "BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image",
'BWT' => "BlindWrite 4 Track Information FIle",
'BWF' => "Broadcast Wave File",
'BAK' => "Firefox Bookmarks Backup",
'BBC' => "BBC BASIC Data File",
'BIN' => "Generic Binary File",
'BK' => "FrameMaker Book File",
'BKF' => "Windows Backup Utility File",
'BMC' => "Bitmap Cache File",
'BFC' => "Windows Briefcase File",
'BIB' => "Bibliography Document",
'BST' => "BibTeX Style Document",
'BCM' => "Business Contact Manager File",
'BCMX' => "Business Contact Manager Customization",
'BR4' => "Bryce 4 Scene File",
'BOC' => "EasyWord Big Document",
'BC' => "BitComet Partially Downloaded File",
'BAP' => "Blaze Audio Wave Information File",
'BB' => "Blitz Source Code File",
'BKC' => "Backup4all Backup Catalog",
'BDD' => "CARA Sound Radiation Data File",
'BEAN' => "Bean Rich Text Document",
'BIG' => "Electronic Arts Game Data File",
'BRD' => "EAGLE Circuit Board File",
'BS2' => "BASIC Stamp 2 Code File",
'BC!' => "BitComet Incomplete File",
'BTM' => "BizTalk Map File",
'BKK' => "BookBuddi eBook File",
'BCI' => "Belarc Advisor Report File",
'BWA' => "BlindWrite Disk Information File",
'BWS' => "BlindWrite Sub Code File",
'BIP' => "Character Studio Biped File",
'BFA' => "Blowfish Encrypted File",
'BML' => "Bean Markup Language File",
'BACKUPDB' => "Time Machine Backup Folder",
'BGI' => "BgInfo Configuration File",
'BIN' => "Sega Genesis Game ROM",
'BIN' => "Unix Executable File",
'BCKP' => "Ad-Aware Quarantined File",
'BET' => "BETA Source File",
'BOOTSKIN' => "Stardock Bootskin File",
'BGL' => "Babylon Glossary File",
'BLKRT' => "Block Artist Image File",
'B' => "BASIC Source File",
'BPA' => "StorageSync Backup Archive",
'BGT' => "Graphics Accounts Data File",
'BAV' => "AVG AntiVirus The Bat! Plugin File",
'BLT' => "AIM Buddy List",
'BIZ' => "Broderbund Business Card File",
'BME' => "BeatMania 7-Key Song File",
'BIF' => "Boot Information File",
'BA' => "Scifer External Header Archive",
'BRO' => "CreataCard Brochure Project",
'BRO' => "Broadleaf Tree Model",
'BLB' => "Blob Data File",
'BLOB' => "Valve Steam Archive",
'BVH' => "Biovision Hierarchy Animation File",
'B64' => "Base64 MIME-Encoded File",
'BZIP' => "Bzip Compressed Archive",
'BOK' => "ProStores Dynamic Web Page",
'BDIC' => "Chrome Dictionary File",
'BDR' => "Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body File",
'BAD' => "Exchange Badmail File",
'BDP' => "Exchange Diagnostic Message",
'BNA' => "Barna Word Processor Document",
'BCF' => "Business Card Designer Pro File",
'BCP' => "Business Card Designer Plus File",
'BCP' => "BlackMagic Custom Palette",
'BTW' => "BarTender Label",
'BSA' => "Bethesda Softworks Archive",
'BLS' => "Blockland Saved Game File",
'BUN' => "Cakewalk Bundle File",
'B6I' => "BlindWrite 6 Disc Image",
'B6T' => "BlindWrite 6 Track Information File",
'BNK' => "Test Drive Unlimited Data Package",
'BAU' => "Apache OpenOffice AutoText File",
'BJO' => "TabRite Tablature File",
'BPW' => "Bitser Password File",
'BDMV' => "Blu-ray Disc Movie Information File",
'BAR' => "Age of Empires 3 Data File",
'BRW' => "Calyx Point Borrower File",
'BIN' => "Nintendo DS Binary File",
'BKS' => "NTBackup Settings File",
'BMK' => "PowerDVD MovieMark File",
'BDL' => "CoCreate Bundle File",
'BCC' => "Calendar Creator File",
'BM2' => "Subspace Bitmap File",
'BDC' => "Babylon Dictionary File",
'BMD' => "MU Online Game Data File",
'BTAPP' => "uTorrent App",
'BLZ' => "N-Gage Mobile Video Game File",
'BROWSER' => "ASP.NET Browser Definition File",
'BSC' => "Visual Studio Source Browser Information",
'BTSEARCH' => "BitTorrent Search Engine File",
'BLK' => "AutoCAD Block Template File",
'BLW' => "Adobe Photoshop Black and White Presets",
'BRX' => "BREW Application Resource File",
'BFS' => "FlatOut Game Data File",
'BZABW' => "Compressed AbiWord Document",
'BRAIN' => "PersonalBrain Mind Map File",
'BFG' => "Big Fish Games Application File",
'BFF' => "Backup File Format",
'BAK' => "ACT! Backup File",
'BR7' => "Bryce 7 Scene File",
'BLG' => "BibTeX Log File",
'BIN' => "Generic Binary Executable File",
'BBL' => "BibTeX Generated Bibliography File",
'BLP' => "Blizzard Texture File",
'BRG' => "ProjectWise User Settings File",
'BLF' => "CLFS Base Log File",
'BBPROJECT' => "BBEdit Project File",
'BBLM' => "BBEdit Language Module",
'BIDULE' => "Bidule Layout File",
'BBB' => "BlackBerry Mobile Phone Backup File",
'BLEND1' => "Blender Document Backup File",
'BMS' => "BIOWRAP Multi-Layer Security File",
'BIL' => "ESRI BIL File",
'BIT' => "Xilinx Bitstream File",
'BEAM' => "Compiled Erlang File",
'BRD' => "Cadence Allegro PCB Design File",
'BOOK' => "iBooks Author Document",
'B1' => "B1 Compressed Archive",
'BIN' => "Router Firmware File",
'BRN' => "BrainStorm Data File",
'BLOGTHIS' => "Windows Live Writer Data File",
'BDT3' => "BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 3 Document",
'BM3' => "Sony Ericsson Backup File",
'BDSPROJ' => "Borland Developer Studio Project",
'BMZ' => "Portal Bonus Map Zip File",
'BNS' => "Portal Bonus Map Script",
'BRO' => "Design & Print Page Design File",
'BS7' => "Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin",
'BVD' => "Bitdefender Vault File",
'BITPIM' => "BitPim Configuration File",
'BIO' => "Mudbox Bio 3D File",
'BSS' => "Resident Evil Background Images File",
'BAY' => "Casio RAW Image",
'BRS' => "RoboHelp Browse Sequence File",
'BBCD' => "BobCAD-CAM Document",
'BCD' => "RealView Debugger Board Chip Definition",
'BCL' => "Illumina Base Call File",
'BED' => "UCSC BED Annotation Track File",
'BHO' => "Behold Organize File",
'BPDX' => "Acrobat Batch PDX File",
'BPN' => "ArchiCAD Project Backup File",
'BPD' => "Business Plan Pro Document",
'BPDX' => "Business Plan Pro Document",
'BPM' => "Trados AutoSuggest Dictionary File",
'BQY' => "Brio Query File",
'BRF' => "Braille Ready Format File",
'BSDL' => "Boundary Scan Description Language File",
'BSD' => "BSDL File",
'BTD' => "Business-in-a-Box Document",
'BTM' => "4DOS Batch File",
'BWW' => "Bagpipe Player File",
'BXL' => "Accelerated Designs PCB Library File",
'BKZ' => "FileFort Backup File",
'BRRES' => "Wii BRRES Resource Package",
'BIONIX' => "BioniX Wallpaper Playlist File",
'BUP' => "McAfee Quarantined File",
'BMC' => "Bolide Movie Creator Project File",
'BACKUP' => "Android Backup File",
'BEJEWELED2DE' => "U'XESAVEDGAME Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Saved Game",
'BLACKHAWKSTR' => "K'ER2 Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game",
'BLASTERBALL3' => "A'VEDGAME BlasterBall 3 Saved Game",
'BOOKWORMDELU' => "E'SAVEDGAME Bookworm Deluxe Saved Game",
'BNDL' => "Game Data Bundle File",
'BNK' => "Adlib Instrument Bank",
'BLUEJ' => "BlueJ Package File",
'BPM' => "Bizagi Process Modeler",
'BPMC' => "Bizagi Process Modeler Collaboration",
'BUS' => "OMSI Bus Configuration File",
'BAKX' => "Finale Backup File",
'BLORB' => "Interactive Fiction Package Game File",
'BPS' => "BPS Patch File",
'BPG' => "BPG Image",
'BUILDSETTING' => "Twixl Publisher Builder Build Setting",
'BIBTEX' => "BibTeX Bibliography Database",
'BO2' => "Minecraft BO2 Object File",
'BZPLUG' => "AfterShot Pro Plugin Bundle",
'BPL' => "Bore Plan Log",
'BR' => "Brotli Compressed File",
'BINARYCOOKIE' => " 'Safari Cookies File",
'BA2' => "Bethesda Softworks Archive",
'BDOC' => "Binary DigiDoc Signature File",
'BIMX' => "BIM Explorer File",
'BOOK' => "BookSmart Book File",
'BBS' => "Bulletin Board System Text",
'BH' => "BlakHole Archive",
'BCM' => "Microsoft Works Communications Script",
'BKS' => "Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File",
'BMF' => "Binary Material File",
'BOO' => "Booasm Compressed Archive",
'BYU' => "Brigham Young University Movie File",
'BMK' => "Help Bookmarks",
'BTF' => "NationsBank Check Images",
'BIC' => "Civilization 3 Scenario File",
'BIQ' => "Civilization 3 Scenario File",
'BIX' => "Civilization 3 Scenario File",
'BOX' => "Kodicom Video",
'B5I' => "BlindWrite 5 Disk Image",
'B5T' => "BlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File",
'BR3' => "Bryce 3 Scene File",
'BDF' => "Binary Data File",
'BMF' => "FloorPlan File",
'BMD' => "GameCube 3D Model File",
'BDR' => "Publisher Borders File",
'BAFL' => "BurnAware File List",
'BPB' => "PowerDesigner Business Process Backup",
'BPM' => "PowerDesigner Business Process Model",
'BND' => "DB2 CLI Bind File",
'B2A' => "Btoa Encoded File",
'BOM' => "Mac OS X Bill of Materials File",
'BXX' => "BS Contact Parameter File",
'BTR' => "Btrieve Database File",
'BFX' => "Bitware Fax Document",
'BIO' => "BIOS File",
'BS4' => "Mikogo Session Video Recording",
'BOOT' => "InstallShield Boot File",
'BAR' => "Age of Mythology Data File",
'BM2' => "Boardmaker Interactive Board File",
'BK1' => "Autodesk Backup File",
'BNG' => "The Bingo Maker Card File",
'BNZ' => "The Bingo Maker Card Template File",
'BSH' => "BeanShell Script",
'BOOK' => "Budget In Brief Book File",
'BPK' => "Nero SecurDisc Public Key File",
'BSK' => "Nero SecurDisc Private Key File",
'BC' => "Adobe Bridge Cache File",
'BCT' => "Adobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache File",
'BIM' => "Bytessence InstallMaker Document",
'BAR' => "Brew MP Binary Application Resource File",
