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Commonly used IETF language tags

Commonly used IETF language tags

The IETF language tags are made up of ISO 639 standards for representing language names and ISO 3166-1 standards for representing country codes. For a complete list, refer to links above

Other useful links

  1. Language codes list on MSDN website
  2. Language and Locale Designations on Apple Developer website.
English name for language Tag
English en
English (United States) en-US
English (Great Britain) en-GB
French fr
German de
Polish pl
Dutch nl
Finnish fi
Swedish sv
Italian it
Spanish (Spain) es
Portuguese (Portugal) pt
Russian ru
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
Chinese (PRC) zh-CN
Chinese (Taiwan) zh-TW
Japanese ja
Korean ko
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