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Travis Hensgen traversal

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  • Melbourne, Australia
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global $wf;
// suppose you have a post of type "family", slug "smith-family", with field set "details", and field "education_levels"
$selections = $wf->family( "smith-family" )->details->education_levels->selections();
// $selections is now a value-label pair of the current selections.
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$args = array(
'meta_query' => array(
'key' => 'fields.type',
'value' => 'bnb',
'compare' => '=',
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// Add this to functions.php
function mp_template_change() {
echo "<script>jQuery( function($) { $('#mp-attributes select[name=page_template]').change(); } );</script>";
add_filter("admin_head", "mp_template_change");
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<!DOCTYPE html>
// Requires gmaps.js from GitHub:
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function my_update_media($object_id, $object_type) {
global $wf;
if ($object_type == "post") {
$post = $wf->post($object_id);
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// place this inside functions.php
function my_function() {
global $wf;
// should be able to loop over post types, for example
foreach ( $wf->post_types as $pt ) {
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// -- in functions.php
// --- Suppose you want to dedupe by a "first_name" field in a "bio" set
class MY_Post extends MEOW_Post {
function bio_firstname() {
return $this->bio->first_name();
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<?php foreach ($wf->type("production")->by("production_deadline_fields.deadline_date", "DESC") as $production) : ?>
<h2>Production: <?= $production->title ?></h2>
Date: <?= $production->production_deadline_fields->deadline_date ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>
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// Add this method to MPFT_CheckboxList
// this returns an associative array of the selections, with keys being the checkbox values, values being the labels.
function selections() {
if (!isset($this->_tv)) {
$options = $this->field()->info->type_options;
traversal / gist:6684b050d013b68e8c6c
Created Oct 8, 2014
Getting an array of field set names
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// assuming you have a post type "logo", here is the code to get an array of set names for that type.
echo "<h2>Logo Field Sets</h2>";
global $meow_provider;