'BIN' => "Atari 2600 Game ROM",
'BMK' => "Nokia Device Bookmark File",
'BAK~' => "AbiWord Auto-Saved Document",
'BRO' => "Bryce Plug-in",
'BRI' => "Bryce Plug-in File",
'BRM' => "Bryce Plug-in File",
'BTO' => "Bryce Tree File",
'BRT' => "Bryce Textures File",
'BSK' => "Bryce Skies File",
'BPS' => "BPS Virus File",
'BRG' => "Age of Mythology Model File",
'BNP' => "Sony Camcorder Video Data File",
'BLF' => "MasterWorks Working File",
'BF' => "CryoBF Game Data File",
'B4S' => "Winamp Playlist File",
'BKZ' => "BaKoMa TeX Installation Module",
'BIF' => "Get Backup Project File",
'BIFX' => "Get Backup Project",
'BDC' => "West Point Bridge Designer Design File",
'BLEND2' => "Blender Document Backup 2 File",
'BTN' => "AutoPlay Media Studio Button File",
'BIN' => "PCSX PlayStation BIOS Image",
'BS1' => "VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File",
'BKMK' => "Yummy FTP Bookmark File",
'BMK' => "BillMinder Backup File",
'BDAE' => "Gameloft Game Data File",
'BIC' => "Neverwinter Nights Character File",
'BMI' => "3ds Max Plug-in",
'BRSTM' => "BRSTM Audio Stream File",
'BRX' => "Beam Report Document",
'BLN' => "Golden Software Blanking File",
'BOOKTEMPLATE' => "iBooks Author Document Template",
'BIN' => "BlackBerry IT Policy File",
'BRN' => "Cube Graphics File",
'BKUP' => "Backup File",
'BDT2' => "BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 2 Document",
'BMX' => "Siemens Mobile Animations File",
'BTI' => "Nintendo Texture File",
'BMZ' => "Compressed Bitmap Image",
'BPNUEB' => "PNU eBook File",
'BUILDPATH' => "Eclipse Build Path File",
'BCS' => "Batch Compiler Specification File",
'BCP' => "Batch Compiler Preset File",
'BOX' => "Microsoft Store Download File",
'BPF' => "Baan ERP Document",
'BPR' => "Borland C++Builder Project File",
'BPW' => "Bitmap World File",
'BT' => "Binary Terrain File",
'BVR' => "Blue Iris Video",
'BWG' => "BrainWave Generator Audio File",
'BLB' => "Dreamworks Resource File",
'BRD' => "KiCad PCB Design File",
'BRMDL' => "Wii BRMDL Model File",
'BRSAR' => "Wii BRSAR Audio Archive",
'BASERPROJ' => "DNA Baser Project File",
'BASEX' => "BaseX Data File",
'BT!' => "BitSpirit Incomplete Download File",
'BFM' => "Terminal Reality Model File",
'BB3' => "BlasterBall 3 Level File Support",
'BLI' => "Thomson Speedtouch Firmware File",
'BUD' => "Binary Printer Description File",
'BPD' => "Binary Printer Description File",
'BNK' => "Spotify Playlist File",
'BCM' => "Adobe Bridge Cache File",
'BYTES' => "Binary Text Asset Data File",
'BAK' => "Finale Backup File",
'BU' => "Samsung CCTV Video File",
'BDF' => "Bulk Data Input File",
'BLB' => "Interactive Fiction Package Game File",
'BRL' => "MicroBraille File",
'BML' => "Braille 2000 Braille File",
'BMML' => "Braille Music Markup Language File",
'BAK2' => "Backup File",
'BAK3' => "Backup File",
'BUNDLE' => "Game Data Bundle File",
'BIO' => "Fallout 2 Character Biography File",
'BRTEX' => "Wii BRTEX Texture File",
'BLK' => "ABBYY FineReader Area Template",
'BRUSHLIBRARY' => "Painter Brush Library",
'BRUSHCATEGOR' => " 'Painter Brush Category File",
'BRUSHVARIANT' => "Painter Brush Variant File",
'BDF' => "BSDiff Patch File",
'BMQ' => "Re-Volt Mipmap File",
'BPHYS' => "Blender Cache File",
'BW' => "Black and White SGI Image File",
'BRR' => "SNES Sample File",
'BC5B' => "Ransomware Encrypted File",
'BPJ' => "Boxsim Simulation Project",
'BCSTM' => "BCSTM Audio Stream File",
'BOOKEXPORT' => "BookSmart Backup Book File",
'BOOKTEMPLATE' => "BookSmart Template",
'BOS' => "Build Options Specification File",
'BMML' => "Balsamiq Mockups Markup Language File",
'BLD' => "Skyscraper Simulator Building Script",
'BUL' => "I4 Bullseye Data File",
'BLUEBUTTON' => "VA Blue Button Data File",
'BSW' => "StruWalker 3D Model",
'BSWX' => "BIMReview 3D Model",
'B6Z' => "B6Z Archive",
'BSXP' => "BimSens Project Configuration File",
'BSXC' => "BimSens Component Configuration File",
'BIT' => "FinalCrypt Encrypted Data File",
'BRV' => "Brick Rigs Vehicle File",
'BPLX' => "Bore Plan XML File",
'BAK' => "MobileTrans Backup File",
'BIP' => "Dharma Ransomware Encrypted File",
'BAK2' => "Starbound Backup File",
'BAK3' => "Starbound Backup File",
'BNK' => "ExamView Question Bank File",
'BFSTM' => "BFSTM Audio Stream File",
'BINARY' => "PC Building Simulator Save File",
'BLK' => "BLK360 Data File",
'BIN' => "Nintendo Wii Data File",
'BLZ' => "TeamViewer Blizz Session File",
'BSG' => "Besiege Machine File",
'BPS' => "Works Document Backup",
'BAC' => "Backup File",
'BUF' => "Buffer File",
'BTIF' => "NationsBank Check Image File",
'BLZ' => "Compressed Bitmap Image",
'BLU' => "FileMaker Pro Runtime Extension",
'BIX' => "Kodicom Video File",
'BMC' => "Embroidery Image File",
'BOX' => "CARA Loudspeaker Design File",
'BDF' => "MIDAS BDF Disk Image File",
'BZIP2' => "Bzip2 Compressed Archive",
'BTOA' => "Binary-to-ASCII Encoded File",
'BRK' => "Brooktrout Fax Document",
'BK1' => "ERwin Backup File",
'BGZ' => "Blood Frontier Map File",
'BKP' => "Zapback Backup File",
'BZA' => "IZArc BGA Archive",
'BLP' => "Speedy Eggbert Game Data File",
'BK1' => "Windows Indexing Service File",
'BK2' => "Windows Indexing Service Data File",
'BUS' => "VirtualBus Board Parameters File",
'BTINSTALL' => "uTorrent Installer File",
'BWA' => "Bookworm Adventures Player File",
'BWZ' => "WinImage Batch Configuration File",
'BA_' => "Renamed BAT File",
'BCS' => "Boland Calibration Settings File",
'BRN' => "Gabriel Knight Barn File",
'BUR' => "BuRg3r Source Code File",
'B' => "BuRg3r Definition File",
'BWP' => "BuRg3r Web Page",
'BCS' => "Sonic Foundry Batch Converter Script",
'BMG' => "Nintendo DS On-Screen Text File",
'BBZ' => "BerryBuzz Backup File",
'BRLYT' => "Wii Textures and Material Lists File",
'BONK' => "Bonk Audio File",
'BPZ' => "Easy Blue Print Symbol Library",
'BRIDGECACHE' => "Adobe Bridge Cache Export File",
'BREFF' => "Wii Effect Controls File",
'BREFT' => "Wii Effects File",
'BSDIFF' => "BSDiff Patch File",
'BA6' => "TaxAct 2016 Tax Return Backup File",
'BA7' => "TaxAct 2016 Tax Return Backup File",
'BAK1' => "Starbound Backup File",
'CER' => "Internet Security Certificate",
'CGI' => "Common Gateway Interface Script",
'CSS' => "Cascading Style Sheet",
'CSV' => "Comma Separated Values File",
'CAB' => "Windows Cabinet File",
'CBR' => "Comic Book RAR Archive",
'COM' => "DOS Command File",
'CPP' => "C++ Source Code File",
'C' => "C/C++ Source Code File",
'CFM' => "ColdFusion Markup File",
'CUR' => "Windows Cursor",
'CPL' => "Windows Control Panel Item",
'CFG' => "Configuration File",
'CLASS' => "Java Class File",
'CUE' => "Cue Sheet File",
'CS' => "C# Source Code File",
'CRX' => "Chrome Extension",
'CSR' => "Certificate Signing Request File",
'CRDOWNLOAD' => "Chrome Partially Downloaded File",
'CDR' => "CorelDRAW Image File",
'CGM' => "Computer Graphics Metafile",
'CDA' => "CD Audio Track Shortcut",
'CHM' => "Compiled HTML Help File",
'CMD' => "Windows Command File",
'CRT' => "Security Certificate",
'CPT' => "Corel Photo-Paint Image",
'CVX' => "Canvas Drawing File",
'CSF' => "Adobe Color Settings File",
'CATPART' => "CATIA V5 Part File",
'CRD' => "Windows CardSpace File",
'CPR' => "Cubase Project",
'CCD' => "CloneCD Disc Image",
'CDI' => "DiscJuggler Disc Image",
'CR2' => "Canon Raw Image File",
'CBZ' => "Comic Book Zip Archive",
'CONF' => "Unix Configuration File",
'CAF' => "Core Audio File",
'CTF' => "AVG Update Control File",
'CKD' => "Kubotek Design Container",
'CP' => "Xcode C++ Source File",
'CSPROJ' => "Visual Studio C# Project",
'CSH' => "Photoshop Custom Shapes File",
'CONTACT' => "Windows Contact File",
'CPG' => "Manga Studio Page File",
'CTB' => "AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File",
'C2R' => "Windows Media Center Click-To-Record File",
'CVA' => "HP System Software Manager Information File",
'CDD' => "ConceptDraw PRO Document",
'CDB' => "Symbian Phonebook Database",
'CPI' => "AVCHD Video Clip Information File",
'CATPRODUCT' => "CATIA V5 Assembly File",
'CLG' => "Windows Catalog File",
'CHR' => "3ds Max Characters File",
'CDMM' => "ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document",
'CHD' => "MAME Hard Disk Image",
'CAMPROJ' => "Camtasia Studio Project",
'CLS' => "LaTeX Document Class File",
'CUB' => "Analysis Services Cube File",
'CDX' => "ChemDraw Exchange File",
'CEL' => "Affymetrix Probe Results File",
'CELX' => "Celestia Script",
'CEL' => "Celestia Script File",
'CDF' => "Computable Document Format File",
'CNF' => "MySQL Configuration File",
'CSHTML' => "ASP.NET Razor Web Page",
'CST' => "Manga Studio Story File",
'CGFX' => "CgFX Shader File",
'CG' => "Cg Program",
'CLP' => "CrazyTalk Clip File",
'CCP' => "CopperCube JavaScript File",
'CDDZ' => "ConceptDraw PRO Document",
'CRP' => "Cities: Skylines Colossal Raw Asset Package",
'CAPT' => "Capito Data File",
'CMA' => "Coach Activity File",
'CDOC' => "Clicker Document",
'CLIP' => "Clip Studio Format File",
'CRYPT12' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'CBL' => "COBOL Source Code File",
'COB' => "COBOL Source Code File",
'CC' => "C++ Source Code File",
'CHK' => "Saved File Fragment",
'CIN' => "Kodak Cineon Bitmap File",
'CWK' => "ClarisWorks Document",
