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func (c *NamespaceController) createRoleBinding(obj interface{}) {
namespaceObj := obj.(*v1.Namespace)
namespaceName := namespaceObj.Name
roleBinding := &v1beta1.RoleBinding{
TypeMeta: metav1.TypeMeta{
Kind: "RoleBinding",
APIVersion: "",
ObjectMeta: metav1.ObjectMeta{
Name: fmt.Sprintf("ad-kubernetes-%s", namespaceName),
Namespace: namespaceName,
Subjects: []v1beta1.Subject{
Kind: "Group",
Name: fmt.Sprintf("ad-kubernetes-%s", namespaceName),
RoleRef: v1beta1.RoleRef{
APIGroup: "",
Kind: "ClusterRole",
Name: "edit",
_, err := c.kclient.Rbac().RoleBindings(namespaceName).Create(roleBinding)
if err != nil {
log.Println(fmt.Sprintf("Failed to create Role Binding: %s", err.Error()))
} else {
log.Println(fmt.Sprintf("Created AD RoleBinding for Namespace: %s", roleBinding.Name))
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