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What would you like to do? + Stripe Payment Processing
<div ng-controller="StipePayment">
<formio form="form" submission="submission"></formio>
* First create a form with the following fields.
* - Credit Card Number - Key = creditCardNumber
* - CVC - Key = cvc
* - Expiry Month - Key = expMonth
* - Expiry Year - Key = expYear
* - Token - Key = token
.controller('CreditCard', ['$scope', 'Formio', function($scope, Formio) {
// Create the API class.
var formio = new Formio('');
$scope.form = {};
$scope.submission = {data: {}};
// Load the form.
formio.loadForm().then(function(form) {
$scope.form = form;
// Trigger when a submission is made.
$scope.$on('formSubmission', function(event, submission) {
// Because we have not assigned the URL to the <formio> directive, a request is actually
// not made to at this point. We are simply getting a callback on the filled out
// data on the form.
var stripePayload = {
// Make sure to delete the data from the submission object so that the
// data is not sent to = ''; = ''; = ''; = '';
// Make a call to stripe to get the token.
Stripe.card.createToken(stripePayload, function(status, response) {
if (!response.error) {
var token =; = token;
// Now submit the submission to the server which ONLY includes
// the payment token.
formio.saveSubmission(submission).then(function() {
console.log('YAY! You are done!');

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@Molnfront Molnfront commented Feb 6, 2017

I am trying to implement with Stripe and found your script. How do you build it in the backend at, so that a form post trigger a call to Stripe with the API key? Or are you using a standalone Ubuntu installation for this? I try to do a serverless setup if it's possible.


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@travist travist commented Feb 6, 2017

Right now the best way to do this would be to kick off a Webhook into the Webhook Receiver and then from there, you can implement the Stripe Node.js library.

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