'CSH' => "C Shell Script",
'CDF' => "Common Data Format",
'CDX' => "Compound Index File",
'CNT' => "Help Contents File",
'CSF' => "Content Sealed Format",
'CIL' => "Clip Gallery Packaged File",
'C01' => "WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File",
'CWP' => "Cakewalk SONAR Project",
'CDT' => "CorelDRAW Image Template",
'CVI' => "Canvas Image File",
'CV5' => "Canvas 5 Drawing File",
'CP' => "Captivate Source File",
'CHA' => "IRC Chat Configuration File",
'CHAT' => "IRC Chat Configuration File",
'COD' => "Compiled Source Code",
'CONFIG' => "Configuration File",
'CEL' => "Audition Loop",
'CACHE' => "Cache File",
'CRZ' => "Compressed Poser Character Rigging File",
'CLKK' => "Clicker Keyboard",
'CLKT' => "Clicker Template",
'CLKW' => "Clicker Word Bank",
'CLKX' => "Clicker Grid Set",
'COMPONENT' => "Mac OS X System Component",
'CTF' => "WhereIsIt Catalog File",
'CP9' => "ChoicePoint Encrypted File",
'COPY' => "Sony Ericsson Protected Content File",
'CSH' => "Cubase Waveform File",
'CHARSET' => "Character Set",
'CDR' => "Raw Audio CD Data",
'CHORD' => "Song Chords File",
'CLS' => "Program Class File",
'CGF' => "Crytek Geometry Format File",
'CMX' => "Corel Metafile Exchange Image File",
'CAM' => "Gerber CAM Job File",
'CKT' => "CircuitMaker File",
'C4D' => "Cinema 4D Model File",
'CFG' => "Citrix Server Connection File",
'CSI' => "ContentServ Include File",
'CHW' => "Compiled Help Index File",
'CTT' => "Messenger Contact List",
'CYI' => "Clustify Input File",
'CYO' => "Clustify Output File",
'CAMREC' => "Camtasia Studio Screen Recording",
'CR2' => "Poser Character Rigging File",
'CP3' => "Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File",
'CSO' => "Compressed ISO Disk Image",
'CPC' => "CPC Compressed Image File",
'CTG' => "Canon Digital Camera Catalog File",
'CHK' => "StarCraft Chunk File",
'CPGZ' => "Compressed CPIO Archive",
'CPIO' => "Unix CPIO Archive",
'CFL' => "IMVU Product File",
'C00' => "WinAce Split Archive File",
'CTY' => "SimCity City File",
'CTL' => "Visual Basic UserControl Object File",
'CON' => "Concept Application Source File",
'CSA' => "PNA Code Calset File",
'CLD' => "Canon CD Label Template",
'CPH' => "Corel Print House File",
'CPS' => "Corel Photo House File",
'CVG' => "Calamus Vector Graphic File",
'CIDB' => "iTunes CD Information File",
'CHL' => "WinFast PVR2 Channel List",
'CAP' => "Packet Capture File",
'CIT' => "Intergraph Bitmap Image File",
'COMICDOC' => "Comic Life Document",
'CCF' => "CryptLoad Container File",
'CM2' => "Poser Camera Set File",
'CMZ' => "Compressed Poser Camera Set File",
'CLR' => "Animate Color Set",
'CLR' => "CryptLoad Router Information File",
'CD2' => "Click'N Design 3D File",
'CSD' => "Compact Shared Document",
'CVN' => "CineVision Encoding Session",
'CL5' => "Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project",
'CSI' => "EdLog Program Data File",
'CD' => "Visual Studio Class Diagram",
'CSM' => "Character Studio Marker File",
'CRWL' => "Windows Crawl File",
'CCN' => "Compressed Multimedia Fusion File",
'CAN' => "Canon Navigator Fax Document",
'CUI' => "Autodesk Custom Workspace File",
'CD5' => "Chasys Draw Image File",
'CGZ' => "Linux Drivers Archive",
'CGZ' => "Cube Map File",
'CELTX' => "Celtx Project File",
'CPI' => "Codepage Information File",
'CPT' => "Ccrypt Encrypted Archive",
'C' => "Lite-C Script",
'CNA' => "Catena Project File",
'CBT' => "Comic Book TAR File",
'CURXPTHEME' => "CursorXP Theme File",
'CURSORFX' => "CursorFX Theme File",
'CVD' => "ClamAV Virus Definitions File",
'CDP' => "Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack",
'CDP2' => "Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2",
'CAD' => "BobCAD-CAM File",
'CT' => "Cheat Engine Cheat Table",
'CRTX' => "Office 2007 Chart Template File",
'CDG' => "Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image",
'CPT' => "DTS Compact Audio File",
'CAMP' => "WCS Color Appearance Model Profile File",
'CRC' => "Total Commander Checksum File",
'CLM' => "MagicJack Call Log File",
'CDB' => "Pocket Access Database",
'CDB' => "CardScan Contacts Database",
'CTP' => "CakePHP Template",
'CRASH' => "Mac OS X Crash Log File",
'CPX' => "Oracle ADF Binding Context File",
'CLPI' => "Blu-ray Clip Information File",
'CBF' => "Calendar Builder File",
'CLB' => "COM+ Catalog File",
'CAV' => "Comodo Virus Definitions File",
'CDL' => "CADKEY Wireframe Design File",
'CTM' => "CrazyTalk Model File",
'CLG' => "Collage Maker Project File",
'CLK' => "Corel R.A.V.E Project File",
'CPN' => "Age of Mythology Campaign File",
'CUIX' => "AutoCAD Custom User Interface File",
'CAF' => "Class Action Gradebook File",
'CDR' => "Macintosh DVD/CD Master",
'CBDS' => "Comic Book DS File",
'CFC' => "ColdFusion Component File",
'CFA' => "Adobe Conformed Audio File",
'CONTOUR' => "Contour Screenplay File",
'CXX' => "C++ Source Code File",
'CFS' => "Compact File Set Archive",
'CUL' => "Windows Cursor Library",
'COMPOSITEFON' => " 'Windows Composite Font File",
'CDDA' => "CD Digital Audio File",
'CLASSLIST' => "SMART Notebook Class List File",
'CHX' => "AutoCAD Standards Check File",
'CPA' => "CADSTAR PCB Archive File",
'CSN' => "Adobe Code Snippet Document",
'CLX' => "Standard Dictionary File",
'CDMT' => "ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template",
'CDMTZ' => "Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template",
'CDMZ' => "Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document",
'CSY' => "Canvas Symbol File",
'CVA' => "Canvas Sequence Set",
'CMPROJ' => "Camtasia Project File",
'CMREC' => "Camtasia Recording",
'CONF' => "Generic Configuration File",
'CARC' => "Nintendo DS Compressed Archive File",
'CMMTPL' => "Camtasia MenuMaker Template",
'CMMP' => "Camtasia MenuMaker Project",
'CML' => "Chemical Markup Language File",
'CPTX' => "Adobe Captivate Project File",
'CREV' => "Adobe Captivate Commentable SWF File",
'CRDS' => "Windows CardSpace Backup File",
'CRY' => "CryENGINE Map File",
'CDPZ' => "ConceptDraw PROJECT Document",
'CRL' => "Certificate Revocation List File",
'CCA' => "Multimedia Fusion File",
'CPY' => "3ds Max Copy Track File",
'CAL' => "3ds Max Pose Adjustment File",
'CAS' => "Autodesk Cascade License File",
'CMAP' => "CmapTools Concept Map File",
'CLEO' => "CLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File",
'CUB' => "ISIS Cube File",
'CST' => "Director External Cast File",
'CBP' => "Code::Blocks Project File",
'CVR' => "Microsoft Crash Report File",
'CLW' => "Visual C++ ClassWizard File",
'CTV3' => "Citavi 3 Project File",
'CTV' => "Citavi Project",
'CPK' => "DTM Test Log File",
'CDXML' => "ChemDraw XML File",
'CPG' => "ESRI Code Page File",
'COF' => "MPLAB COFF File",
'C3D' => "Coordinate 3D File",
'CRF' => "Cal3D Binary Materials File",
'CMF' => "Cal3D Binary Mesh File",
'CFG' => "Cal3D Model Configuration File",
'CAF' => "Cal3D Binary Animation File",
'CU' => "CUDA Source Code File",
'CDF' => "Affymetrix Chip Definition File",
'CNC' => "PartMaster CNC File",
'CSAPLAN' => "SPSS Analysis Plan File",
'CMOD' => "Celestia Model",
'CMP' => "HotDocs Clause Component File",
'CMP' => "Windows Connection Manager Profile",
'COMMAND' => "Terminal Command File",
'CPR' => "Windows Phone Display Settings File",
'CGR' => "CATIA Graphical Representation File",
'CPF' => "Cognos Project File",
'CAT' => "Windows Catalog File",
'CEX' => "SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File",
'CCGAME' => "XNA Creators Club Game Package",
'CZIP' => "ZipGenius CryptoZip File",
'CLT' => "Clarity Legal Transcript File",
'CBA' => "Comic Book ACE Archive",
'CYS' => "Cytoscape Session File",
'CBU' => "Comodo Backup File",
'CBS' => "Comodo Backup Script",
'CXP' => "CX-Programmer Project File",
'CS' => "ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme",
'CDO' => "Crescendo Music Notation File",
'COLZ' => "Adobe Collage File",
'CAFF' => "Core Audio File",
'COV' => "Fax Cover Page File",
'CPE' => "Fax Cover Page File",
'CDDX' => "Circuit Diagram Document",
'C32' => "Syslinux COM32 Module",
'CDLX' => "Audition CD Layout File",
'CINE' => "Phantom Digital Video File",
'CRV' => "VCarve Pro Design File",
'CVD' => "Bitdefender Virus Definition File",
'CNG' => "CryptoNG Encrypted Archive",
'CCIP' => "Curse Client Install Package",
'CWW' => "Crossword Weaver Puzzle File",
'CODASITE' => "Coda Site File",
'CLIPS' => "Coda Clips File",
'CODAPLUGIN' => "Coda Plug-in",
'CSKIN' => "CD Art Display Skin File",
'CIP' => "Cavena Subtitles File",
'COS' => "Capture One Settings File",
'COSTYLE' => "Capture One Style File",
'COPRESET' => "Capture One Preset File",
'CG3' => "Cabri 3D Document",
'CTPROJECT' => "CrazyTalk Animator Project File",
'CTP' => "CrazyTalk Project File",
'CTS' => "CrazyTalk Script File",
'CPD' => "RoboHelp Cache Project Database",
'CHR' => "CryENGINE Character File",
'CAF' => "CryENGINE Character Animation File",
'CDF' => "CryENGINE Character Definition File",
'CGA' => "Crytek Geometry Animation File",
'CHRPARAMS' => "CryENGINE Character Parameters File",
'CYP' => "Home Designer Pro Project File",
'CDW' => "KOMPAS Document",
'CAPX' => "Construct Compressed Project File",
'CAPROJ' => "Construct Project File",
'CBH' => "ChessBase Database Header File",
'CBV' => "ChessBase Database File",
'CBG' => "ChessBase Game Moves File",
'CBZ' => "ChessBase Encrypted Database Archive",
'CCP' => "CodeCharge Studio Page File",
'CCS' => "CodeCharge Studio Project File",
'CCH' => ".NET Security Resolution Cache File",
'CEF' => "CenturionMail Encrypted Package",
'CED' => "JVC Camera Video Data File",
'CW' => "CardWorks Template",
'CKP' => "SQL Server Checkpoint File",
'CKB' => "Cricket Audio Bank File",
'CLD' => "ClamAV Virus Definitions File",
'CNDX' => "Avery DesignPro for Mac Label File",
'CND' => "Melco Condensed Embroidery File",
'CAR' => "Car Explorer Data File",
'CRTR' => "MultiAd Creator Pro Document",
'CSX' => "Visual C# Script",
'CSP' => "Caché Server Page",
'CTX' => "Valve ICE Encoded Script",
'CWB' => "Cakewalk Bundle",
'CXF' => "Picasa Collage File",
'CXD' => "SimplePCI Data Document",
'CZD' => "CAD Zone Drawing",
'CZI' => "Carl Zeiss Image Data File",
'CL2ARC' => "Comic Life 2 Document Archive",
'C4P' => "CrossOver Software Installer File",
'CNM' => "NoteMap Outline File",
'CM10' => "CaseMap 10 Case File",
'CONFORM' => "Conformalizer Change List File",
'CDF-MS' => "ClickOnce Compiled Manifest File",
'CAPX' => "Capella CapXML File",
'CGRP' => "Pro Tools Clip Group File",
'CLARIFY' => "Clarify Document",
'CML' => "CryptoMailer Encrypted File",
'CONFIGPROFIL' => " 'Apple Configuration Profile",
'CTXT' => "BlueJ Context File",
'CXARCHIVE' => "CrossOver Bottle Archive",
'CSO' => "Compiled Shader Object File",
'CVSRC' => "CVS Command File",
'CLP' => "Finale Clip File",
'CRYPT' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'CBMAP' => "Containment Breach Map File",
'CDI' => "INTEX Output File",
'CCB' => "CopperCube 3D Scene",
'CIF' => "Crystallographic Information File",
'CWT' => "Cakewalk SONAR Template",
'COMPOSITIONT' => "M'PLATE Invantive Composition Template",
'COMPPKG.HAUP' => "W'ERK.RAR Hauptwerk Component Package",
'CATDRAWING' => "CATIA V5 Drawing",
'CDS' => "ConceptDraw SlideShow",
'CXI' => "FMAT RAW Image",
'CXA' => "FMAT Listmode File",
'CXR' => "FMAT Plate Results File",
'CSF' => "GeoMedia Coordinate System File",
'CWS' => "ChordWizard Song",
'CWT' => "ChordWizard Template",
'CPAA' => "Captivate Shared Action File",
'CPS' => "Captivate Styles File",
'CPTM' => "Captivate Theme File",
'CALCA' => "Calca Document",
'CM5' => "Clone Manager File",
'CRYPT8' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'COMICLIFE' => "Comic Life Document",
'CISO' => "Compact ISO File",
'CCLD' => "Construction Clouds Data File",
'CMR' => "Coach Results File",
'COMPILED' => "Compiled Game Resource File",
'CAJ' => "Chinese Academic Journal File",
'CPVC' => "Adobe Captivate Video Composition",
'COMP' => "Fusion Composition File",
'CMATE' => "ControllerMate File",
'CLIP' => "Grand Theft Auto 5 Clip",
'CUBE' => "Gaussian Cube File",
'CIRC' => "Logisim Circuit File",
'CRAM' => "Compressed Alignment File",
'CENON~' => "Cenon Backup File",
'CLKS' => "Clicker Sentences File",
'CLKD' => "Clicker Docs File",
'CLKB' => "Clicker Books File",
'CLKC' => "Clicker Connect Set File",
'CLKTK' => "Clicker Talk Set File",
'CLKM' => "Clicker Matching Set File",
'CLKV' => "Clicker Communicator Vocabulary Set File",
'CDML' => "Creately Diagram File",
'CONSIS' => "Sciral Consistency Document",
'COSESSIONDB' => "Capture One Session File",
'CERBER3' => "Cerber Ransomware Virus File",
'CFX' => "Flow-Cal Data File",
'CRYPT9' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'CFA' => "ComProbe Analyzer Capture File",
'COLLAB' => "Blackboard Collaborate Session File",
'CERBER' => "Cerber Ransomware Encrypted File",
'CERBER2' => "Cerber2 Ransomware Encrypted File",
'CDOC' => "Encrypted DigiDoc File",
'CELL' => "Thinkfree Office NEO Cell Workbook",
'CID' => "Navigator Chart Image Description File",
'CFB' => "Compound Binary File",
'COURSE' => "Super Mario ReMaker Course File",
'CPDX' => "Adobe Captivate Storyboard Project",
'CEBX' => "Apabi XML eBook File",
'CRYPT' => "CryptXXX Ransomware Encrypted File",
'CR3' => "Canon Raw 3 Image File",
'CIF' => "Easy CD Creator Disk Image",
'CRW' => "Canon Raw CIFF Image File",
'CAL' => "Calendar File",
'CALS' => "CALS Raster Graphic File",
'CWS' => "Claris Works Template",
'CAG' => "ClipArt Gallery Package",
'CBT' => "Computer Based Training File",
'CLP' => "Windows Clipboard File",
'CMF' => "Creative Music Format",
'C02' => "WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File",
'CCX' => "Click & Create Extension",
'COX' => "Click & Create Extension",
'CVS' => "Canvas 3 Drawing File",
'CNV' => "Canvas 6-8 Drawing File",
'CNF' => "Telnet Configuration File",
'CRD' => "Guitar Tabs",
'CAL' => "CALS Raster Graphic",
'CEL' => "MicroStation Cell Library",
'CNC' => "CNC Machine Tool Path",
'CCR' => "ASTM Continuity of Care Record",
'CBG' => "CyberGauge Data File",
'CAT' => "Advanced Disk Catalog Database",
'C01' => "Typhoon Wave Audio File",
'CPT' => "Compact Pro Archive",
'CMM' => "Corel Multimedia Manager Album",
'CST' => "ContentServ Template",
'CVI' => "CassiniVision Map Image File",
'CEB' => "Apabi eBook File",
'CWF' => "CorelDRAW Workspace File",
'CTX' => "Visual Basic Control Binary File",
'CAP' => "Construct Game Development File",
'CGR' => "Quest3D Channel Group File",
'CMP' => "Solid Edge Wire Harness File",
'CDF' => "Content Definition File",
'CTF' => "Content Transformation File",
'COL' => "Grand Theft Auto Collision File",
'CLX' => "Ceelox SecureMail Secure Message",
'CHA' => "Photoshop Channel Mixture",
'CHA' => "Character Layout File",
'CWZ' => "Circuit Wizard File",
'CHT' => "Emulator Cheat File",
'CXT' => "Director Protected Cast File",
'CCT' => "Director Protected Cast Resource",
'CHK' => "InterCheck Checksum Database",
'CPD' => "Compressed PhotoDefiner Image File",
'CLIX' => "CLIX Command File",
'COLORPICKER' => "Color Picker Plugin",
'CGP' => "PixelCryptor Encrypted File",
'CB7' => "Comic Book 7-Zip Archive",
'CPG' => "StarCraft Campaign File",
'CPMZ' => "Miradi/ConPro Project File",
'CM' => "CLEO Custom Mission",
'CS' => "CLEO Custom Script",
'CDP' => "CD/Spectrum Pro File",
'CEL' => "Battery 3 Drum Cell File",
'CT' => "Scitex Continuous Tone File",
'CHML' => "Chameleon Encrypted Database File",
'CMBL' => "Logger Pro Data File",
'CK9' => "Cook'n Cookbook Backup File",
'CPX' => "Corel CMX Compressed File",
'CL2' => "HY-TEK Meet Results File",
'CBF' => "ChessBase Game Information File",
'CLB' => "ICQ Contact List",
'CL4' => "Easy CD Creator 4 Project File",
'CTM' => "Star Wars Republic Commando Map File",
'CPY' => "eCopy Desktop File",
'CFGE' => "Jewel Quest Configuration File",
'CDX' => "CorelDRAW Compressed File",
'COS2' => "Pinnacle Studio Cache File",
'COD' => "Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document",
'CFML' => "ColdFusion Markup Language File",
'CFR' => "Cross Fire Replay File",
'CVF' => "CPU-Z Validation File",
'CDF' => "Nominal Small Business Accounting Company",
'CUS' => "AutoCAD Custom Dictionary File",
'CDC' => "AutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache File",
'CIMG' => "CImg Image File",
'COLLECTION' => "Adobe Bridge Collection File",
'CAR' => "Brew Component Application Resource File",
'CRASHED' => "AbiWord Crash-Saved Document",
'CLR' => "Vue Color Maps File",
'CDL' => "ConceptDraw PRO Library File",
'CDT' => "ConceptDraw PRO Template",
'CDX' => "ConceptDraw PRO XML Document",
'CST' => "Canvas Custom Set File",
'CVT' => "Canvas External Tool File",
'CFG' => "MAME Configuration File",
'CON' => "Battlefield 1942 Configuration File",
'CTL' => "StepMania SMZIP Package Description File",
'CRS' => "StepMania Course File",
'CEDPRJ' => "Ashampoo CoverEditor Project",
'CPTL' => "Adobe Captivate Project Template File",
'CCSCC' => "ClearCase Source Control Info File",
'CDMP' => "WCS Device Model Profile",
'CCP' => "RIB Import Converter Profile",
'C4K' => "Clonk Key File",
'CDP' => "ConceptDraw PROJECT File",
'CDPX' => "ConceptDraw PROJECT XML File",
'CCA' => "cc:Mail Archive File",
'CAS' => "Total War Model File",
'CFG' => "Wesnoth Markup Language File",
'CIRCUIT' => "KTechlab Circuit Design File",
'CDT' => "CD-Text File",
'CPK' => "CRI Middleware Package",
'CPG' => "Cool Page Project File",
'CSF' => "Cal3D Binary Skeleton File",
'CFG' => "LightWave Configuration File",
'CL' => "Cursor Library",
'CI' => "Windows Content Indexer Catalog File",
'CYBERDUCKPRO' => "I'LE Cyberduck Connection Profile",
'CYBERDUCKLIC' => "N'SE Cyberduck Donation Key",
'CSPLAN' => "SPSS Sampling Plan File",
'CFG' => "Celestia Configuration File",
'CMS' => "Connection Manager Service Profile",
'CME' => "Crazy Machines Experiment File",
'CRYPTRA' => "Cryptra Encrypted File",
'CPB' => "Comicino Studio Project File",
'CHG' => "Windows Net Logon File",
'CCX' => "Corel Clipart File",
'CPR' => "Adobe Captivate Preferences File",
'CDM' => "NTI CD-Maker Image",
'CPF' => "Cab Provisioning Format File",
'CNS' => "M.U.G.E.N. Character States File",
'C10' => "WinAce Split Archive Part 10",
'CDF' => "NetCDF Format File",
'CSD' => "Manga Studio Scene File",
'CHK' => "Netgear Router Firmware File",
'CPS' => "The Powder Toy Save File",
'CMMTHEME' => "CleanMyMac Theme File",
'CAMV' => "Camtasia Video File",
'CDXML' => "Cmdlet Definition XML File",
'C3Z' => "OpenQwaq 3D Model File",
'CPQ' => "Compaq OEM Disc Configuration File",
'COL' => "Capture One Session File",
'CTBODYFITTIN' => " 'CrazyTalk Animator Actor Fitting File",
'CBA' => "CryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File",
'CAL' => "CryENGINE Character Animation List",
'CRYPTED' => "WinOptimizer Encrypted File",
'CEF' => "Class Action Gradebook Elementary File",
'CF2' => "Common File Format File",
'CFS' => "Lucene Compound Index File",
'CKF' => "Casio Keyboard File",
'CKBX' => "Cricket Audio XML Bank Description File",
'CMA' => "TM1 Exported Cube File",
'CMA' => "OCaml Library",
'CVW' => "CaseView Document",
'CXF' => "Chemical Exchange Format File",
'CXF' => "Cuttlefish Extended Format File",
'CX3' => "CMS Recorded Video File",
'CZP' => "ClozePro Archive",
'CL2DOC' => "Comic Life 2 Document",
'CL2TPL' => "Comic Life 2 Template",
'CL2LYT' => "Comic Life 2 Layout File",
'CALIBRE' => "Calibre Device Data File",
'CHUNK001' => "File Splitter Split Archive Part 1",
'CAWR' => "Espresso workreport Document",
'COR' => "CorelDRAW Drawing",
'COS' => "Creatures CAOS File",
'CAMM' => "espresso Mind Map Document",
'CADC' => "Corpatla Data Container File",
'CAA' => "CleanApp Archive",
'CIV5SAVE' => "Civilization 5 Saved Game",
'CLT' => "VisualBoyAdvance Cheat List File",
'CHC' => "HCFR Colormeter Data File",
'CPBITMAP' => "iOS Wallpaper Image",
'COFFEE' => "CoffeeScript JavaScript File",
'CDZ' => "Compressed CD Image File",
'CWT' => "ClarisWorks Texture File",
'CHART' => "Guitar Rhythm Chart File",
'CBC' => "Comic Book Collection",
'CTC' => "Visual Studio Command Table Configuration",
'CTO' => "Visual Studio Binary Command Table Output",
'CTSYM' => "Visual Studio Command Table Output File",
'CLK' => "ClickView Video File",
'CCBJS' => "CopperCube JavaScript File",
'CERTSIGNINGR' => "Q'UEST Apple Developer Signing Certificate Request",
'COLOURSCHEME' => "Speedy Browser Colour Scheme File",
'CLI' => "Grand Theft Auto Clip Data File",
'CIV5MOD' => "Civilization 5 Mod File",
'CIV5MAP' => "Civilization 5 Map",
'CIB' => "Luminaire Data File",
'CAT4D' => "Cinema 4D Catalog",
'CBXML' => "CodeBox Library",
'CCS' => "CCS Script File",
'COMPOSITIONM' => "D'EL Invantive Composition Data Model File",
'CHKSPLIT' => "Archiver Split Checksum File",
'COMPPKG_HAUP' => "W'ERK_RAR Hauptwerk Component Package",
'CAR' => "Gary Gadget Car File",
'CST' => "Gary Gadget Plug-in",
'CDTX' => "ConceptDraw PRO XML Template",
'CDSX' => "ConceptDraw PRO XML SlideShow File",
'CDLX' => "ConceptDraw PRO XML Library File",
'CXP' => "FMAT Assay File",
'CRYPT7' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'CRYPT6' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'CRYPT5' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'CWD' => "Nonogram Puzzle File",
'CWY' => "ChordWizard Style",
'CBOARD' => "Final Cut Pro Color Board Preset",
'CX5' => "Clone Manager XML File",
'CMV' => "CorelMOVE Animation",
'CAP' => "ASUS BIOS Update File",
'CCC' => "Dev-C++ Code Completion Cache",
'CPHD' => "CloudChan Pre-processed Hypertext Document",
'C4' => "JEDMICS Image File",
'CSD' => "Steam Game Data Backup File",
'CSM' => "Steam Game Backup File",
'CUB' => "Gaussian Cube File",
'CENON' => "Cenon Project",
'CROP' => "Crick Software Options File",
'CLKP' => "Clicker Object Palette File",
'CLKBD' => "Clicker Board Set",
'CADOC' => "Clicker App Document",
'CMAKE' => "CMake File",
'CIV5SLN' => "Civilization 5 Solution File",
'CIA' => "CTR Importable Archive",
'CANNEDSEARCH' => "Apple Predefined Search",
'COMIC' => "Comic Life Comic",
'CUSTOMDESTIN' => "T'IONS-MS Windows 7 Jump List File",
'CETRAINER' => "Cheat Engine Trainer File",
'CMR' => "U.S. Sectional Chart Map File",
'CHAI' => "Chaimera Artwork File",
'CHAIT' => "Chaimera Artwork Template",
'CREC' => "Lync Video File",
'COVERAGE' => "Visual Studio Code Coverage Report",
'C3D' => "C3D Model File",
'CHR' => "Doki Doki Literature Club! Character File",
'CAA' => "Chinese Academic Article Link File",
'CTB' => "Cherrytree SQLite Document",
'CTX' => "Cherrytree Password-protected SQLite Document",
'CTD' => "Cherrytree XML Document",
'CTZ' => "Cherrytree Password-protected XML Document",
'CMO' => "ASUS BIOS File",
'CSG' => "CounterSketch Design Project",
'CMAP' => "The Escapists Custom Prison Map File",
'CMPKG' => "craftersmine Package",
'CDP' => "Sony CD Architect Project",
'CAM' => "FastCAM CAM File",
'CME' => "Command Multimedia Evidence File",
'CTF' => "PSP Custom Theme File",
'CDM' => "Conceptual Data Model File",
'CML' => "OGC Web Map Context Document",
'CAD' => "Autodesk QuickCAD File",
'CON' => "COW System Settings File",
'CALB' => "Coolect Album File",
'CAM' => "CASIO Digital Camera Picture File",
'CDF' => "Channel Definition Format",
'CE' => "ComputerEyes Image",
'CUT' => "Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File",
'CBK' => "Backup Configuration File",
'CAR' => "CAR Archive",
'CHG' => "Quicken Online Data File",
'CA' => "Initial Telnet Cache",
'CMS' => "Content Management System",
'CHR' => "Borland Character Set File",
'CM' => "Cable Modem Configuration File",
'CHN' => "Ethnograph Data",
'CVC' => "cVideo",
'CPT' => "Pocket Slides Presentation",
'CUE' => "CDRWIN Cue Sheet",
'C2D' => "WinOnCD Disc Image",
'CD' => "CD-i OptImage",
'CYS' => "Clustify Summary File",
'CSP' => "Concept Server Page",
'CCH' => "Corel Chart File",
'CMP' => "Generic CADD Component File",
'CYW' => "Rbot.CYW Worm File",
'CDR' => "Crash Data Retrieval Data File",
'CH3' => "Harvard Graphics DOS Chart File",
'CLM' => "GenePattern CEL Descriptor File",
'CPX' => "Rise of Rome Campaign File",
'COR' => "Trimble Corrected SSF File",
'CBS' => "Code Breaker PS2 Save File",
'CN1' => "CNR Modem Initialization Data File",
'CHEF' => "Chef Source Code File",
'CFS' => "CFS Console File",
'COMPRESSED' => "WordCompress Compacted Web File",
'CFXR' => "Cocoa Sfxr File",
'CI' => "PolySpace Preprocessed Code File",
'CASE' => "SlipCover Case Template",
'CML' => "Crazy Machines Lab File",
'COMFYCAKESSA' => "E'-MS Comfy Cakes Saved Game",
'CEM' => "Children of the Nile Model File",
'CF' => "Sendmail Configuration File",
'CMF' => "Connected Backup File",
'CHS' => "Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File",
'CHT' => "Windows Chinese Traditional Noise-Word List",
'CMD' => "M.U.G.E.N. Character Commands File",
'CHESSTITANSS' => "V'E-MS Microsoft Chess Titans Saved Game",
'CHAM' => "Compiled HAM File",
'CRAFT' => "KSP Spacecraft File",
'CXT' => "CX-Programmer Project Text File",
'CHV' => "ChView Interactive Star Map File",
'CEL' => "FLIC Animation",
'CXF' => "Coordinates Export Format",
'CRYSISJMSF' => "Crysis Saved Game",
'CRYSISPSF' => "Crysis Warhead Saved Game",
'CSL' => "CineStyle Color Lookup File",
'CFF' => "Common File Format",
'CONTROLS' => "OpenBVE Keyboard Shortcuts File",
'C2U' => "Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File",
'CACTION' => "Automator Converter Action",
'CPR' => "CPC Plus Cartridge",
'CSUTIL' => "ColorSync Utility Folder",
'CDX' => "Alpha Five Table Index File",
'CHR0' => "Wii Model Animation File",
'CLR0' => "Wii Color Swapping Animation File",
'CPU' => "Virtual CPU File",
'CAMERROR' => "Camtasia Studio Error File",
'CV' => "CodeView Data File",
'CIS' => "CheckInbox Settings File",
'CS1' => "CaptureShop 1-shot Raw Image",
'CM0013' => "Samsung Smart TV Index File",
'CLP' => "Clipper Compiler Instructions File",
'CPN' => "Grim Dawn Default Character File",
'DAT' => "Data File",
'DB' => "Database File",
'DLL' => "Dynamic Link Library",
'DMG' => "Mac OS X Disk Image",
'DOC' => "Microsoft Word Document",
'DRV' => "Device Driver",
'DNG' => "Digital Negative Image File",
'DWG' => "AutoCAD Drawing Database File",
'DXF' => "Drawing Exchange Format File",
'DBF' => "Database File",
'DEM' => "Video Game Demo File",
'DDS' => "DirectDraw Surface",
'DTD' => "Document Type Definition File",
'DMP' => "Windows Memory Dump",
'DOCX' => "Microsoft Word Open XML Document",
'DEB' => "Debian Software Package",
'DCR' => "Shockwave Media File",
'DESKTHEMEPAC' => " 'Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File",
'DBX' => "Outlook Express E-mail Folder",
'DSS' => "Digital Speech Standard File",
'DOT' => "Word Document Template",
'DIB' => "Device Independent Bitmap File",
'DRW' => "Drawing File",
'DPX' => "Digital Picture Exchange File",
'DWT' => "Dreamweaver Web Page Template",
'DVR-MS' => "Microsoft Digital Video Recording",
'DGN' => "MicroStation Design File",
'DIVX' => "DivX-Encoded Movie File",
'DCM' => "DICOM Image",
'DCF' => "DRM Content Format File",
'DPR' => "Delphi Project",
'DIF' => "Data Interchange Format",
'DB' => "Windows Thumbnail Cache",
'DOTX' => "Word Open XML Document Template",
'DAT' => "Exchange E-mail Attachment",
'DAE' => "Digital Asset Exchange File",
'DBB' => "Skype User Information File",
'DWF' => "Design Web Format File",
'DEX' => "Dalvik Executable File",
'DT1' => "DTED Level 1 File",
'DT2' => "Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image File",
'DREAM' => "Dream Animated Wallpaper File",
'DSN' => "Database Source Name File",
'DBA' => "Palm Datebook Backup File",
'DBK' => "Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Backup File",
'DMSM' => "VideoWave Movie Project File",
'DMSP' => "PhotoSuite Project File",
'DMSE' => "Sound Editor Project File",
'DMSA' => "Music Disc Creator Project File",
'DVDMEDIA' => "RipIt DVD Package",
'DAT' => "Minecraft Data File",
'DXE' => "AutoCAD Data Extraction Template",
'DST' => "AutoCAD Sheet Set File",
'DCP' => "Adobe DNG Camera Profile",
'DZM' => "DirectorZone Menu Template",
'DZP' => "DirectorZone Particle Effect File",
'DMGPART' => "Mac OS X Disk Image Part",
'DEK' => "Magic: The Gathering Deck File",
'DLX' => "DIALux Document",
'DISC' => "Toast Document",
'DRA' => "OrCAD Drawing File",
'DTX' => "Documented LaTeX File",
'DCPROJ' => "Dashcode Project",
'DAZ' => "DAZ Studio 3D Scene",
'DSF' => "DAZ Studio Asset File",
'DPROJ' => "Delphi Project",
'DSB' => "Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project",
'DWD' => "DavkaWriter File",
'DASH' => "MPEG-DASH Video File",
'DUF' => "DAZ User File",
'DB.CRYPT8' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'DB.CRYPT12' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'DSK' => "Disk Image",
'DV' => "Digital Video File",
'DIC' => "Dictionary File",
'DFONT' => "Mac OS X Data Fork Font",
'DXB' => "Drawing Exchange Binary",
'DCR' => "Kodak RAW Image File",
'DIR' => "Adobe Director Movie",
'DXR' => "Protected Macromedia Director Movie",
'DBT' => "Database Text File",
'DCS' => "Desktop Color Separation File",
'DLG' => "Digital Line Graph",
'DMS' => "Disk Masher Image",
'DVI' => "Device Independent Format File",
'DO' => "Java Servlet",
'DJVU' => "DjVu Image",
'DIZ' => "Description in Zip File",
'DST' => "Tajima Embroidery Format",
'DSP' => "Visual C++ 6 Project",
'DSW' => "Visual C++ 6 Workspace File",
'DSC' => "Nikon Disk Identification File",
'DOWNLOAD' => "Partially Downloaded File",
'DAA' => "PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive",
'DVF' => "Sony Digital Voice File",
'DCE' => "DriveCam Video File",
'DESKLINK' => "Desktop Shortcut",
'DBC' => "FoxPro Database",
'DBF' => "FoxPro Table",
'DBG' => "Visual FoxPro Debugger Configuration File",
'DCX' => "FoxPro Database Index",
'DNE' => "Netica Text File",
'DFT' => "Solid Edge Draft Document",
'DCT' => "Dictionary File",
'DCX' => "FAXserve Fax Document",
'DCTMP' => "DC++ Partially Downloaded File",
'DII' => "Summation Batch Load File",
'DEF' => "Module-Definition File",
'DOC' => "WordPad Document",
'DM' => "DRM Delivery Message",
'DR' => "DRM Rights Object",
'DRC' => "DRM Rights Object",
'DCU' => "Delphi Compiled Unit",
'DFM' => "Delphi Form",
'DCP' => "Delphi Compiled Package",
'DPK' => "Delphi Package",
'DPL' => "Delphi Package Library",
'D64' => "Commodore 64 Disk Image",
'DCM' => "DCM Audio Module",
'DEWF' => "SoundEdit Recorded Instrument",
'DF2' => "Defractor 2 Instrument",
'DFC' => "Defractor Instrument",
'DIG' => "Digilink Audio File",
'DIG' => "Sound Designer Audio File",
'DLS' => "Downloadable Sounds File",
'DMF' => "Delusion Digital Music File",
'DSF' => "Delusion Digital Sound File",
'DSM' => "Digital Sound Module",
'DTM' => "DigiTrakker Module",
'DWD' => "DiamondWare Digital Audio File",
'DCT' => "Dictation Audio File",
'DOCM' => "Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document",
'DOTM' => "Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template",
'DAR' => "DAR Disk Archive",
'DGC' => "DGCA File Archive",
'DIST' => "Mac OS X Distribution Script",
'DOB' => "Visual Basic UserDocument",
'DOX' => "Visual Basic Binary UserDocument",
'DS_STORE' => "Mac OS X Folder Settings File",
'DC4' => "ViaThinkSoft (De)Coder 4 File",
'DRW' => "DESIGNER Drawing",
'DF1' => "Omnis Native Datafile",
'DP1' => "DataPower Database File",
'DPD' => "Ovation Pro File",
'DES' => "Corel Designer File",
'D2V' => "DVD2AVI File",
'DEC' => "Declaration File",
'DHTML' => "Dynamic HTML file",
'DAT' => "VCD Video File",
'DPG' => "Nintendo DS Movie File",
'DGB' => "FlashCAD Drawing Database",
'DRM' => "Cubase Drum Map File",
'DBV' => "Database Variable Field",
'DOWNLOADHOST' => "MSN Download Settings File",
'DDC' => "DivX Descriptor File",
'DISKDEFINES' => "Linux LiveCD Information File",
'DDCX' => "DivX Descriptor 2 File",
'DISCO' => "DISCO Discovery Document",
'DISCOMAP' => "DISCO Discovery Output File",
'DAM' => "DeltaMaster Analysis Model",
'DAS' => "DeltaMaster Analysis Session",
'DVD' => "CloneCD DVD Information File",
'DM2' => "Toad Data Modeler 2 File",
'DM2' => "Quake 2 Demo File",
'D' => "D Source Code File",
'DPR' => "Digital InterPlot File",
'DPP' => "DrawPlus Drawing File",
'DLL' => "DLL Dynamic Web Page",
'DESKTOP' => "Desktop Entry File",
'DFP' => "Fusion Plugin File",
'D3V' => "Datel Video File",
'DOL' => "GameCube Executable File",
'DM_84' => "Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie File",
'DTP' => "Publish-iT Document",
'DVX' => "DivX Video File",
'DAP' => "Access Data Access Page",
'DVL' => "Dalim Virtual Library File",
'DC' => "DesignCAD Design File",
'DCD' => "DesignCAD Drawing",
'DSY' => "Directory Synchronizer Project File",
'DSZ' => "Orchida (OES) Embroidery File",
'DVDPROJ' => "iDVD Project File",
'DISK' => "Linux Virtual Hard Disk",
'DWI' => "Dance With Intensity Song File",
'DLM' => "Akamai Download Manager File",
'DFF' => "RenderWare Model File",
'DAX' => "PSP Compressed ISO Disc Image",
'DAP' => "Download Accelerator Plus Partial Download",
'DOCKZIP' => "ObjectDock File",
'DLD' => "EdLog Compiled Program",
'DTS' => "DTS Encoded Audio File",
'DAL' => "Download Accelerator Plus URL List",
'DAL' => "DVD-lab Project File",
'DM_82' => "Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie File",
'DM_83' => "Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie File",
'DSTUDIO' => "DownloadStudio Incomplete Download",
'DOLPHINVIEW' => "Dolphin Folder View Settings File",
'DIRECTORY' => "KDE Folder View Properties File",
'DRWDOT' => "SolidWorks Drawing Template",
'DFX' => "Drafix CAD File",
'DCM' => "DiskCatalogMaker Catalog File",
'DCMD' => "DiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog",
'DBD' => "DemoShield Project",
'DCF' => "Safetica Free Encrypted Archive",
'DCO' => "Safetica Free Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive",
'DRL' => "Gerber Drill Rack File",
'DESIGN' => "Microsoft Expression Design Drawing",
'DLC' => "Download Link Container File",
'DPM' => "Pro Tools Plugin File",
'DFPROJ' => "DVD Flick Project",
'DCD' => "DisCryptor Encrypted Database",
'DPN' => "Depiction Data File",
'DFM' => "Midas ViewPoint Display Form",
'DTR' => "DATroniC Data Recording",
'DTW' => "Desktop Wallpaper",
'DCF' => "Document Computation Format",
'DWFX' => "Design Web Format XPS File",
'DBO' => "DarkBASIC Object",
'DT2' => "DTED Level 2 File",
'DT0' => "DTED Level 0 File",
'DNA' => "CA Backup and Migration Backup File",
'DTSHD' => "DTS-HD Master Audio File",
'DNL' => "DNAML eBook File",
'DCK' => "Resolume Deck File",
'DL' => "Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File",
'DDF' => "Diamond Directive File",
'DDT' => "Football Manager Keep Player Data File",
'DB3' => "SQLite Database File",
'DVO' => "Cook'n Cookbook File",
'DMSS' => "VideoWave SlideShow Project File",
'DLV' => "CATIA 4 Export File",
'DXP' => "CDBurnerXP Data Compilation File",
'DRG' => "I-Doser Audio Drug File",
'DGK' => "Delcam 3D Model File",
'DCOVER' => "Disc Cover File",
'DMC' => "Datamartist Data Canvas File",
'DWLIBRARY' => "Paperless Document Library",
'DBPROJ' => "Visual Studio Database Project File",
'DBML' => "Visual Studio OR Design File",
'DV-AVI' => "Microsoft DV-AVI Video File",
'DAZIP' => "Dragon Age: Origins Game File",
'DLU' => "3ds Max Utility Plug-in File",
'DBX' => "AutoCAD Database Extension File",
'DSD' => "AutoCAD Drawing Set Description File",
'DWS' => "AutoCAD Drawing Standards File",
'DCL' => "AutoCAD Dialog Definition File",
'DWT' => "AutoCAD Drawing Template",
'DXX' => "AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File",
'DCPR' => "Adobe DNG Camera Profile Recipe File",
'DWS' => "Adobe Dreamweaver Site Cache File",
'DCST' => "Adobe InDesign Document Presets File",
'DZT' => "DirectorZone Title File",
'DIF' => "MAME CHD Diff File",
'DIF' => "Torque Game Engine Model File",
'DIV' => "DIVA-GIS Project File",
'DIX' => "DIVA-GIS Export File",
'DIAGCAB' => "Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet File",
'DVDS' => "DVDStyler Project File",
'DC2' => "DesignCAD 2D ASCII Drawing",
'DC3' => "DesignCAD 3D ASCII Drawing",
'DMO' => "Duke Nukem 3D Demo File",
'DV2' => "Divinity 2 Data File",
'DIA' => "Dia Diagram File",
'DER' => "DER Certificate File",
'DEK' => "Yugioh Virtual Desktop Deck File",
'DEK' => "LackeyCCG Card Deck File",
'DBS' => "SQLBase Database File",
'DRA' => "Nuance Dragon Voice Recording File",
'DAT' => "Windows Registry Hive File",
'DSGM' => "DS Game Maker Project",
'DBR' => "DeepBurner Disc Project",
'DCMF' => "DiskCatalogMaker Catalog",
'DL_' => "Compressed DLL File",
'DTAPART' => "DownThemAll! Partially Downloaded File",
'DTSX' => "DTS Settings File",
'DIT' => "Active Directory Information Tree File",
'DXL' => "Domino XML Language File",
'DRA' => "Dolphin PartMaster Drawing File",
'DRF' => "VIZ Render File",
'DITA' => "DITA Document",
'DITAMAP' => "DITA Topic Map File",
'DITAVAL' => "DITA Conditions File",
'DNF' => "Duke Nukem Forever Map File",
'DNS' => "Duke Nukem Forever Save File",
'DPA' => "DrawPlus Animation File",
'DUCK' => "Cyberduck Bookmark",
'DVR' => "Microsoft Recorded TV Show",
'DCB' => "Concordance Database File",
'DBA' => "DarkBASIC Source Code File",
'DBPRO' => "DarkBASIC Professional Project File",
'DB' => "Mobile Device Database File",
'DMSD' => "Roxio MyDVD Project",
'DMSD3D' => "Roxio MyDVD 3D Project",
'DPS' => "Kingsoft Presentation File",
'DSN' => "OrCAD Design File",
'DS2' => "Olympus DSS Pro Audio File",
'DASCHEMA' => "RemObjects Data Abstract Schema File",
'DACONNECTION' => " 'RemObjects Data Abstract Connections File",
'DUC' => "Action Replay Max DS Save File",
'DMM' => "iMindQ Mind Map File",
'DMMX' => "iMindQ XML Map Bundle",
'DSB' => "Dell DataSafe Backup File",
'DS' => "DAZ Studio 1/2 Script",
'DSA' => "DAZ Studio 3+ Script",
'DSB' => "DAZ Studio Binary Script",
'DSI' => "DAZ Studio Layered Image Set",
'DACPAC' => "SQL Server Data Tier Application Package",
'DCR' => "Digital Court Recorder Video File",
'DCR' => "Liberty Video Recording File",
'DM3' => "DigitalMicrograph Image",
'DCUIL' => "Delphi .NET Compiled Unit File",
'DPKW' => "Delphi Package",
'DNA' => "SnapGene DNA File",
'DPB' => "DataPilot Backup File",
'DMR' => "BrainVoyager Diffusion Weighted Project File",
'DMX' => "Source Filmmaker Project File",
'DBA' => "CryENGINE Animation Database File",
'DWDOC' => "DrawWell Document",
'DMPR' => "Direct Mail Project File",
'DEPROJ' => "Disketch Project File",
'DMC' => "Mimic Configuration File",
'DVC' => "Dragon Voice Command File",
'DB1' => "Tekla Structures Model File",
'DDL' => "Data Definition Language File",
'DHS' => "HyperSnap Drawing",
'DRPM' => "Delta RPM File",
'DGML' => "Visual Studio Directed Graph Document",
'DGSL' => "Visual Shader Graph File",
'DRAWING' => "Artboard Drawing",
'DM1' => "ER/Studio Data Model File",
'DMD' => "SQL Developer Data Modeler File",
'DMT' => "DeLorme Transfer File",
'DMI' => "BYOND Dream Maker Icon File",
'DMB' => "BYOND Game Executable",
'DOWNLOADING' => "Pando Incomplete Download File",
'DUN' => "Dungeon Defenders Saved Game File",
'DAT_NEW' => "Minecraft World Level File",
'DASH' => "Dashlane Profile",
'DRMZ' => "Drumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File",
'DEVICEIDS' => "Device Identification FIle",
'DEVICEINFO' => "Device Record",
'DSC' => "Debian Source Control File",
'DICT' => "Dictionary File",
'DLT' => "DELTA Binary Dataset File",
'DLR' => "finalRender Plugin",
'DIFF' => "Patch File",
'DVTCOLORTHEM' => " 'Xcode Color Theme File",
'DSL' => "Lingvo Dictionary File",
'DAT' => "Porteus Save Container File",
'DEFT' => "Juice Grinder Defaults File",
'DB' => "Skype Chat History File",
'DSG' => "Doom Saved Game",
'DIM' => "Active@ Raw Disk Image Backup File",
'DUPEGURU' => "dupeGuru Duplicate File List",
'DOK' => "DesktopOK Icons Layout File",
'DTSCONFIG' => "SSIS Package Configuration File",
'DART' => "Dart Source Code File",
'DAR' => "DVD Architect Project",
'DLIS' => "DLIS Well Log Data File",
'DIAGSESSION' => "Diagnostics Session File",
'DLTEMP' => "UC Browser Temporary Download File",
'DDOC' => "DigiDoc Signature File",
'DR5' => "Dramatica Story Expert Project",
'DSF' => "Dramatica Pro Project",
'DE' => "DrawExpress Diagram File",
'DVB' => "AutoCAD VBA Project File",
'DWS' => "Dyalog Workspace File",
'DIP' => "DipTrace Printed Circuit Board File",
'DEC' => "Magic: The Gathering Online Deck File",
'DWN' => "Firmware Update File",
'DSK' => "Borland Project Desktop File",
'DBK' => "dBASE Database Backup",
'DIM' => "DIME File",
'DIME' => "Direct Internet Message Encapsulation File",
'DD' => "DiskDoubler Archive",
'DEK' => "Memorize-It Flashcard Deck",
'DSS' => "DCC Active Designer File",
'DEV' => "Windows Device Driver File",
'DEX' => "DEXIS Digital X-ray File",
'DES' => "Pro/DESKTOP CAD File",
'DA0' => "Windows Registry Backup File",
'DLO' => "3ds Max Plug-in",
'DQY' => "Excel Query File",
'DXS' => "Deus Ex Saved Game",
'DYLIB' => "Mach-O Dynamic Library",
'DMO' => "Derive Demo",
'DSK' => "Simple IDs Database",
'DCT' => "FoxPro Database Memo",
'DMS' => "Dream Maker Script",
'DDRW' => "ClarisDraw Drawing",
'DEF' => "SmartWare II Data File",
'DIF' => "Digital Interface Format",
'DAO' => "Disk at Once CD/DVD Image",
'DEM' => "Digital Elevation Model",
'DEV' => "Dev-C++ Project File",
'DES' => "QuickBooks Forms Template",
'DBM' => "ColdFusion Server File",
'DCL' => "DumpSec Report File",
'DGS' => "Dagesh Pro Document",
'DMB' => "Digital Multimedia Broadcasting File",
'DAF' => "Digital Anchor File",
'D88' => "Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk File",
'DWC' => "Emulex DWC Firmware Update File",
'DSB' => "Orchida Embroidery File",
'DMO' => "Movienizer Database File",
'DB' => "X-Ray Engine Database",
'DSYM' => "Xcode Debug Symbols File",
'DSKIN' => "DockX Skin",
'DAV' => "DVR365 Video File",
'DSD' => "Diet Studio Data File",
'DML' => "DynaScript File",
'DSV' => "DeSmuME Save File",
'DDAT' => "DivX Temporary Video File",
'DINFO' => "DivX Temporary Video Info File",
'DMSK' => "DivX Temporary Video Data File",
'DICPROOF' => "Microsoft Dictionary Proofing File",
'DCX' => "Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File",
'DNC' => "Windows Dancer File",
'DATA' => "Analysis Studio Offline Data File",
'DDT' => "Diagram Designer Template",
'DJV' => "DjVu Image",
'DOX' => "Doxygen Documentation File",
'DWP' => "DarkWave Studio Project File",
'DWZ' => "DVD MovieFactory Project File",
'DJM' => "Dynojet Map File",
'DTD' => "Design Tools Draw File",
'DSF' => "Designer File",
'DTF' => "Domino Temporary File",
'DRG' => "AllyCAD Drawing File",
'DED' => "Dr. Engrave Document",
'DLX' => "Sony VDU Video File",
'DWL' => "TurboCAD Drawing Lock File",
'DV4' => "Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video File",
'DMF' => "Geosystem Digitals Map File",
'DCT' => "AutoCAD Dictionary File",
'DGS' => "3D Screen Creator Scene File",
'DSX' => "Diet Studio XML File",
'DAT' => "SimCity 4 Game Data File",
'DSG' => "Control Studio Document",
'DA2' => "DeepAnalysis Save File",
'DA2' => "Ad-Aware License File",
'DMSM3D' => "VideoWave 3D Movie Project File",
'DCPF' => "Disc Copier Project File",
'D3D' => "Game Maker 3D File",
'DIAGCFG' => "Troubleshooting Pack Configuration File",
'DIAGPKG' => "Troubleshooting Pack File",
'DS' => "LMMS DrumSynth File",
'DC2' => "Kodak Photo-Enhancer File",
'DMO' => "Cube 2: Sauerbraten Demo File",
'DBGSYM' => "Debug Symbols File",
'DIA' => "Do It Again Task File",
'DDT' => "Age of Mythology Textures File",
'DBS' => "GAMBIT Mesh File",
'DEP' => "Windows Dependency File",
'DHCD' => "DHCD Computing Application Data File",
'DSI' => "Double-Precision Spectral Image",
'DIS' => "Oracle Discoverer Workbook",
'DXL' => "Rational DOORS Script",
'DXLS' => "DashXL Skin Set File",
'DICOM' => "DICOM Image File",
'DZ' => "Dzip File",
'DZIP' => "The Witcher 2 Game Archive",
'DRF' => "Dynojet Run File",
'DPX' => "DrawPlus Template",
'DRAWIT' => "DrawIt Drawing",
'DSC' => "Celestia Deep Space Catalog File",
'DAM' => "DAME Project",
'DAP' => "Diet Analysis Profile",
'D00' => "VirtualDrive Disc Image Part File",
'D01' => "VirtualDrive Disc Image Part 2 File",
'DPB' => "DVD Profiler Backup File",
'DDB' => "Digidesign Database",
'DDB' => "Command & Conquer: Renegade Data File",
'DC1' => "DevCad Document",
'DC2' => "DevCad Cam Pro Document",
'DBQ' => "AutoCAD Query Set",
'DFK' => "Dark Flow Project File",
'DPT' => "Kingsoft Presentation Template",
'DDD' => "GLBasic 3D Data File",
'DB' => "QQ Account Database File",
'DESC' => "Battlefield 2 Map Description File",
'DABRIEFCASE' => "RemObjects Data Abstract File Briefcase",
'DACONFIG' => "RemObjects Data Abstract Configuration File",
'DADIAGRAMS' => "RemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams File",
'DAD' => "RemObjects Data Abstract Driver File",
'DNA' => "GenePool DNA File",
'D3DBSP' => "Call of Duty Map File",
'DSE' => "DAZ Studio Encrypted Script",
'DSX' => "DAZ Studio XML File",
'DSO' => "DAZ Studio Object File",
'DSD' => "DAZ Studio Object Morph File",
'DSV' => "DAZ Studio UV Mapping File",
'DBM' => "DAZ Brick Material File",
'DBC' => "DAZ Brick Camera File",
'DBL' => "DAZ Brick Light File",
'DMX-INFO' => "DriverMax Driver Information File",
'DISABLED' => "Spybot - Search & Destroy Disabled File",
'DUN' => "Dial Up Network File",
'DM3' => "Quake 3 Demo File",
'DM_68' => "Quake 3 Demo File",
'DRES' => "Delphi Compiled Resource File",
'DPV' => "Siemens NX Drafting Standard File",
'DJR' => "Ringtone Media Studio DJ Ringtone Project",
'DFU' => "iOS DFU File",
'DIVA' => "Project DIVA Song File",
'DRSCAN' => "Data Rescue Scans File",
'D2S' => "Diablo 2 Save File",
'DAT_OLD' => "Minecraft Level.dat Backup File",
'DRZ' => "PyDrizzle Data File",
'DOC#' => "LibreOffice Document Lock File",
'DS' => "Furcadia DragonSpeak File",
'DRM' => "Deus Ex Data File",
'DB-SHM' => "SQLite Database Shared Memory File",
'DB-WAL' => "SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File",
'DEX' => "Disketch Project File",
'DFG' => "Data Flask Grid File",
'DAT' => "Inno Setup Uninstaller Data File",
'DXP' => "Dexpot Profile File",
'DMC' => "DPCM Sample File",
'DDP' => "Delphi Diagram Portfolio File",
'DFS' => "BrainSuite Surface File",
'DGT' => "DST Thumbnail File",
'DEVELOPERPRO' => "I'LE Xcode Developer Profile",
'DAT_MCR' => "Minecraft Level.dat Backup File",
'DECRYPT' => "Decrypted Microsoft ESD File",
'DKT' => "DiGiTIAL THUNDER Drum Kit File",
'DT' => "Drum Station Machine State File",
'DET' => "Sage ACT! 5 Email Message",
'DOCSET' => "Doxygen Document Set File",
'DPF' => "Dargon Package",
'DEVELVE' => "Develve Data File",
'DFF' => "DSD Audio File",
'DRMX' => "Drumlin Fully Secure PDF File",
'DW' => "David Whittaker Audio File",
'DEFS' => "BlueJ Settings File",
'DRU' => "EAGLE Design Rules File",
'DDX' => "Alpha Five Data Dictionary Index File",
'DDD' => "Alpha Five Data Dictionary File",
'DDM' => "Alpha Five Data Dictionary Memo File",
'DTL' => "Now Contact Detail Template",
'DB.JOU' => "Patran Journal File",
'DLC' => "DIALux Light Control File",
'D$$' => "AGT Game Encrypted Message File",
'DA1' => "AGT Game Data File",
'DA3' => "AGT Game Data File",
'DA4' => "AGT Game Data File",
'DA5' => "AGT Game Data File",
'DXB' => "Duxbury Braille File",
'DXP' => "Duxbury Print File",
'DLG' => "Dialogue File",
'D3MD' => "DART Metadata File",
'DVTPLUGIN' => "Xcode DVT Plug-in",
'DROPBOX' => "Dropbox Shared Folder Tracker",
'DDE' => "Lingvo Dictionary Error Log File",
'DAT' => "Piriform DAT File",
'DAT' => "Piriform Key File",
'DCR' => "Delphi Component Resource File",
'DNG' => "Virtual Dongle Image",
'DFT' => "eJuice Me Up Default Settings File",
'DWL2' => "AutoCAD Drawing Lock File",
'DEMO' => "Pokémon Type Wild Data File",
'DSPL' => "Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server Playlist",
'DSR' => "Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server Recipe File",
'DEOS' => "Driver Easy Offline Scan File",
'DSC' => "Kingsoft Design Science Equation File",
'DST' => "DeSmuME Save State",
'DCT' => "DeSmuME ROM Cheats File",
'DFC' => "DeSmuME Firmware Configuration File",
'DIC' => "DICOM Image",
'DTM' => "Dolphin TAS Movie",
'DEVICEMETADA' => "A'-MS Device Metadata Package",
'DSS' => "DiskStation Backup Configuration File",
'DONE' => "Marker File",
'DJA' => "Dundjinni Module File",
'DSET' => "Kratos Dataset File",
'DB-JOURNAL' => "SQLite Rollback Journal File",
'DAD' => "IMS200 Video Record File",
'DRA' => "Scriptor Script File",
'D' => "Source Dependency File",
'DRW' => "ANVIL Drawing File",
'DTP' => "dotTrace Profile File",
'DBX' => "Dropbox Encrypted Database File",
'DB.CRYPT' => "WhatsApp Encrypted Database File",
'DSG' => "Stitch Era Design File",
'DB2' => "dBASE II Database",
'DEK' => "Eavesdropper Batch File",
'DVD' => "DOS Device Driver",
'DOV' => "Temp File",
'DDB' => "Device Dependent Bitmap",
'DGC' => "TurboTax Tax Form",
'D00' => "OPL2 FM Audio File",
'D01' => "OPL2 FM Audio File",
'DPB' => "FaxMaster Document",
'DT_' => "Macintosh Data Fork",
'DC1' => "Bloomba E-mail Message",
'DUS' => "Readiris Font Dictionary",
'DS' => "TWAIN Data Source",
'DX' => "DEC WPS Plus File",
'DSP' => "Dynamic Studio Professional Module",
'DEX' => "Excel Spreadsheet",
'DCF' => "Disk Copy Fast Disk Image File",
'DMC' => "Medical Manager Script",
'DSY' => "Besta Video File",
'DTA' => "Chain Engineering Database",
'DPS' => "DivX Player 2 Skin File",
'DOX' => "MultiMate Document",
'DNC' => "Dance Database File",
'DDT' => "Jill of the Jungle Music File",
'DKE' => "DriveLock FDE Disk Key File",
'DYC' => "Xerox Printer Driver Configuration File",
'DLX' => "Renamed DLL File",
'DTHUMB' => "Android Data Thumbnail",
'DOCHTML' => "Microsoft Word HTML Document",
'DOCMHTML' => "Microsoft Word MIME HTML Document",
'DOTHTML' => "Microsoft Word HTML Document Template",
'DSG' => "Decker Saved Game",
'DB-' => "Norton Nprotect Database File",
'DIS' => "DisSharp Project File",
'DRF' => "Delphi Resource File",
'DOCZ' => "ThinkFree Online Note Document",
'DN1' => "Duke Nukem 1 Game Data File",
'DN2' => "Duke Nukem Episode 2 Game File",
'DN3' => "Duke Nukem Episode 3 Game File",
'DOT' => "Graphviz Graph File",
'DVDR' => "DVD/CD-R Master Image",
'DEF' => "M.U.G.E.N. Character Definition File",
'DWP' => "Darwin Pond Save File",
'DEPEND' => "Code::Blocks Dependencies File",
'DSC' => "Text Description File",
'DIY' => "My Drivers Backup Setup File",
'DWA' => "Digital Waveform Archiver Audio File",
'DAT' => "Nonimmigrant Visa Application Data File",
'DZ' => "Land of the Dead Level File",
'DAY' => "Day of the Zombie Map File",
'DOCXML' => "Microsoft Word XML Document",
'DIMAX' => "DiMAX Firmware Image File",
'DRZ' => "Draz Paint File",
'DEVICESALT' => "NOOK Device Salt File",
'DUMP' => "Google BreakPad Crash Log File",
'DMTEMPLATE' => "Direct Mail Template",
'DEF' => "IOBit Malware Fighter Definitions File",
'DVC' => "IDRISI Vector Definition File",
'DCA' => "DisplayWrite Document",
'DFU' => "LaTeX Font Encoding File",
'DHT' => "GAUSS Data Set Header File",
'DVG' => "Graphic Works Vector Graphic",
'DNH' => "Danmakufu Script",
'DL' => "Dynamic Library",
'DB2' => "Samsung CCTV Video Information File",
'DA2' => "AGT Game Data File",
'DA6' => "AGT Game Data File",
'DFTI' => "FlexiWrite Document",
'DGE' => "Enterprise Test Server Declaration Generator File",
'DRW' => "Personal Designer Drawing File",
'DR' => "My Dark Diary Backup File",
'EPS' => "Encapsulated PostScript File",
'EXE' => "Windows Executable File",
'EPUB' => "Open eBook File",
'EML' => "E-Mail Message",
'EMF' => "Enhanced Windows Metafile",
'ENC' => "Encoded File",
'EMZ' => "Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile",
'EXIF' => "Exchangeable Image Information File",
'EXE' => " Application",
'EPW' => "EnergyPlus Weather Data File",
'EDRW' => "SolidWorks eDrawings File",
'EFX' => "eFax Document",
'EMP' => "eMusic Music Download File",
'EMX' => "eMusic Download File",
'ERF' => "BioWare Entity Resource File",
'EXP' => "Symbols Export File",
'ELF' => "Executable and Linkable Format File",
'EDJ' => "Enlightenment Theme File",
'ESM' => "Elder Scrolls Master File",
'ECM' => "ECM Disc Image",
'EDL' => "Edit Decision List File",
'ENEX' => "Evernote Archive",
'EAR' => "Java Enterprise Archive File",
'ENL' => "EndNote Library",
'ERB' => "Ruby ERB Script",
'EDI' => "Electronic Data Interchange File",
'EX01' => "EnCase Evidence Image File",
'EX5' => "MetaTrader 5 Program File",
'ERR' => "Error Log File",
'EXD' => "Control Information Cache File",
'ENT' => "External Entity",
'EV' => "Echoview File",
'EQP' => "MathType Preferences",
'EQL' => "MathType Settings",
'ECF' => "Outlook Add-in",
'EQL' => "Embedded SQL File",
'EMD' => "ChessBase Tablebase",
'EAP' => "Enterprise Architect Project",
'EYE' => "Eyemail Video Recording File",
'EMLX' => "Mail Message",
'EMLXPART' => "Mail Message Attachment",
'EX' => "Euphoria Source Code",
'ETF' => "ENIGMA Transportable File",
'EDA' => "Ensoniq ASR Disk Image",
'EDE' => "Ensoniq EPS Disk Image",
'EDK' => "Ensoniq KT Disk Image",
'EDS' => "Ensoniq SQ-80 Disk Image",
'EDV' => "Ensoniq VFX-SD Disk Image",
'EFA' => "Ensoniq ASR File",
'EFK' => "Ensoniq KT File",
'EFQ' => "Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File",
'EFS' => "Ensoniq SQ-80 File",
'EFV' => "Ensoniq VFX-SD File",
'EMB' => "Wilcom Embroidery Design File",
'EMD' => "ABT Extended Module",
'ESPS' => "ESPS Sampled Data File",
'EUI' => "Ensoniq EPS Compacted Disk Image",
'EBM' => "EXTRA! Basic Macro",
'ERB' => "Evil Genius Resource File",
'EDB' => "Exchange Information Store Database",
'ENG' => "Chess Engine",
'EFW' => "Renamed Zip or Executable File",
'ECS' => "Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File",
'ELF' => "PlayStation Executable File",
'EFL' => "Encryptafile Encrypted File",
'EXP' => "Export File",
'EBUILD' => "Portage eBuild Script",
'EBN' => "Philips Firmware Update File",
'EXX' => "IBM Linkway MsgPut File",
'EQF' => "Winamp Equalizer Preset File",
'ECO' => "ECCO Database File",
'ECX' => "ECCO Corrupted Database File",
'EVO' => "HD DVD Video File",
'ELF' => "Nintendo Wii Game File",
'EST' => "Streets & Trips Map File",
'EUM' => "Enterprise User Monitor Configuration File",
'EGM' => "Enigmo Custom Game File",
'ESG' => "Enigmo Saved Game File",
'ESPROJ' => "Espresso Project File",
'ECF' => "SageCRM Component File",
'EPIBRW' => "Web File Location",
'ER1' => "ERWin Entity Relationship Diagram",
'EGG' => "Panda3D Model File",
'EMULECOLLECT' => "O'N eMule Data File",
'EFTX' => "Office 2007 Theme Effect File",
'EX4' => "MetaTrader 4 Program File",
'ETD' => "Adobe Reader EBX Transfer Data File",
'ETL' => "Microsoft Event Trace Log File",
'EGP' => "Easy Grade Pro Gradebook File",
'EXE4J' => "Exe4j Configuration File",
'EVT' => "Windows Event Viewer Log File",
'ESX' => "Xactimate Insurance Claims Estimate",
'EPF' => "Edgecam Educational Part File",
'EPSF' => "Encapsulated PostScript Format File",
'EXP' => "CATIA 4 Export File",
'ERF' => "Epson RAW File",
'EZW' => "easyOFFER Real Estate Form File",
'EBK' => "eBook Pro eBook File",
'ECW' => "Enhanced Compression Wavelet Image",
'ENC' => "Encore Musical Notation File",
'EDMX' => "ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer File",
'E2GM' => "Pangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game File",